Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jewish Groups Protest Nazi Glorifying Rock Band At NYC Catholic Church Hall

NYC Jewish Groups are protesting the upcoming Friday evening performance at Croatian Church of St. Cyril & Methodius on 10th Avenue in Midtown of Croatian Singer Marko Perkovic and his Band Thompson Extol Ethnic Cleansing along with their fans that often greeted with Nazi salutes. In his native Croatia, Perkovic is hugely popular where thousands turn out for his shows, many wearing black caps of the Nazi's vicious military regime.

Mark Weitzman of the Simon Wiesenthal Center wrote to Edward Cardinal Egan saying, "...I urge you to take the lead on this issue and to reaffirm the Catholic Churches commitment against anti-Semitism, intolerance and violence, messages of bigotry should not be welcome here."

Perkovic has been banned in both Canada and the Netherlands because of his ultra-nationalist act and glorification of Nazism.

Abraham Foxman, Director of the Anti-Defamation League has said of the Catholic Church, "...they should know better...people should not go to church to hear hatred or the glorification of place of worship should host it or welcome it."

Forced Prostitution Of Women In Nazi Germany

The savage abuse of women by Nazi's during WWII will be highlighted in a Hamburg Exhibit---the German SS which ran the camps set up Brothels in 10 camps, the aim was to reward prisoners who had shown high productivity in the forced labor camps.

At Ravensbruck Concentration Camp, around 220 women were forced into prostitution between 1942-1945 some 132,000 women and children, 20,000 men and 1,000 girls were held at Ravensbruck an estimated 40,000 prisoners were murdered or died of mistreatment and disease during that period.

Corrie & Betsy ten Boom were taken to Ravensbruck, and upon their arrival the first 2 days they slept out in the open in the rain, they then were packed into a barrack room of 1,400 women that was built to house 400 and slept on straw mattresses filled with choking dust and fleas. Roll call each morning was at 4:30 am where 35,000 women were counted, if any were missing the Nazi guards recounted, often times the recounting went on for hours.

Their work was very hard, Corrie & Betsy were forced to load heavy sheets of steel on to carts and push them for a certain distance and unload them while the Nazi guards shouted at them to work harder and faster. Their diet consisted of potato soup at lunch time and turnip soup for dinner with 1 piece of black bread.

German Sociologist Christa Paul, Ph.D. a researcher at Hamburg University, who has studied the abuse of women during the Nazi period, Dr. Paul's work will be on exhibit at a special memorial to the Neuengamme Concentration Camp which opened today through January 18, 2008

Democratic Presidential Hopeful Dennis Kucinich Saw A UFO And Questions President Bush's Mental Health?

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich claims to have seen a UFO when asked about it during the latest Whizzy Dizzy Democratic Debate in Philadelphia on Tuesday. Rep. Kucinich claimed during the debate that, many Americans have shared his experience---Debate Moderator Tim Russert cited a poll that actually only 14% of Americans have claimed to have seen UFO's.

To what extent are these experiences hallucinations and the inability of the witnesses to distinguish reality from fantasy? The November/December, 2005 issue of Skeptical Inquirer reported on research discussed at a conference in the United Kingdom about Anomalous Experiences---it was concluded that Experiencers were found to score significantly higher than the control group on a number of relevant psychological measures including dissociativity, absorption, tendency to hallucinate, fantasy proneness and incidences of sleep paralysis. This pattern is consistent with the idea that Experiencers have a markedly different psychological profile that non-experiencers and in particular they have a profile that may indicate a greater susceptibility to false memories.

Earlier on Tuesday, Ohio Congressman Kucinich questioned President George Bush's Mental Health in an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer saying, "...there is something wrong. He does not seem to understand that his words have an impact..."

During the 1980's Congressman Kucinich reported that he witnessed a triangular craft for about 10 minutes or so and sped away with a speed that he could not comprehend and that he felt a connection in his heart and heard directions in his mind.

Dear Congressman Kucinich:

Tonight being Halloween, those Ghouls, Goblins and strange phenomenon occurring may be just kids having a good time Trick or Treating---but you may never know for certain. Boo!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ahmadinejad: "Tehran Not Interested In Negotiating With Washington"

Iranian President Agmadinejad said today, "...Tehran is not at all interested in talks with Washington and Iranian nation does not have any need for the U.S."

While Iran has made it very clear that there is no reason to negotiate, Hillary Clinton promised as President that she would negotiate with the fascists with no preconditions even though in July Senator Clinton called Senator Barack Obama naive for saying as President that he would meet with Iranian Leaders without preconditions.

The World Council of Churches continues to likewise call upon the Bush Administration to negotiate with fascists and to rule out the use of military force, despite the fact that Ahmadinejad has repeatedly called for the destruction of Israel. In August, 2006 the Iranian President said during a meeting with Muslim leaders, "...the solution to the middle east crisis is to destroy Israel...although the main solution is the elimination of the Zionists regime...Israel is illegitimate there is no basis for it."

While Ahmadinejad continues to tell the world that Israel must be "...wiped off the map..." and that there is no reason to negotiate with Washington, liberals continue to demand that the White House sit down with the fascist dictator of Iran and beg Ahmadinejad to change his mind and to please, pretty please negotiate an unwanted peace treaty.

Israel Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said on Monday in Peking, "...the Iranian regime is based on radical religious ideology which wishes to impose its opinions on the free world, it does that through terror organizations operating in the middle east, including Hezbollah which is destabilizing the situation in Lebanon and Hamas in the Palestinian Authority, we must not reach the point in which Iran obtains the technology that its after..."

Islamic Fascism echo's the words of the Islamic religious radical Hassan al Banna, founder of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood who called for universal Islam in the 1940's and said, "It lies in the nature of Islam to impose its laws on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet."

It is irresponsible for liberals to demand that the United States sit down and negotiate with fascist's such as Ahmadinejad, it is Islam that desires world domination of its radical religious ideology and the imposition of Sharia laws globally.

Islamic Fascism Bans Social Corruption?

Seen here on May 10, 1933 Nazi's burn books of some great authors such as Albert Einstein, Helen Keller, Thomas Mann, Upton Sinclair and H.G. Wells over 100 years earlier German-Jewish poet Heinrich Heine wrote, Where books are burned, human beings are destined to be burned too.

According to IRNA News, book stores are now being sealed---since April, Iranian Morality Police have been cracking down on immoral Internet Cafes, coffee houses, warning women about dressing immodestly and seizing satellite dishes in their continuing efforts to combat social corruption. Islamic Fascism in Iran enslaves its population.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Dishonest Reporting: How The Media Undermines American Resolve

Colonel Carol Green, Chief of Operational Psychology, U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command, has criticized the nations media of undermining our military and helping to erode the strength, endurance and resilience of our new and experienced soldiers.

An article in FrontPage April 27, 2004 1st Lt. Robert Nofsinger, U.S. Marine Corps says, "...we are losing the war of perception with the media and the American people. Our enemy has learned that the key to defeating the mighty American military is by swaying public opinion at home and abroad..."

The Cut & Run Liberal media elite that are in bed with the Democratic Party of Failure & Defeat are simply either the most ill informed and dangerous group of malcontents that have chosen to ignore the facts or they actually believe their own propaganda.

Michelle Malkin on August 15, 2007 reported that the American media the day before interviewed an Iraqi woman holding up two bullets which she claimed were fired at her home---a picture of the Iraqi woman holding up 2 pristine unspent rounds could not have been fired into her home and likewise appeared to have been rounds from an AK-47 the U.S. Military does not fire those rounds.

In 2005 the Associated Press fell for a story and phony photo supposedly of a U.S. Soldier being held in Iraq with an assault rifle pointed at his head, the AP ran with the story---it turns out that the photo was an action figure and the gun a toy rifle.

Scott Thomas Beauchamp---The New Republic hired the Army Private to write first hand accounts of Iraq, Beauchamp describes dehumanizing effects of the war in Iraq upon him and fellow Soldiers. A serious flaw in the story was that the Army Private that was feeding the New Republic disinformation was not even in Iraq at the time but had been stationed in Kuwait.

In 2004 the Boston Globe ran a story with fake pictures alleging that American Troops in Iraq raped Iraqi Women---the photographs turned out to be commercially available pornography.

Michael Isikoff of Newsweek
in 2005 reported that American Soldiers flushed a Quran down the toilet at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba...liberal media outlets ran with this story which left more than a dozen people dead in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The story was false, there is no evidence that it ever happened. There was no moral outcry for the lies and disinformation which resulted in the losses of life as a result of the false reporting by Michael Isikoff.

Michelle Malkin reported on August 8, 2006 "Fauxtography Alert" NY Times & U.S. News; plus Time and Reuters and the publishing of staged media photos---in Michelle Malkin's article she has reprinted the staged photos evidencing just how the Islamic terrorists were so easily able to dupe and manipulate the gullible liberal news media.

It has become clear that the liberal media can not be trusted and their ideological agenda is more important than telling the truth.

Craigslist On-Line Predators

Katherine Olson a 24 year old Woman from Savage, Minnesota replied to a Craigslist advertisement for a Nanny job---1 day later her body was discovered by Police in the trunk of her car.

Authorities have arrested a 19 year old man who they believe ran the ad and murdered Ms. Olson, a graduate of St. Olaf College last year who had previously taken Nanny positions found on-line.

Craigslist has become a playground for illicit sex crazed predators. In Columbus, Ohio a business executive ran an advertisement about 1 year ago seeking to hire a Cutie to deliver food to his company, upon delivery of the food the business executive of this 40+ year old Toledo based corporation said in subsequent e-mails in addition what he would be expecting his new sub-contractor hire to do for both him and his co-worker.

As I wrote here on October 21, 2007 contracting out for food delivery and then sexually harassing the new hire to engage in intimate contact with the boss is not only wrong but violates federal civil rights laws, soon the Columbus, Ohio business owner will receive a Complaint & Summons as litigation will be commenced in federal court for his unlawful and inappropriate behavior.

Sex crazed predators are preying on people seeking to earn additional money to supplement their income---Craigslist has become an on-line playground for sex starved addicts seeking to fulfill their illicit fantasies.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Palestinian Authority Envisions No Israel

Preparations continue for the next Arab---Israel Peace Conference as Palestinians envision Ahmadinejad's World Without Israel. The map on the left is the map of the Palestinian Authority---State Information Service.

A video broadcast on Fatah controlled Palestinian Television earlier this month describing the entire State of Israel as Palestine is no coincidence.

The message is repeated in Palestinian school books, children's programs, puzzles and games.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

California Fires Unnatural Disaster

Wildfires in California burning near Santa Clarita seen here, an unnatural disaster as an arson terrorist has now been arrested John Alfred Rund has been identified as one of the suspects for setting fires near San Diego.

As fires continue to rage throughout Southern California, more than 500,000 people from nearly 350,000 homes have been evacuated, over 1,000 homes destroyed by the inferno. 1 person has been killed and 20 injuries have been reported. At least 14 separate fires have been raging from Santa Barbara County to the Mexican Boarder.

The Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center in La Jolla has been evacuated including 125 residents of the Jewish Sea Crest Retirement Village. San Diego has one of the largest concentrations of Jewish communities in Southern California.

As fires continue to ravage the area, officials in San Diego are urging customers to conserve electricity as the power grid is operating at near full capacity, in Topanga-Malibu area where 323 structures have been destroyed, resulting in more than $375 Million Dollars in property damages, city officials have said that fiber optic lines will need to also be replaced.

An FBI Internal Memo from Denver, indicated sometime ago, that a detainee reported to agents that the next terrorist attack on the United States would come in the form of wild fires.

Los Angeles County Fire Inspector Sam Padilla said that he, "...couldn't recall another time when firefighters were called upon to battle so many major fires at once, it's unprecedented."

Clinton Claus: "I Promise..."

Polarizing Hillary Clinton in which 50% of Americans polled say they will never vote for her according to a Zogby Poll of 9,718 likely voters, is making promises that she can not possibly deliver upon.

On Tuesday in a 25 minute speech Clinton promised college students in Denver, Colorado that as President she would make health care affordable, end the war in Iraq, create millions of new jobs in renewable energy by taking $50 Billion Dollars in tax subsidies from oil companies, create universal pre-kindergarten, forgive student loans and open up the Congressional health plans for all Americans.

Desperate people will say anything when vote chasing.

Islam An Enemy Of Peace

Mahmoud Abbas Palestinian Authority Chairman continues to be seen as a partner in peace by many but what are the facts of these Islamic Terrorists:

Palestinians Say No to Peace 8 times in the last 65 years...

1. 1937 When Britain under the mandate offered the Peel Commission plan.

2. 1947 When the United Nations proposed the establishment of 2 states---one Jewish and one Arab.

3. 1948 When Israel's proclamation of Independence invited the Palestinians to remain in their homes and become equal citizens of the new state.

4. 1967 When Israel offered to return all territories conquered in return for peace.

5. 1978 When Israel offered the acceptance of Palestinian autonomy in exchange for peace at Camp David.

6. 1993 When Arafat signed Oslo Accords and promised to renounce terrorism and recognize Israel and then on Jordanian Television that he had taken the first step on the destruction of Israel.

7. 2000 At Camp David II---Israel accepted the new Clinton Plan the Palestinians did not.

8. 2001 Ehud Barak offered Palestinians 97% of the West Bank in addition to Gaza (Taba Negotiation) Arafat rejected the offer; September 11, 2001 Palestinians dance in the streets praising Osama bin-Laden and the hijackers that crashed airplanes into buildings in NYC and Washington, DC and the hijacking of United 93 which crashed in Pennsylvania.

Palestinians claim that they now want to negotiate in good faith in Annapolis and continue dialogue with Israel as Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has shuttled to mediate a new agreement---history must be a good teacher. The Islamic Terrorist Thugs have signed agreements in the past such as the Oslo Accords only to break them.

Negotiations with Islamic Terrorist Thugs has not resulted in peace and security for Israel, there is no reason to believe that future negotiations or agreements will result in anything beneficial.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Solution To Our Growing Demand For Fresh Water Constructing Desalination Plants

As fires continue to rage throughout California, consuming thousands of acres of land, destroying homes and businesses the question I have asked before and now am asking again, why haven't we invested in desalination plants throughout parts of the United States near our oceans?

The YuHuan Power Plant in China seen here, will supply process water to the new 1,800 megawatt electrical power stations being built to expand China's electrical grid for the 2008 Olympics. The facility uses 6 sea water reverse osmosis desalination trains. A megawatt is equal to 1 million watts of electricity.

The desalinated water is used for drinking water and for agricultural irrigation in China, in-fact the desalinated water is very low in bacteria and nematodes---it is actually better for irrigation. One would have an abundance of pure water for irrigation in California and other regions, drastically reducing or eliminating the severe drought conditions which costs all of us billions of dollars in federal disaster assistance.

According to the U.S. Desalination Coalition about 11,000 desalination facilities are already operational in 120 countries producing 4 billion gallons of fresh drinking water daily for use. Over 60% of these plants are located in the Middle East and world wide construction is growing at a rate of about 10% annually.

Israel is presently desalinating water at a cost of about .53 cents per cubic meter, Singapore's cost is about .49 cents---increasing water capacity for human consumption and irrigation would seem to be a cost effective solution to our growing demand for fresh water.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Rudy Giuliani Faithful Friend Of Israel

Republican Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani expressed his love for Israel and the Jewish roots of Christianity saying on Sunday to the Family Research Council, "...What the community of faith understands is that Israel is one of our most faithful allies but also that Israel is the birthplace of the Jewish religion, the Christian religion and our is the birthplace of a religion that gave to us the teachings of the Bible, that gave us the teachings of the Prophets of old and the revelations of the word of G-d..."

Mr. Giuliani in his address said, "...that Palestinians must accept Israel's right to exist and renounce terrorism as a condition for continued negotiations."

The Republican front runner remains loyal to our best friend in the Middle East---Israel and does not waiver in his commitment for peace and security through strength and not the failed policy of appeasement to Islamic Terrorist Thugs that favor tyranny over freedom.

Behavior Modification 101

Johnny can't read and Susie is being offered contraceptives if she is attending school in Maine, all the while school administrators across the country are enforcing absurd Zero Tolerance policies that infringe on a students right of free speech---the public school system is failing American youth.

While on a school bus last week, 7 year old Kyle Walker of Dennis Township, NJ drew a picture of two stick figures one of which pointed something what may have resembled a gun at the other, the child was suspended for 1 day for making threats to another student.

In Indianapolis in May, two Kindergarten students were suspended for allegedly engaging in inappropriate touching during recess. In Anderson, Indiana a 5 yr. old was suspended from Kindergarten because he hid from a bus driver, the bus driver discovered the child giggling behind some seats.

Twana Dawson a sophmore from Pensacola, Florida was expelled from school being caught with a nail clipper.

The Youngstown Vindicator reported in 2003 that a 6 year old earned a 10 day suspension for bringing a weapon to school, the child was demonstrating his new learned skills of buttering bread with a plastic knife in a school cafeteria.

In Sayreville, New Jersey 4 Kindergarten student's were suspended for playing Cops & Robbers using their finders as toy guns---the school district has a zero tolerance policy for making threats.

Zero Tolerance is not about school safety its about behavior modification, promoting a liberal agenda by schools to indoctrinate children. It lacks common sense and criminalizing behavior which in some cases violate a students 1st Amendment Rights. Liberals that preach promiscuity and free expression become intolerant when Johnny & Susie do not adhere to absurd liberal reasonings.

Playboy: Promoting Islamic Propaganda

Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America has reported that Islamic propaganda and distorted articles about Israel have turned up in magazines such as Playboy, Vogue, Oprah & Architectural Review citing that Editor's are not equipped to spot inaccuracies because the publications tend to report on human interest stories when they print fringe, false and inflammatory points of view.

In the October, 2007 Playboy the popular Men's magazine printed an article comparing Israel to apartheid in South Africa---Israel Shouldn't Get A Free Pass by Johnathan Tasini, arguing that former President Jimmy Carter is correct in his extremist and inaccurate assessment that Israel's control over the Palestinian movement is similar to South Africa's apartheid system, while accusing Israel of violating international standards and supposedly turning Lebanon into rubble during last years war with Hezbollah. In fact much of Lebanon much of it was left untouched during the war with the Islamic Terrorist Thugs of Hezbollah including most of Beirut. Previously Tasini has inaccurately reported in a video that 80% of Lebanon was destroyed by Israel, likewise in his anti-Israel propaganda Tasini is not a fair journalist by claiming:

American politicians pander to Jewish votes; Faults U.S. Senator's Lieberman & Clinton for their endorsement of Israel to defend itself against Islamic Terrorist Thugs; levels the false allegation that it is impossible to criticize the Israel Government without being labeled anti-Semitic; Tasini & Playboy has falsely accused Israel in holding 1,000 Palestinians in Administrative detention claiming they are being tortured. The fact of the matter is Israel has not held 1,000 people in administrative detention during the last 4 years.

Should Playboy continue to run distorted articles without regard to fairness or accuracy it will soon be seen as the magazine for the airhead and brainless Man.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Internet Lust But Who Will You Meet?

In the age of on-line everything is it any wonder that sex craved addicts have turned to sites such as to find that special someone for an hours worth of love?

As I began working on this story I ran an advertisement and soon my e-mail box was filled with illicit starving addicts sending me photographs of their genitals begging me to hook up with them for an ever brief moment of intimacy---having no intentions on meeting any of the sexaholic junkies, I replied to their inquiries to determine what exactly these on-line predators really were after.

Finally after communicating with the sex starved crazed junkies, I wrote up an auto-reply so that the addicts realized what my real intentions were. My automatic reply said that I was researching a story and invited those sending inquiries to contact a phone number in California, if they would be interested in an interview.

Most never replied, of those that did send a follow-up mail, one Man wanted payment for an interview, which I promptly replied that no reputable news organization pays money for interviews. One other reply said that he wasn't actually interested in hooking up but was just communicating to fulfill his fantasy and lust. Most quickly changed their e-mail addresses as mail was returned undelivered.

I don't feel sorry for any of the perverts that responded seeking to satisfy their lusts for a moment of intimacy. None of these addicts have a clue who they are meeting on-line, their sex addictions are so serious that they will do just about anything for that brief sexual encounter---no matter the danger, no matter the STD risk, no matter the jeopardy to their next partner or spouse. is the high tech approach for meeting anyone and fulfilling any sexual urge that one has. Out of town business people run advertisements seeking a night of heated passion in the world of the unknown, it doesn't seem to matter to any of these people the harm which may result.

A local business owner in Columbus, Ohio ran an advertisement not long ago seeking to hire a Cutie to deliver food to his office...upon delivery of the food the business owner said in follow-up e-mails in addition what he was expecting his new sub-contract hire to do.

Contracting out for delivery of food and then sexually harassing the new hire to engage in intimate contact with the boss is not only wrong but violates federal civil rights laws. Soon the Columbus, Ohio business owner will receive a Complaint & Summons as litigation will be commenced in federal court for his unlawful and inappropriate behavior.

The Internet has become a sexual play ground for people to fulfill their fantasies and lusts, ignoring all known risks for only a moment of fleeting passion.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Former NYC Madrassa Intifada Principal Seeks Reinstatement

New York CAIR yesterday participated in a news conference at City Hall in support of the former Madrassa Principal reinstatement. Debbie Almontaser resigned after a controversy erupted over a T-Shirt with the words Intifada NYC on it. New York City School officials have said today that the former principal will not be rehired.

CAIR supported Debbie Almontaser, has threated to file a law suit against the City of New York and possibly Mayor Bloomberg for allegedly violating her rights by forcing her to resign her position as Principal of the Madrassa.

Almontaser voluntarily resigned her position as the Principal of Khalil Gibran International Academy when the City of New York threatened to close the school down if she did not leave. Almontaser currently works in an administrative position for the public school system.

Controversy continues to surround the Madrassa as radical Imam Talib Abdur Rashid, sits on the Advisory Board of the school. The Imam has served at the Mosque of the Islamc Brotherhood since 1989 the radical Islamic group has been linked to supporting terrorism and devotion to Ahmadinejad Holocaust denials.

Former Joint Chief's Chairman Crowe Dies

Former Chairman of the Joint Chief's of Staff Admiral William J. Crowe, Jr. died early today at the National Naval Medical Center at Bethesda, MD. of a heart condition, he was 82

Admiral Crowe served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for President's Reagan and George H.W. Bush. His Navy career began in 1946 upon graduation of the Naval Academy until his retirement in 1989 Admiral Crowe received a Masters Degree from Stanford and a doctorate from Princeton.

Following his retirement he taught political science at the Naval Academy and served as U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom and on the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. The author of The Line of Fire was a memoir of his time in the military.

Admiral Crowe is survived by his wife Shirley they were married in 1954 and had 3 children

US Navy Seal Team Honors Fallen Heros

Two Navy Seals killed in combat last year were honored in a special dedication ceremony on October 12 by Seal Team 3 on Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado, CA.

Aviation Ordnanceman 2nd Class Seal Marc Lee, was killed on August 02, 2006 in a firefight with insurgents in Ramadi, Iraq. as he was moving to lay down automatic weapons fire to protect his team mates. Master-at-Arms 2nd Class Seal Michael Monsoor, sacrificed himself in unselfish bravery by throwing himself on a grenade on September 29, 2006

The two fallen Seals, were posthumously awarded the Silver Star medal for combat heroism.

Cmdr. Todd Seniff, Seal Team 3 Commanding Officer
, dedicated the unit's newly remodeled Quarterdeck to the fallen hero's . The term Quarterdeck is a maritime expression and refers to a section of the ships architecture. Historically the Quarterdeck is the part of the upper deck to the rear of the main mast. The Quarterdeck has come to serve as the ceremonial entrance onto a ship or other Navy command for distinguished guests and provides visitors their first impression of the discipline and seaworthiness of a vessel.

Seal Team 3 is a subordinate command of Naval Special Warfare Group 1 headquartered at NAB Coronado. These special operations forces include more than 7,500 active duty and reserve Seals, Special Warfare Combatant Craft crewman operators, combat, combat service personnel, civilian and contract employees based primarily in San Diego or Norfolk with forces deployed around the world.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

USA & Israel to Boost Missile Defense

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates met with Ehud Barak at the Pentagon yesterday for discussions on joint plans for an integrated system to defend our best friend in the middle east.

Both the United States and Israel have agreed to step up efforts for work on the David's Sling system which is designed to shoot down incoming rockets, the kind which has been used by Hezbollah Islamic Thugs in Lebanon. Israel is separately developing a system---the Iron Dome will deal with shorter range rockets that Hamas Islamic Thugs are using.

Israel and the United States likewise plan to upgrade the Arrow ballistic interception system so that it may be more effective in dealing with long range Shehab Missiles or Syrian Scuds.

National American Iranian Council Lobbies Congress To Cut Funding For Democracy

National Iranian American Council the apologist for Iran has urged Congress to eliminate $75 Million Dollars in funding aimed at promoting democracy in Iran.

While the fascist regime in Iran is in the midst of a crackdown on dissenters, the pro-Iranian lobby in the United States wants Americans to ignore the disastrous consequences that the world faces when Iran obtains Nuclear weapons. Ahmadinejad has repeatedly threatened to wipe Israel off the map---doing nothing is not an option.

Since April according to World Press Review, more than 122,000 people have been detained in Iran, many of the Women for violating Iran's archaic morality laws, another 7,000 have been required to take classes on observation of Ahmadinejad's restrictions on western style clothing, haircuts, music and social gatherings between sexes.

The wide spread crackdown in Iran is a means to tighten supremacy by the authoritarian regime over the people of Iran---American apologists National Iranian American Council & Council on American Islamic Relations are silent in criticizing Iran while at the same time calling critics of Islamic Fascism Islamaphobes engaging in hate speech.

HPV Testing to Detect Cervical Cancer

In a study in the New England Journal of Medicine researchers from McGill University have learned that a screening test for the Human Papillomavirus HPV is far more accurate in detecting cervical cancer than a Pap Test.

The study called the Canadian Cervical Cancer Screening Trial led by Dr. Eduardo Franco, medical director of the Division of Cancer Epidemiology at McGill's Faculty of Medicine, concluded that the HPV test's ability to accurately detect pre-cancerous lesions without generating false negatives, was 94.6% which compares to 55.4% for the Pap Test.

The randomized controlled study followed 10,154 Women aged 30-69 in Montreal and St. John's Newfoundland between 2002-2005

Researchers gave half the Women a Pap Test the other half the new HPV Test and discovered that the HPV Test sensitivity was 40% greater than a Pap Test.

Iran Official Policy: "Torture the Blogger."

Mohamed Ali Abtahi, the former Vice President in Parliamentary Affairs and Constitutional Services Committee has published some interrogation and tortue techniques used in Iran against Bloggers imprisoned:

1. Bloggers undergo physical torture, punches and kicks;

2. Forced confessions of having sexual relationships, being forced to accuse people of Rape;

3. Ignoring legal rights of Bloggers;

4. Attempting to force Bloggers to confess in writing with templates provided to them while in prison---the Bloggers were told they would be freed once their confessions were printed in the newspaper.

Iran stifles dissent by arresting and imprisoning Bloggers that write about the corruption and lack of freedoms Iranian people have. Western news organizations ignore these reports and fail to report on human rights abuses in Iran---Apologists in the United States such as Council on American-Islamic Relations and its clone National Iranian American Council don't want Americans to know the truth about fascist Iran and the Islamic Terrorist Thugs they support.

Ahmadinejad: "...the freest Women in the world are Women in Iran..."

Ahmadi a north Texas restaurant owner begins to cry when she spoke about the oppressive Iranian regime just before she boarded a plane to NYC to protest the fascist Ahmadinejad visit there last month. "I am living in a free country but whats the difference between me and them...Whats the difference between American Women and Iranian Women, everyones born free in America."

Ali-Soudjani of Houston also made the trip to NYC in September to protest along with Ahmadi the Iranian President visit, who he calls a cruel dictator, murderer and terrorist enabler Soudjani said, "...many Iranians and Americans alike wonder why Columbia University would hand a megaphone to a madman who walks around claiming the Holocaust is a myth and Israel should be wiped off the map at the same time he requests admission to Ground Zero..." to lay a wreath. "...we are living in a free country and thats not the place for him to be, he is a criminal, a rapist. Would you allow a criminal and rapist to come into your home and talk with your family? Columbia validates Ahmadinejad's views and creates the false impression that they are shared by most Iranian people...Ahmadinejad expression of his twisted hateful speech and laughable denials of critics..."

Sohrab Shirli living now in Houston said of Ahmadinejad, "...he is the axis of a recent crackdown on dissent in Islamic Iran, they have imprisoned Women's rights activists for endangering national security, young Men with shirts too tight or haircuts too Western are bloodied by morality Police, forced to suck on jerrycans, bathroom fixtures which Iranians use to wash their back side. Newspapers have been banned on reporting on topics that may cause a stir..."

Upon arrival into the United States, Ahmadinejad---the fascist from Iran said, "...our people are the freest in the world, the most aware, the most enlightened the freest Women in the World are Women in Iran..."

The latest style in Women's fashion get high marks from Iran's religious authorities. "Any Woman with faith in Allah...won't expose her adornments to any Man except her husband, any Woman that does those things for Men other than her husband has betrayed her faith and provoked God's anger..." and must be dealt with swiftly so that Iran may continue to oppress Women.

Freedom of Speech

In 1942 inspired by a speech by President Roosevelt, Norman Rockwell made a series of paintings focusing on our civil liberties that too many Americans in 2007 take for granted.

It is being reported in Iran---that 3 Iranian student leaders have been handed jail terms of up to three years in prison on vague charges of insulting Islam and its Clerics.

Since Fascist Ahmadinejad assumed office in 2005 Iranians have been silenced by their government as it attempts to silence dissent.

Clinton Book Sales Drop

Sales of Bill Clinton's books are dropping like a rock his latest book Giving---a handbook for Civic activism have sunk low since its release a month ago.

According to Nielson Book Scan, Giving sold 50,000 copies the first week but for the week ending October 9 only 9,600 copies were sold.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Giuliani to Obama: "Your Not Reagan."

Republican Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani criticized Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama, for saying that he would meet without preconditions leaders of renegade nations.

Addressing the Republican Jewish Coalition, Mr. Giuliani ridiculed Senator Obama's offer to meet as President with the leaders of Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea---Obama is no Ronald Reagan!

"Here is what Ronald Reagan did before he negotiated with communists...first he called them an evil empire, then he took intermediate range missiles...put them in Europe and he pointed the missiles at Russian cities with their names on them. Then he said in a very nice way, lets negotiate..."
said Mr. Giuliani.

Ronald Reagan believed in negotiating but through strength unlike the Cut and Run---Failure and Defeat Democrats who believe in appeasement with Islamic Terrorist Thugs who are determined to kill all of us that believe in freedom and democracy.

Navy Seal Medal of Honor Recipient to be Inducted into Hall of Heros

Navy Lt. Michael Murphy, posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in combat in June, 2005 while leading a special reconnaissance mission deep behind enemy lines in the Hindu Kush of Afghanistan, will be inducted into the Hall of Heros.

At Patchogue-Medford High School on Long Island, Michael was a National Honor Society student and a varsity football player. He worked as a Lifeguard during the summer months and following High School, attended Penn State University majoring in political science. After graduating from college, Michael enlisted in the Navy to fulfill his passion to become a Navy Seal.

Lt. Murphy was reported missing on June 28, 2005 in search of Taliban and Al-Qaeda insurgents. A 4 man Commando Seal Teal were dropped off in a forested area of Afghanistan's eastern mountain border with Pakistan. The group came under immediate attack by Islamic terrorist thugs, call for help brought in helicopters which were met by heavy fire. One of the helicopters went down killing all 16 on board.

In recognition of Navy Lt. Michael Murphy's courage and sacrifice, he has been awarded posthumously the Purple Heart, Silver Star, the Joint Service Commendation Medal, plus the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal.

"Lt. Murphy epitomized bravery and patriotism but his life was tragically cut short in Afghanistan while defending our nation," said Sen. Charles Shumer. In May 2006 the Congress approved renaming the Post Office in Lt. Murphy's hometown in his Honor, President Bush subsequently signed it into law.

Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England, will induct Lt. Murphy into the Hall of Heros at the Pentagon on October 22---the Department of Defense permanent display of all recipients of the Medal of Honor.

At 6:00 pm on October 22, Admiral Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval Operations will present the Medal of Honor flag to the parents of Lt. Murphy in a ceremony at the Navy Memorial. Lt. Murphy is the first armed forces member to receive the Medal of Honor for combat in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, he is also the first Navy service member to receive the Medal of Honor for actions in the Global War on Terror.

Above & Beyond Citizens Honors

The Congressional Medal of Honor Society announced the establishment of the Above and Beyond Citizen Honors initiative. Several members of the Honor Society were joined by General Colin Powell and NFL great Tiki Barber as they made the announcement from the Lincoln Memorial.

The award is to honor Americans for extraordinary Service before Self to illustrate how Americans have answered the call to gallantry in a civilian capacity and how it replicates and reflects the traditions, values and virtues of the Honor Society.

General Powell and former President H.W. Bush, will serve as Honorary Co-Chairs for the initiative, the society is requesting that the public nominate citizens for the award . To be considered for the award the nominee must have made a difference in the lives of others through a singular act of heroism or through continued commitment to putting others before themselves. One finalist will be selected from each State, three of which will receive the award.

For more information visit:

U.S. & Israel Partnership for Peace

The United States has stood as a true friend of Israel since it was founded in 1948 Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates receives the Henry M. Jackson Distinguished service award at the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs annual dinner yesterday. In Mr. Gates address last night he said,"...In an age of middle eastern sourced terrorism with global reach that is threatening Americans and Israelis alike, its even more important to maintain and bolster our partnership...Iran is no friend of the United States or Israel and its desire for a nuclear capability and apparent ambition to dominate the region are causing great anxiety and instability across the region..."

"The future they promise is a joyless existence, personified not by piety or virtue but by the executioner and the suicide bomber...Israel is a mature democracy like the United States and has no taste for war...both Israel and the United States are content to live in peace however America and Israel are prepared to fight to defend...against any threats...if we are not left in peace if our security is challenged, we also know there are times that we have to defend ourselves in no uncertin terms our interests and our liberties..."

Monday, October 15, 2007

U.S. Soldiers Save Iraqi Boy's Life With Emergency Surgery

On October 9 Ahaip from Hollendia underwent a final surgery to correct a severe colon condition at Al Sadar Hospital. The boy looks on as Soldiers prepare a helicopter to air lift him along with his father to the hospital for surgery. Ahaip had underwent two surgeries previously.

Ahaip was born with an obstructed bowel at birth which resulted in him undergoing emergency surgery that left his intestines outside his body until U.S. Soldiers from the 97th Civil Affairs Battalion, from Ft. Bragg, NC found him.

Since May, the 3rd Squadron 1st. Cavalry Regiment has been working with Ahaip's family to help the boy lead a normal life. The final surgery lasted for about 2 hours and was a complete success.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kidnapped IDF Soldiers Bodies In Iran

Two Israel Defense Force Soldier's bodies have been handed over to Iran by Hezbollah Terrorist Thugs which kidnapped them more than a year ago. According to Asharq al-Awsat newspaper, the bodies of IDF Soldiers Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser are presently in Iran as negotiations are underway to return them to Israel.

When Iranian President Ahmadinejad visited NYC last month, Karnit Goldwasser attended a news conference and asked Ahmadinejad, "...since you are the man that is behind the kidnapping due to the aid you grant Hezbollah why don't you allow the Red Cross to visit the two Soldiers?"---I wrote about Karnit Goldwasser's attendance at the NYC news conference on September 27

Iranian President Ahmadinejad refused to answer Karnit Goldwasser's question before she was escorted out of the news conference---we now know why the Iranian Fascist refused to respond to the question.

Governor Signs Iran Divestment Bill

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill today which bars the two largest pension funds from investing in any company doing business in Iran.

The bill affects California Public Employees Retirement System & California State Teachers Retirement System the two retirement funds have combined a combined value of over $400 Billion Dollars.

CAIR clone the National Iranian American Council the apologist for Iran lobbied Gov. Schwarzenegger not to execute the bill.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Ann Coulter Attention Starved Kvetch

Ann Coulter the Kvetch Conservative who does not speak for me nor many other Conservatives said that Jews need to be perfected, while appearing on CNBC this week. Coulter is in desperate need for a sabbatical and reflect on why she makes inappropriate and insensitive comments.

In 2001 Coulter was a contributing editor to National Review Online but her relationship with the Conservative magazine ended abruptly when Jonah Goldberg, Editor at Large decided it was time to part company with Coulter "...because she behaved with a total lack of professionalism..."

The Augusta Chronicle, Editor Michael Ryan who dropped Ann Coulter's column in 2006 said of Coulter, " came to the point where she was the issue rather than what she was writing about."

The attention starved Coulter who describes herself as a Polemicist---needs that Sabbatical before the Langoliers arrive.

Palestinian Christian Beaten, Tortured & Murdered By Islamic Thugs

Palestinian Christian Rami Khader Ayyad was found dead this past weekend after being publicly beaten by Islamic Thugs who accused him of ministering Christianity in Gaza now controlled by Hamas.

Sheik Abu Saqer told the New York Sun that Jihadia Salafiya recently formed a military wing in Gaza to enforce Islamic law. Attacks will continue on Christians if missionary activities continue. No more alcohol is permitted on the streets, all Women including non-Muslim Women need to be covered at all times, Internet cafes, pool halls and bars must all be closed.

On Sunday the body of Rami Khader Ayyad was discovered with visable signs of torture, numerous stab wounds and a gun shot wound to his head. Hamas said that Ayyad who was the Director of The Teachers Bookshop Gaza's only Christian bookstore which sold Bibles and Christian literature run by the Baptist Church. In April, Ayyad's store had been fire bombed, two days later it was announced the store would re-open. Ayyad is survived by two small children and his wife Pauline who is 5 months pregnant.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Former Imam Wasn't Called To Testify At Holy Land Foundation Trial

Former Imam Mohamed Shorbagi was expected to testify at the Holy Land Foundation Trial in Dallas, TX. but was never called by Federal Prosecutors. Shorbagi was sentenced in February to serve 7 years 8 months in federal prison for laundering money to HAMAS through the Holy Land Foundation (HLF)

Shorbagi in a plea deal with the U.S. Attorney admitted that he did in fact provide material support to the terrorist organization HAMAS through donations to the HLF. Shorbagi admitted that he was in-fact the Georgia representative for the HLF and attended HLF meetings in which high level HAMAS representatives made prsentations. Shorbagi hosted HAMAS meetings in Rome, Georgia.

New Israel Aviation System Designed to Foil Hijackings

Prime Minister Olmert's cabinet has approved a new aviation system to foil hijackings in order to prevent another 9/11 tragedy.

As of 2008 all aircraft arriving into Israel must be equipped with a Code Positive system which will allow Controllers on the ground to determine if a plane has been hijacked. The Transportation ministry will distribute a personalized ID card to all pilots flying into Israel.

Should hijackers kill or injure a flight crew, their transmission code will alert Controllers that something aboard is not right. If a Pilot encounters any threats while in-flight they have the option of entering false data which will serve as a discreet mayday message. When Code Positive was introduced this year it was determined that one can not bluff the system.

Israel Air Force (IAF) is Ordered to force a Pilot to land at a location far from populated areas. Just a few months ago, IAF Pilots were scrambled and were prepared to shoot down a non-responsive Continental Airlines Passenger Jet from Newark, NJ which had failed to make contact with the Ben-Gurion Airport as it approached Israel airspace with 273 passengers. The IAF forced the Pilots to change course at which time the Pilot got back in touch with Controllers, the plane landed safely.

The main threat to passenger jets are shoulder fired missiles which there is an abundant supply all over the world and easy to use. Flight Guard which cost $1 Million Dollars per unit to install allows a pilot to release flares in the event of a potential attack on a jet. The United States required Israel to disable the system on jets flying into the U.S. fearing an unacceptable fire risk. Today Israel aircraft have been equipped with lasers to disrupt the flight path of incoming missiles fired on an aircraft.

Palestinian Authority: "Allah, Kill All Americans"

The Palestinian Authority Daily Newspaper displayed this cartoon as a Muslim man prays calling on Allah to kill all Americans.

Al-Hayat al Jaddia is a newspaper of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas---the United States has been supporting Abbas describing him as a moderate and a peace partner for Israel.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Air America Launches Atheist Program

Liberal talk radio show Air America has announced they they will air an Atheist program featuring Christopher Hitchens, author of the book God Is Not Great How Religion Poisons Everything.

Annie Laurie Gaylor, President of Free Thought Radio Program said, " can turn on the radio 24/7 and be preached at...this is a one hour a week of the public airwaves that offers an alternative."

Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council said, "...I doubt that atheist radio will be any more popular than liberal radio...Conservative talk radio dominates as do Christian radio programs...I don't think Dr. James Dobson with Focus on the Family has anything to worry about from atheist radio...liberalism is incompatible with traditional religious beliefs."

Fanaticism, Exclusion, Intolerance & Lunacy of Islamic Iran

Ahmadinejad who preached a diet rich in propaganda while in the United States and also claimed that Women enjoy freedom in Iran failed to mention the crackdown by the Iranian Morality Police being undertaken in the Fascist Iran.

The egomaniac Ahmadinejad requires one to examine the elaborate and intricate theology of this anti-Semitic lunatic who may be out of touch with reality.

In order to control society and human behavior, the fascist Iranian regime has banned access to news and information seizing satellite receivers, banned western music, the government now wants to ban Italian retailer Benetton claiming that fashions are a bad influence on female consumers. The fascists are attacking Immoral Cafe's, a male barber has been arrested in Iran for giving Women short haircuts, whats next for the Islamic morality guard which requires that Women obtain permission from their husband's before going out in public, working or engaging in activities outside the home.

Ahmadinejad the zealot who see himself as a personal vassal of Mahdi, represents nothingness whose ideology is firmly hinged in Shiism, who continues to display contradictory thoughts and whose own words and behavior demonstrates a need for intensive psychological counseling. The fascist Islamic President talks about ushering into the world the coming of Mahdi and this preparation requires much blood shed and destruction of western style values. Ahmadinejad is preparing Tehran with an elaborate and detailed plan for the arrival of the Mahdi, by extending generous sums for the widening of roads to extensive improvements of religious sites.

Ahmadinejad and his ilk are not alone, believing that all people in the world must accept Islam or perish as Infidels who defile the earth belonging to the god of tyranny Allah.

The Supreme Islamic Wizards in Iran do not preach tolerance and peace but instead teach fanaticism and exclusion, setting the stage for an apocalypse to usher in the end of civilization and the reign of Mahdi with illusions of grandeur.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hamas And Fatah Terrorist Thugs Killed Civilians & Performed Executions

Hamas & Fatah Terrorist Thugs have murdered innocent civilians committing Grave Breaches of International Law according to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights.

In a new report issued today, the human rights group said that 161 Palestinians were murdered in 1 week between June 7 and 14, 2007

In some cases people were kidnapped from their homes and their bodies dumped in remote areas. In other cases, injured persons were executed and in 1 case a person was executed in a hospital. The Islamic terrorist thugs have no respect for human rights or decency. At least two people were thrown off roof tops to their deaths by these Islamic thugs.

Hamas continues to prosper as they continue to utilize charities around the world to fund their operations. In the United States, the movement network of Mosque's and Islamic speakers serve as a platform to teach their anti-Semitic venom to their congregations, encouraging martyrdom and recruitment of future terrorists.

In March, 2006 the Hamas run web site glorified suicide bombers in Israel and the killing of innocent civilians. After the terrorist thugs won the Palestinian Authority elections the terrorist organizations that receives financial backing from the Islamic Fascist Iran begun an intensive campaign against its own citizens which continues.

Iran Development New Smart Bomb

FARS New Agency reported that Iran has developed a new optically guided 1 Ton smart bomb it has named Qader the bomb can be deployed on Iran's F-4 or F-5 jets.

In September the fascist regime showed off the bomb to the public for the first time accompanied with numerous anti-Israel slogans in a military parade.

This new smart bomb has a range of 1,100 miles and can strike targets throughout Israel and is sufficient to put U.S. bases in the region at risk.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

CAIR In Defense Of Islamic Jihad

Dr. Esam Omeish was forced to resign as a member of the Virgina Commission on Immigration, following his anti-Semitic remarks in support of Jihad were posted on YouTube.

Dr. Omeish told a news conference, "...that Jihad had nothing to do with violence but instead is about inner struggles leading to a spiritual triumph...."

CAIR to the rescue which claimed that Dr. Omeish comments were taken out of context and denounced Dr. Omeish critics as Islamophobes.

Examining Dr. Omeish other association may help put his words into better context as he is President of the Muslim American Society (MAS) an organization with close ties to the Islamic Fascist group Muslim Brotherhood. Three years ago, the Chicago Tribune published an investigatory story about the Muslim Brotherhood which voted to change their name to MAS and if topics of terrorism were ever asked of it members the Islamic Fascist Brotherhood were to respond, "...that they were against terrorism but that Jihad was among a Muslim's divine legal rights to be used to defend oneself and its people and to spread Islam."

Egyptian Brotherhood Leader Mohammed Mohdi Akef, has denounced the Holocaust as a myth while defending Iranian President Ahmadinejad Holocaust denials and claims that 6 million Jewish deaths during W.W. II is an exaggeration by the Zionists.

The Brotherhood has been active in the United States since the 1960's The Holy Land Foundation Trial in Dallas, TX. in which CAIR was named as an unindicted co-conspirator had led to a treasure of information about MAS and the Brotherhood. In one of the documents introduced as an exhibit at trial it was revealed that the Brotherhood in the United States, would go to college campuses to provide weapons training referred to as Special Work as well as engaging in counter-espionage against federal agencies such as the FBI & CIA referred to as Securing the Group.

The Brotherhood advocates suicide bombings in Israel and actively supports the terrorist group Hamas. Newsweek journalists Mark Hosenball & Michael Isikoff report connections with Al-Qaeda.

Former U.S. Middle East peace envoy Dennis Ross told Asharq Alawsat, newspaper March 14, 2007, "... that the Brotherhood is a global and not a local organization governed by Shura Council which rejects any cessation of violence in Israel and supports violence to achieve its political objectives and elsewhere too."

American Airlines Flights to Beijing

American Airlines has won approval from the Dept. of Transportation to offer service between Chicago O'Hare and Beijing, China.

Wil Ris, Senior V.P. American Airlines of Government Affairs, "...we said in our application that American's Chicago gateway will provide increased network competition and customer choice in the growing Chinese market."

American Airlines will begin offering service in March, 2009 utilizing Boeing 777

U.S. Senator's Wife Hadasseh Lieberman Addresses Jerusalem Center Dedication

Hadassah Lieberman took part this week in the dedication ceremony of Nishmat Jerusalem Campus dedication ceremony.

The Jerusalem Campus offers free Torah study classes for Women and holiday events for the entire Jewish community.

The curriculum being taught provides Jewish Women a high level of acquaintance with traditional Jewish texts in an environment of spirituality and commitment to Torah observance that will inspire Women, to take their leadership rolls and serve in their communities.

"The young Women who come to Nishmat, are enroute to universities, to professions some are starting new families and beginning to take their places in the larger world. Nishmat tells them, all you need is to be educated" said Mrs. Liberman.

Nishmat helps to develop young Women's potential as both scholars and leaders, opening the gates of rich Jewish learning of Torah values and devotion to Jewish life and the State of Israel.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Atheists Declare Science Must Destroy Religion But Without God Anything Goes

Religion must be destroyed Atheists declare. When American Atheism was formed in 1963 a contemporary symbol was chosen which acknowledges that only through the use of scientific analysis and free open inquiry can humans reach for a better existence.

Science must destroy organized religion according to speakers last weekend who spoke at an atheist conference in Crystal City, VA.

For atheists, belief in God is beyond childish it is unsuitable for all children, they claim that praying amounts to speaking to yourself. Today's atheists are particularly disgusted by religious training of young people which they believe is a form of child abuse.

Atheists likewise claim that the belief in God is a form of stupidity for weak people and that nothing exists but natural phenomena , that thought is property or a function of matter and that death irreversibly and totally terminates individually organic units. An atheist believes that only in a knowledge of oneself and knowledge of others can an individual find the understanding necessary for fulfillment in life.

Atheists are a very small minority in the United States---in a Newsweek poll 91% of Americans claim to have a belief in God.

So the Atheists don't believe in God---we all make choices in life, that is fine but the spirits in hell believe and they fear the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. James 2:19

Religion in the United States has provided our nation with a foundation and structure which has held our society together, requiring us to be held accountable to social norms of decency. Atheists have no expectations to be respectable to anyone for there are no moral absolutes.

Ahmadinejad: "Iran has an International Mission."

In an address today, the Islamic Fascist Ahmadinejad said, "...Iran has an International mission and those who believe it should focus on domestic issues are wrong...the Iranian nation is an exemplary one in the world...the Zionists are now happy with establishing their illegal authority in a small part of Palestine. This is because they have been slapped at face by the believers in God..."

Later when speaking about his trip last week in NYC and Columbia University Ahmadinejad said, "...the Zionists wanted to turn the event into a trial of the Islamic Republic of Iran but with the help of Almighty God, the plot turned into a scene in which nations could express their hatred with the rulers of the White House. The behavior of the government and media in the United States shows that there is a dictatorship in that country and people are not allowed to know the facts. The Iranian nation are not afraid of listening to others and believe that the whole world accepts the strong logic of the revolution and the Islamic regime." IRNA News, October 3, 2007

Iran operates numerous Internet Sites in its mission to spread radical Islamic fascism throughout the world, preaching violence, bigotry, hatred and anti-Semitism while at the same time strictly censoring its own citizens access to global news and information. Sept. 17, I wrote here Iran Blocks Access to Google.

The Al-Quds web site in Iran, mainly emphasizes continued Palestinian terrorism and contempt and hatred of both the United States and Israel. Surfers can click on Hamas and Palestinian Jihad web sites, featuring anti-Semitic cartoons and updated information about Palestinian Shaheeds--Islamic Suicide Terrorist Thugs. The site likewise posts denials of the Holocaust for example, a Link to the audio/visual gallery has two programs claiming that no Jews died in gas chambers and the Jews made up the Holocaust.

On November 26, 2006 the picture of the day on the Al-Quds site featured a female suicide terrorist thug, who carried out an attack against innocent IDF Soldiers in Gaza just three days before.

Iranian Intelligence Agent Arrested in Iraq

An Iranian arrested by the United States Military in Iraq's Kurdish region has been involved in Intelligence gathering for Iran for more than a decade according to Major General Kevin Bergner.

On September 20, U.S. Troops raided a Hotel and arrested Mahmudi Farhadi a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Quds Force. Iran immediately condemned the arrest calling it unwarranted claiming the Intelligence operative was merely a businessman. The U.S. Military insists that Farhadi is an Iranian Intelligence operative and the Officer in Charge of the Zafar Command.

The United States has repeatedly accused Iran of supporting Islamic insurgency in Iraq and with the arrest of Farhadi is proof of Iran's continued support of terrorists and espionage.