Tuesday, October 16, 2007

U.S. & Israel Partnership for Peace

The United States has stood as a true friend of Israel since it was founded in 1948 Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates receives the Henry M. Jackson Distinguished service award at the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs annual dinner yesterday. In Mr. Gates address last night he said,"...In an age of middle eastern sourced terrorism with global reach that is threatening Americans and Israelis alike, its even more important to maintain and bolster our partnership...Iran is no friend of the United States or Israel and its desire for a nuclear capability and apparent ambition to dominate the region are causing great anxiety and instability across the region..."

"The future they promise is a joyless existence, personified not by piety or virtue but by the executioner and the suicide bomber...Israel is a mature democracy like the United States and has no taste for war...both Israel and the United States are content to live in peace however America and Israel are prepared to fight to defend...against any threats...if we are not left in peace if our security is challenged, we also know there are times that we have to defend ourselves in no uncertin terms our interests and our liberties..."