Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chinese Abducted Children Reunited With Family

Soon after Chinese Professor Yu Jianrong launched an Internet web campaign with photos of Child Beggars in China, Netizens flooded a SINA Blog with thousands of images---so far six abducted children have been reunited with their families, including the dramatic case in which I wrote here about in Jiangsu Province on the 11 February

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China, Chongqing Toilet Themed Restaurant

Little Boy eats Chocolate Ice Cream served in Toilet Shaped Bowl

Man drinks from Urinal shaped bottle at Toilet Themed Restaurant

Soup served from Toilet Shaped Bowl at a restaurant in China, Chongqing

Toilet Themed Restaurant Opens in S.W. China, Chongqing Municipality February 19, the first Toilet Themed Restaurant in the City.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

China Lantern Festival Celebrations

Chinese Girl Happy for Lantern Festival

Dragon Dance performance with fireworks in Taijiang, Guizhou Province

Lantern Festival, People's Park Zhengzhou, Henan Province

Big Lantern seen during Lantern Fair--Lantern Festival Begin on 17 February

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Mandarin Chinese--Live the Language

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First Mandarin Immersion Public Charter School San Francisco East Bay

Tao Bao Mall "Empty City of China"

BBC Documentary: "The Chinese Are Coming" (Part 1 of 4)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chinese New Year Matchmaking Events Popularity

China, Chengdu couple weds shown on street on Valentines Day

Hundreds of millions of Chinese look forward to Chinese New Year celebrations when families reunite in their hometowns for days of feasting and revelry.

Young people that reach their 20s and 30s without finding a partner in China are considered "Leftovers" and often looked down upon.

Events such as 10,000 People Matchmaking Expo's marriages supermarkets have become carnivals of matchmaking with parents showing up in pursuit of mates for their children.

More here from The Epoch Times

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

KFC Hong Kong Barack Obama TV Commercial

China, Shanghai 13 Year Old Girl Chained and Leashed Like a Dog by her Parents

On the 27 January, Little Peng was chained by her family often 24 hours a day and only let loose while accompanied by her Mother to use the bathroom.

China, Shanghai 13 year old Little Peng Chained in Family Noodle Factory

Little Peng's Hands are Swollen from being cuffed for long periods of time.

Little Peng age 13 alone and chained like a Dog in China, Shanghai

13 Year Old Little Peng Chained Like a Dog

China 13 year old child chained by her parents

Friday, February 4, 2011

Traditional Paintings Salute Chinese New Year

China, Henan Province Child Plays at a Nianhua Picture Work Shop

China, Zhuxianzhen Yard Gate Traditional Paintings for the New Year

Dozens of workshops in Zhuxianzhen were very busy making traditional Chinese paintings preparing for the New Year which begun yesterday.

More here from Peoples Daily Online

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Qian Yunhui "Accidental Death" Sparking Anger

Qian Yunhui holding an award certificate that he received from the villagers at Zhaiqiao, Zhejiang Province.

A Chinese Court ruled on Tuesday that the death of village chief Qian Yunhui, crushed to death by a truck in December was an accident sparking outrage from those who insist that he was murdered for his campaigning over land seizures.

The gruesome 25 December death of Qian has rattled authorities at a time when Beijing is attempting to dampen public anger over a range of hot button issues and official abuses. Qian had demanded compensation for farmers who land was seized to make room for a power station and his death stirred passions after doubt was cast on the official version.

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