Friday, October 31, 2008

Obamaniac Praises "The One"

Obamaniac: "It was the most memorable time in my life...I won't
have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won't have to worry
about paying my mortgage..."

Video here from Hot Air

O-Bam-A Informercial Bombs

O-Bam-A Infomercial Bombs---Nielsen Wire only 21.7 million households watched "The One" on Wednesday night.
Nearly 8 out of 10 American households changed the channel.

H/T: Hot Air

Taiwan Freedom Supported By McCain

Supporting Taiwan Freedom & Democracy. Demonstrations rallying in Taipei on October 26 to protest Taiwan's warming ties with Beijing.

Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain strongly supports
our ally Taiwan while Democrat Barack Obama proposes working
with China on economic and security goals and pushing Taiwan
to negotiate away its freedom and independence to China.

More here from Reuters

Obama: "Israel has no God given right to occupy Palestine...genocide against Palestinians by the Israeli's."

Doug Ross@Journal

Doug Ross reports that a reliable source has provided eye witness accounts what he saw on the Rashid Khalidi video said that Barack Obama says, "...Israel has no God given right to occupy Palestine...there has been genocide against the Palestinians
by the Israeli's."

More here from Little Green Footballs

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama's SS "Civilian National Security Force"

Among the many promises Barack Obama has made are his plans to build a "civilian national security force" here in America.

Adolf Hitler, had his own "national security force" known as
Himmler's SS which was used to quell public dissent and protect
the Nazi regime from its citizens.

Barack Obama said, "We can not continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded."

Video here from Gateway Pundit

Obama Flip Flops On His Own Policy Positions

Barack Obama promised he would not raise taxes on those making $200,000 a year during his infomercial, instead of the $250,000 that
he had been promising earlier.

This is a dramatic change from his previous stated tax plan.

The Obama campaign fumed when the GOP seized upon Democratic V.P. Candidate Joe Biden's remarks that an Obama Administration would raise taxes on those making less than $250,000. The Obama campaign said that Biden misspoke but this is coming straight from the horses mouth.

Obama clearly lowered the tax ceiling during Wednesday's infomercial. It needs clarification, especially considering that
we are less than a week from the election.

Obama also promised to tap the nation's existing oil reserves, something he has been firmly against in the past.

H/T: Amanda Carpenter,

Palestinian Arab In Gaza Campaigning For Barack Obama

Ibrahim Abu Jayab, a Palestinian Arab in Gaza sits at his computer in his families home making political calls to the United States imploring people to vote for Obama.

Qiang Ethnic Sichuan Earthquake Survivors Celebrate Lunar New Year

Children wearing ethnic costumes to welcome the Lunar New Year
in the Qiang Calendar at Aba Tibetan and Qiang autonomous
prefecture Sichuan Province.

The Qiang New Year began on October 29---currently busy with reconstruction following the catastrophic Sichuan Earthquake
on May 12 ethnic Qiang took time off to celebrate the Qiang
New Year with prayers and blessings.

Qiang Women pictured here singing a song to welcome in the first day of the Qiang New Year yesterday. Men took part in singing to celebrate the festivities. Xinhua Photos

Chen Zhi, a young man from the Qiang Ethnic Group in Sichuan Province sent this best wishes text message to his family and friends. "After the ordeal come our harvest and gratitude, Happy Qiang
New Year."

More here Peoples Daily Online

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama Swimming In Cash While His Auntie Zeituni Lives In Boston Public Housing

While Barack Obama is swimming in cash raising $150 Million Dollars in September and by mid October an additional $36 Million Dollars his poor old Auntie Zeituni lives in Boston Slums.

What a benevolent Nephew Barry Obama is to his Auntie Zeituni.

Barry told "Joe the Plumber" how he doesn't mind "spreading the wealth around" with tax-payers money but is too selfish to provide
for the needs of his own family.

Character matters

Obama Infomercial, Blah, Blah, Blah...Boring!

Unless you are not like me, I am growing really sick and tired of
all the campaign rhetoric, promises, promises, promises...that no wannabe President can possibly deliver on. Americans are not that gullible Barry.

What kind of snake oil are you trying to sell tonight? Barry must be desperate 30 minute Infomercial of The One to air tonight. Boring...
I am going to be busy, I think I have to wash my hair? Maybe some other time?


Tough Times? Not For Members Of Congress

Democrats which control Congress and claim to be looking out
for the "Little Guy" because Democrats "feel your pain" well,
they don't feel your pain when it comes to their own salaries.

In 2007 Members of Congress seen their own pay checks
increase 13% to $169,000

Why does anyone believe any Democrat that says, "We will do better." It sure does seem that they are doing quite well for themselves already.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Biden Compares Obama to Thomas Jefferson & Abraham Lincoln

Greenville, NC--AP

The audacity of V.P. Joe Biden is without end as he compares Obama to President's Jefferson & Lincoln today in Greenville, N.C.

Biden likened criticisms of Obama with similar attacks on "Jefferson's Christianity"
(Jefferson was a Deist) and "Lincoln's commitment to individual rights."

Biden said, "Sound familiar...the defenders of the status quo have always tried to tear down those who would change our nation for the better."

What exactly does Obama have in common with either beloved President?

Thomas Jefferson was Governor of Virgina, Minister to France, Secretary of State and Vice President before becoming for President.

Abraham Lincoln was a Veteran, Prarie Lawyer, four term Illinois
State Legislator, Congressman and Statesmen---Honest Abe did not campaign or give political speeches but allowed State & County Republican organizations to campaign for him.

Exactly---its absurd to even attempt to compare Obama with giants among men.

Joe Biden: Change You Can Believe In, Tax Relief Only To Those Making Less Than $150K

Obama's predictions of "Change" are coming true---V.P. Candidate Joe Biden now says that tax relief should only go to those making under $150,000 while Barry Obama continues to promise all those making $250,000 or less would benefit from his grandoise tax scheme.

Is this another Rhetorical Flourishes or a demonstration of "Change we can Believe in?"

Video here from Hot Air

Ohio Director Of Jobs & Family Services OK's Misuse Of State Computers On "Joe the Plumber"

The Ohio Inspector General is investigating why Helen Jones-Kelly, Director of the Department of Jobs & Family Services and
Obama supporter, permitted state computers to be used to
snoop into the background of "Joe the Plumber."

Misuse of State Computers in Ohio is a criminal offense 2913.01
Ohio Revised Code and may result in a fine and incarceration.

More here from Hot Air

Obama: Socialism Will Change America

The perfect storm combining the vast expansion of government's role in the American economy, a looming Obama triumph and likely huge Democratic gains in Congress augur the most serious threat of the onset of Socialism the United States has faced since the New Deal.

While it became obvious that FDR's goal was to save capitalism,
not to replace it, it is by no means clear that Barack Obama is
similarly inclined."

Full story here from Dick

One Party Rule---Rules?

DNC Party Head Howard Dean said on Monday that he is looking forward to one party controlling all aspects of government.

More here from Roll Call

Hanging Palin---Democrats Double Standard


A Halloween display showing an effigy of Gov. Sarah Palin hanging
by a noose is causing an uproar in West Hollywood and is being condemned by Mayor Jeffrey Prang.

If such a display would be made of Senator Obama, the MSM,
Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson would be calling for
arrests to be made for Hate Crimes and conversations in America
on bias and prejudice.

In December 2007 Rev Al Sharpton said, "When you hang up a noose its no joke to us. Every noose that is hung up should be prosecuted
by law..."

Why the silence now Rev. Sharpton? Where is your moral outrage?

Christians, this election more than just economy

Christians founded this nation and they will either save it or let it fall into the hands of a Socialist-Marxist and his minions. By refusing to vote for John McCain, Christians will bear a huge portion of responsibility for abandoning their nation in its time of greatest need.

Only a massive turnout of every devout believer in Christ can turn this election around. We most certainly have the numbers to do the job. God fearing Christians who are willing to vote their faith can overturn the attempted theft of this election by the enemy.

The Democrats have let it be known that if and when they gain control of all three branches of government, they will do so for a generation to come, by force if necessary.

Continue reading here by Marie Jon, Renew America

Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama's Political Use Of Children

Barack Obama should be ashamed of himself using children
for political purposes.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden: The Change We Need---Kid's HQ Blog

H/T: Little Green Footballs

New Mexico Sun News: "Obama Wins!"

CNN Political Ticker

For the New Mexico Sun News, it is either a major scoop or
"Dewey Beats Truman" de'ja vu 60 years later.

"Obama Wins" is the headline of the edition in newsstands today, complete with a special collectors edition in red bold faced type.

It may be just too much to ask but should we not wait for the
voters to decide in 8 days ?

Obama Compares America To Nazi Germany

Barack Hussein Obama compares what is going on in the United States during the time of Brown v. Board of Education to Nazi Germany.

Audio here The Courts and Civil Rights, January 18, 2001
at about 15.30

"...just take a, sort of realistic perspective...there's a lot of change going on outside the Court, um, that Judges essentially have to
take judicial notice of. I mean you've got World War II, you've
got uh, uh, uh, the doctrines of Nazism, that, that we are fighting
against, that start looking uncomfortably similar to what we have going on, back here at home."

The United States is close to electing a President who compares his own country to Nazi Germany.

H/T: Little Green Footballs

Sarah Palin..."Brainiac"

The former Editor-in-Chief of Ms Magazine and a Democrat praises Gov. Palin's intelligence.

H/T: Hugh Hewitt,

Obama Change? Questionable Donations

Barack Hussein Obama's credit card scheme is getting noticed according to Newsmax apparently the "Change Candidate" is continuing to accept questionable contributions.

While most merchants will not accept credit cards without a customer's three digit security code on the reverse side of the
credit card, "The One" does not care and has turned off the
credit card security features in his continuing quest to raise
as much money as possible no matter how suspicious the contribution.

More here from NY Post

Sunday, October 26, 2008

McCain/Palin 2008 Policy Positions In Chinese

Almost one third of the Asian American Voting population remains undecided according to a National Asian American Survey released earlier this month.

Many Asian Americans Immigrants are naturalized citizens and prefer to get election information in their first language, making up 5% of the U.S. population, the national campaigns have largely ignored this very important group of people.

In San Francisco Christina Wong Director of Community Initiatives of the Chinese for Affirmative Action has been working with the Asian ethnic media to inform limited English proficient voters what the issues are. Wong said that she has noticed the Presidential Campaigns courting second and third generation Asian Americans, where English is their first language.

McCain-Palin For President 2008 in Chinese

Economic Plan

A Leader to help Small Business

Health Care Reform

Pension & Family Security


The above Links were created by Asian Americans For McCain and may be accessed by signing into your Google Account. I have attempted without success to obtain working URL's for the policy positions for those using Internet Explorer or others servers, unfortunately Asian Americans For McCain have been unwilling or unable to fix the problem.

It is unfortunate that either political campaign or political parties allow their users to read their sites in a language other than English. Many web sites today allow users to read their sites in Chinese, Spanish and other languages but despite all the monies that the political campaigns and political parties have raised the only language that one may read their policy positions is English. Very sad that political campaigns and parties which claim to be all inclusive have limited their sites to English only in 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Obama Campaign Drafted Inaugural Address

Why wait until the elections to draft an Inaugural Address?

Obama's transition chief has already drafted a sample
Inaugural Address.

More here from NY

American Terrorist Bill Ayers Calls Cop's

The Weatherman who bombed NYC Police Headquarters and said on September 11, 2001 of his radical terrorist activities, "we didn't do enough" called the Cop's when a FOX News Reporter wanted to ask him a few questions.

Video here from Hot Air

Joe Biden: "I don't know who's writing your questions."

Democratic V.P. Candidate Joe Biden did not like it when
Barbara West a Reporter for WFTV Orlando asked him tough questions.

Obama Campaign Response "...further opportunities for your
station to interview with this campaign are unlikely."

More here from Hal Boedeker, The TV Guy

Friday, October 24, 2008

Whoopi Goldberg: "Shum Jum Yum Yum"

Whoopi Goldberg may be is spending just a bit too much time with her imaginary friends ?

Whoopi's solution today on "The View" for winning the war on terror, speak with "Shum Jum Yum Yum" whoever that is? Whoopi defended Barack Obama's call for unconditional talks without preconditions with terrorists.

How about another tall glass of Kool Aid Whoopi ?

More here from News Busters

Democrats Promising More Taxes & Spending

Democrats are promising to spend an additional $150 Billion Dollars and have threatened Republicans that don't want to play now, that after the elections the newest redistribution of tax-payers money will even be higher.

In order to pay for their latest give-away Rep. Barney Frank, D-MA
says Congress will cut defense spending by 25% and will eventually raise taxes.

Joe the Plumber For Congress

Joe the Plumber may consider running for Congress in 2010 challenging long time incumbent Marcy Kaptur.

Laura Ingraham promised that she would help Joe, should he decide to seek the Congressional Seat.

More here from Draft Joe Wurzelbacher 2010

Florida Democrat Pimps Mistress

Congressman Tim Mahoney, pimped his mistress to entice political donations.

ABC News obtained a document that reveals new allegations of inappropriate conduct by the Florida Democrat, which include claims that Mahoney urged one of his Mistresses to tease donors to make political contributions.

H/T: Hot Air

Obama Membership In Socialist "New Party" Ignored By MSM

Barack Obama was a member of the Socialist New Party which has been ignored by the Dinosaur Media, in the tank for the The One.

H/T: News Busters

Ashley Todd Inconsistencies---Political Attacker Fondled Her Too? Update: Todd Confesses Story Was Hoax

Ashley Todd seems to have left out an all important detail, that she was sexually assaulted during the alleged politically motivated attack.

People that work at nearby businesses didn't hear anything when Todd claims the attacker carved in the upside down "B" on her cheek when he was sitting on her chest.

Following the alleged attack Ms. Todd went to a friend's home about a mile away and reported the incident to Police about 45 minutes later. Why didn't she go into a nearby business to report the assault?

More here from Hot Air

Update: Police say video does not show her using her ATM card.

Obama Race Baiting Video

Obama's 1995 Race Baiting Interview admitting that redistribution is to help save the African American community, while blaming all the problems in the African American community on WHITE people.

H/T: Stop the ACLU

Thursday, October 23, 2008

American Student Jailed In Iran

AP Phillippines

An American student in Iran to visit family and research Women's Rights has been arrested and held in Evin Prison for more than a week.

Esha Momeni, a student at California State University Northridge, was driving on a highway when detained by Iranian Police.

Momeni is a member of the California branch of Change For Equality an Iranian Women's Rights group.

Amnesty International reports that dozens of other activists and supporters have been arrested in Iran in connection with their activities with the Women's Rights Campaign, which is seeking to collect a million signatures to change the law, which denies equal rights to Women in Iran.

Free Esha Blog

Military Ballots Tossed In Virgina

Military Ballots are being tossed in
Fairfax, VA because of a technicality?

It seems that in 2002 Virgina enacted a law which requires that when an overseas citizen wants to request an absentee ballot and cast a vote, it requires a witness signature and a current address for the witness.

More here from Marc Ambinder

Democrat's Outsource Jobs To Romania

Obama & the Democrat's are constantly promising the Union's which endorse them, that they will protect American jobs and are opposed to outsourcing jobs overseas.

Riight ?

Why have the Democrat's outsourced American Jobs to Romania ?

National Flag For Our Fallen Hero's

New emblem will serve to Honor and Remember the Sacrifice of our Military Men and Women who died in service to our nation.

Sign the petition to establish a National Flag of Remembrance

H/T: Dennis Miller