Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 Opens With Great Music & Fireworks

The Taipei 101 is lit up celebrating the start of 2009---Fireworks erupt in Hong Kong at the start of 2009---a Woman carries lanterns with the characters "Yuan Dan" which means first day of New Year.

In Taipei, New Years revelers welcomed in 2009 with performances by one of my favorite Taiwan groups S.H.E. and other popular musical artists.

More here from Taipei Times

Ohio State EEO Employee Sends Racist & Sexist E-Mails

Whats going on with State Workers in Ohio? It was only recently that Helen Jones-Kelly who snooped on "Joe the Plumber" resigned in disgrace, now its being reported that Robert Habern, whose job is to prevent discrimination sent racist and sexist e-mails from his state computer.

Habern is the EEO Contracts Coordinator in Lima, Ohio and his job is to make sure that vendors and agency contractors comply with federal and state anti-discrimination laws.

The EEO Coordinator in Lima, Ohio has previously been reprimanded for violations of state ethics laws and for viewing illicit content on state owned computers.

In April I wrote here that Ohio State Trooper Craig Franklin, was pictured while in uniform and on duty wearing a KKK outfit.

In May, Ohio Atty General, Democrat Marc Dann resigned after allegations surfaced that he had engaged in a patterns of sexual harassment and cronyism.

What is going on under the watch of former Minister turned
Democrat Governor Ted Strickland ?

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Former Taiwan President Chen Again Jailed

Via Taipei Times

The DPP yesterday criticized the Taipei District Court decision early yesterday to again detain former President Chen Shui-bian ahead of his trial on corruption charges saying that the government should make it clear whether politics were involved in the decision.

The Court decided to detain Chen because of the alleged crimes and the Court feared that he may flee the country?

On the 23 December, I argued here that Chen is a high profile person where is he going to go? Everyone knows who he is, what is he going to do, attempt to flee the Court's jurisdiction by boat off of Taiwan?

With security details in place round the clock, how could Chen escape---likewise the former President has appeared everytime he has been subpoeaned into Court and has never demonstrated any signs that he intended to flee Taiwan.

Last month I wrote here that the allegations against Chen are dubious. Is KMT President Ma Ying
-jeou is getting his marching orders from Beijing?

More here from Taipei Times

Chip Saltsman must withdraw his name for consideration as RNC Chair

Nearly 2 years ago, former GOP Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee introduced Chip Saltsman as his campaign manager near a sign which promoted his book.

To my dismay I am angered that former Tennessee GOP Leader
Chip Saltsman, sent a CD this Christmas featuring a 2007 song
called Barack the Magic Negro to members of the RNC. Not only are Saltsman's actions insensitive but they are racist and there is no room in our party for this sort of behavior.

This is the very reason that I support Michael Steele for Chairman to clean house, get rid of the riff raff and set the course of our party which has lost its way.

As disturbing as Saltsman's actions are, I am dismayed that former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has defended these indefensible actions. In his blog Huck*PAC Huckabee writes, "Chip should have been more careful in his selection of Christmas gifts...Chip knows how sensitive such issues are. It shouldn't be the main factor in the RNC race..."

While it may not be the "only" factor---it however must be a factor because the GOP is a party of wide diversity and home to people without regard to race, sex, religion or national origin.

There is no room in our party for racist conduct or overtones and for this reason Chip Saltsman should apologize for his actions and withdraw his name for consideration as RNC Chair.

Governor Huckabee should be ashamed of himself for defending this type of behavior.

Sichuan Survivors Receiving Counseling

Children attending classes in temporary schools set up in Sichuan Province. A woman collects bricks two weeks ago at the ruins of houses that were destroyed on May 12, more than 80,000 lives were
lost during the catastrophic earthquake. One month ago a photo of Beichuan County, Sichuan Province which sits in ruins.

Life is still challenging to the Survivors of the Sichuan Earthquake
and while construction goes on to help these people rebuild their lives, Psychological Counseling is being offered to assist the grieving families cope with the trauma that they have had to ordeal.

Many of the Survivors suffer from post traumatic stress disorder resulting in horrible nightmares and have recurring flash backs
from that terrible day.

God have mercy. On November 25, I wrote here that the Sichuan Earthquake has claimed more victims that have suffered emotional scars. We must remember to keep these Survivors in our thoughts
and prayers.

More here Counselors help Sichuan Survivors heal.

Ring In 2009 And Make A wish

Students from Chaocheng Road Primary School ring a bell and pray for blessing for 2009 in Qingdao, Shandong Province yesterday. Xinhua Photos

As 2008 draws to a close, lots of residents arrive at the Folklore Museum in Qingdao to wish a Peaceful, Prosperous and a Happy 2009

Happy 2009 Giant Pandas in Fuzhou, Fuijian Province residents held a Happy New Years Party for the Panda's which were transferred subsequent to the catastrophic Sichuan Earthquake 12 May.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Republic Nimrod: "The case for having the inauguration right after New Years Day"

Chris Smith, contributing Editor of "The City Politic" and Columnist at New York Magazine writes in the New Republic "The case for having the inauguration right after New Years Day...So what are we waiting for?

"The One" isn't the Messiah, the all knowing all seeing Savior of all good things great and small---yes Mr. Smith, the 20th Amendment says that "The terms of President and Vice President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January..."

Last month Gail Collins wrote in the NYT for the President to resign and Dick Cheney quit so that Obama could take the reigns of the President immediately.

Is it any wonder that the Internet takes over papers as news source that some 40% polled say that they get most of their news online up from 24% in 2007

GOP Officials Accuse Bush Of Socialism

Republican Party Officials say that they will attempt to pass a resolution next month, accusing President Bush and Congressional Republican Leaders of embracing Socialism.

Those pushing for the resolution which will come before the RNC at its January meeting say that elected officials need to be reminded of core principles.

Rest here from The Washington Times

Islamic Jihad Terrorist Thugs In Gaza Supported By Democrats & Fascist Iran

Islamic Jihadist in Egypt burn an Israel Flag demonstrating against the current conflict with Hamas in Gaza. People taking cover when Sirens sound during a Kassam Rocket Warning in Ashkelon. Israel Police examine an apartment building which was hit by a Kassam Rocket fired indiscriminately from Gaza by Hamas.

The MSM accuses Israel of targeting civilians while in-fact, it is Islamic Jihadist that launch Kassam Rockets into Israel and they fall wherever they hit.

Fascist Iranian Government exports Islamic Jihadist Terrorist Thugs and signs up volunteers to fight Israel.

Iran is inspiring, funding, arming and training Hamas committed to the destruction of our ally Israel and regards Hamas as a tool toward that goal.

Video here Palestinian girl blames Hamas for all the trouble in Gaza.

Israel Defense Force launches YouTube Gaza Channel, distributing actual footage to the world community.

Ohio Democratic Congressman Kucinich calls on U.N. to investigate Israel for disproportionate attacks on Iranian supported Hamas.

The One Lord Obama had hopes for a peace deal with Islamic Jihad. Obama is being encouraged to negotiate with terrorists when he takes office in January.

Facebook Bans Nursing Mother's Photos

Via Mercury News

The online social network Facebook has raised a new controversy banning photos of Mother's breastfeeding their children as obscene---many friends share pictures with one another and their is nothing pornographic or prurient about a nursing mother.

Facebook is a private corporation licensed, existing and they're headquartered in the State of California, do users of Facebook have any legal recourse as a result of the online social network actions?

While Facebook is not preventing a mother from nursing her child are the images protected by existing law? A summary of state laws in the United States.

What should have been objectionable to Facebook was, on the 19th December, I wrote here that Facebook welcomed 9/11 Mastermind Islamic Jihadist Terrorist Thug to its social networking site.

A law professor taught me years ago, "anyone can sue anybody for anything" and undoubtedly the Court's will be addressing this controversy.

While Facebook has the right to set limits as to inappropriate content, the online social network giant needs to more clearly define those limits. The image of a nursing Mother on an individuals site pales in comparison to the site and image of a wanted fugitive responsible for mass murder.

More here from Rueters UK

Monday, December 29, 2008

Santa Claus Comes Everyday To Detroit

First it was $25 Billion in September and then it was $17.4 Billion this month but Christmas never ends for Detroit.

Today, Uncle Sammy tells GMAC that it will "loan" them an additional $6 Billion Dollars where does it end?

Employee Pricing Discounts to Consumers---my goodness gracious, we are the owners. Where is the accountability?

Time to start handing out pink slips to top executives and an involuntary bankruptcy to renegotiate contracts is long overdue.

Fooled Again---Oprah's Liar's Club

Via Gawker

Fake Books---Oprah Winfrey's Liars Club. Yesterday I wrote here Herman Rosenblat makes up a Love Story, he too was featured
on the gullible or just plain naive Oprah Winfrey Show.

Today The Best of Oprah first run on September 25 the Queen of Afternoon met with "Tiny & Talented Pooches" wondering if any of them write Diet Books?

Preparations Underway For Year Of The Ox

Du Wanli shows a handmade leaf carving artwork featuring the patterns for the Year of the Ox in Chinese Lunar Calendar.
Xinhua Photos

Residents at Siping Street Community in Shenyang,
Liaoning Province show paper cuts they have made
as they prepare for the Chinese New Year.

WaPo: Caroline Kennedy A Lot Like Us

The Editors of the Washington Post says that Princess Caroline is a lot like us. Oh really?

We have nothing in common and besides, I do not say "You Know" over and over, you know.


Israel Defense Force Sends Aid Into Gaza

Despite the disinformation---propaganda by the MSM, Israel Defense Forces are not at war with the people of Gaza but instead are actively engaging the Islamic Jihadist Terrorist Thugs of Hamas.

Israel Defense Force sends Humanitarian Aid into Gaza---why hasn't the MSM reported this?

The IDF is reinforcing its pledge to care for the Palestinian Civilian Population, 23 trucks of Humanitarian Aid have been sent into the Gaza Strip following a request by the Red Cross.

More here from Hot Air

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Sichuan Quake Orphan Debut Performance

Update: 31 December, Song Xinya was discharged from West China Hospital, Sichuan Province yesterday following months of recovery. The child lost both of her parents and right leg in the devastating Sichuan Earthquake on 12 May.

Song Xinya, three year old Sichuan Earthquake Survivor, performs at the West China Hospital Rehabilitation Center in Chengdu. Having now been fitted with an artificial right leg which she is seen testing it out and is recovering remarkably well. Two days after being rescued, Song Xinya is being fed milk by her rescuers. Xinhua Photos

Cold weather grips the earthquake ravaged area and many are still in need for quilts and winter clothing as they struggle through the winter.

The Sichuan earthquake has left more than 5 million people homeless living in shelters as hardships increase for the survivors.

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holocaust Survivor Herman Rosenblat's Makes Up Love Story

Herman Rosenblat fooled Oprah Winfrey and lied to everyone about his love story---after being debunked by his family on Saturday, Rosenblat admitted that he made the entire thing up.

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Retail Gasoline Prices Slip To 58 Month Low

Oil prices continue to slide to nearly a 5 year low as Americans are paying about $1 Billion Dollars less a day than we were in July.

While OPEC has cut production as it attempts to stop the steep decline in oil prices, members have a history of ignoring quotas in their own efforts to boost sales and profits.

As the world wide recession continues, one must ask themselves how much of the economic downturn was a result of the greedy OPEC Oil Chiefs who manipulated prices, forcing Americans to spend more than $4.00 a gallon for gasoline earlier this year.

Serves them right---one can only hope that the OPEC Bandits, may now have to drink their oil and eat their sand.

More here from My Way News

S.W. China Earthquakes Affect 95,000

More than 95,000 peoples lives were affected by the latest earthquake to strike SW China yesterday, which flattened 37 homes and caused damages to more than 25,000 others.

An injured villager is being treated at a local hospital in Jiexiang County of Ruili City, Yunnan Province yesterday. A damaged home
is seen in the photo. Xinhua Photos

My heart goes out to these innocent victims and then I began to ask myself, why is there this type of devastation in a relatively minor earthquake? The only response is that Chinese authorities have failed to adopt strict building codes to minimize damages that result in such catastrophic collapse.

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China Harbin Builds Worlds Largest Santa

China's freezing northern city of Harbin has built what organizers say is the worlds largest Santa Claus.

The giant Father of Christmas Chris Kringle, measures 525 feet long and 78.88 feet high, centers with a flowing white beard.

Harbin the capital of Heilongjiang Province is situated on the edge of Siberia and is one of the coldest places, winter temperatures have been known to fall to minus 31 F every year Harbin plays host to a world renowned ice festival, which runs from December through February.

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Christmas Mass In China

Mass was held in Hefei, Anhui Province on Christmas Day and Christmas Mass was held in Beijing at the 407 year old Immaculate Conception Church with more than 1,500 people filling the pews.

According to statistics there are more than 21 million Christian church members in PRC---more than 500 church members attended Mass at Pinganqiao Catholic Church in Chengdu to remember the victims of the devastating Sichuan Earthquake on the 12 May

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Caroline Kennedy: I will work twice as hard as I have ever worked before

Via Hot Air

Caroline Kennedy who wants to join Uncle Teddy in the U.S. Senate, failed to show up for work when she had a job with the NYC Dept. of Education.

Actions speak louder than words---past actions are a good indication of future behavior.

Teens Trick Red Light Cameras

Drivers in Columbus, Ohio have been dealing with Red Light Cameras for the past two years, sending the vehicles owner, traffic citations expecting swift payments to city coffers.

Teens in Maryland have discovered an interesting way to trick red light cameras by printing plate numbers on glossy photo paper, using fonts from certain websites that mimic Maryland license plates, taping the duplicate plate over the existing plate and purposefully speed through red light cameras.

The unsuspecting victims subsequently receive a citation in the mail.

More here from Breitbart T.V.

Fascist Iran Martyrs Christian's, Ahmadinejad Left That Part Out In His Televised Rant

Iranian Fascist President Ahmadinejad, delivering his Christmas message to the world about the dangers of Israel & United States.

Viewers heard Ahmadinejad rant "...if Christ were alive today, He would stand in opposition to the war mongers, occupiers, terrorists and bullies...If Christ were on earth today, He would hoist the banner of justice and love for humanity..."

Previously this Iranian fascist has promised to "wipe Israel off the map in a single storm."

Eighteen years ago Rashin Soodmand's father was hanged for converting to Christianity in Iran---today her brother is in Jail in Iran and expects to be executed for the same thing.

Iran's Parliament approved a new Iranian penal code which provides for the death penalty of any Iranian male who leaves his Islamic faith.

Rest here from Eye on the World

Friday, December 26, 2008

Top Biblical Scholars Confirm Christianity

Top Biblical Scholars, Historians and Experts confirmed that the Bible is the most historically and intellectually reliable ancient text in the whole world, including the bibles account of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, the Apostles and the Disciples who wrote the New Testament documents.

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SFO Fliers Soon Will Be Able To Pay More Money To Feel Less Guilty

Should fliers out of SFO feel guilty for contributing to global warming they soon will be able to pay extra money to feel better and lighten their pockets, while helping to save the planet by giving their money away---contributions are not tax deductible.

A fool and their money soon part company---ROFLOL

Real Scientists scoff at AP Global Warming Story

Bike Mfg's: Where Is My Economic Stimulus?

Who is next in line with their hand out?

The government has nationalized banks, insurance companies, mortgages and car manufacturers now bike manufacturers, zoo's to advocates of beach replenishment want a part of the new and improved Socialist Economic Package promised by
"The One" in 2009

More here from Seattle

Happy Kwanzaa? Celebrate Abuse Of Women

Following Christmas the Libs and PC Crowd remind us that we
now need to get all warm and fuzzy by celebrating Kwanzaa.

Its time to party & celebrate this made up holiday with its Marxist founder Maulana Ron Karenga a/k/a Ronald McKinley Everett, a convicted, Rapist, Sexual Predator and Abuser of Women.

Celebrate the Abuse of Women---Happy Kwanzaa. Oh My

H/T: News Busters

Global Warming---It Is Lincoln's Fault

Festive Feast is cause for Global Warming so you better watch out my Lib Friends who volunteer to deliver food to all those who are less fortunate than we are---now you too are making a dangerous contribution to your carbon footprint.

H/T: News Busters

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Iraq Christians Celebrate Christmas

Iraqi Christian Kids celebrate Christmas, lighting candles at Saint Teriza Church after Christmas Day Mass in Basra.

Christmas Day became an official holiday for the first time in Iraq thanks to President George Bush, General Petraeus and our American Hero's that made it all possible.

More here from Jawa Report

Madoff: "Happy Hanukkah Elie Wiesel Foundation, I Stole Your Money"

The Elie Wiesel Foundation lost more than $15 Million Dollars---nearly all of its assets in the alleged fraud by Bernard Madoff.

"We are deeply sadden and distressed that we, along with many others, have been victims of what may be the largest investment frauds in history. We are writing to inform you that the Elie Wiesel Foundation For Humanity had $15.2 million under management with Bernard Madoff Investment Securities. This represented substantially all of the Foundations assets..."

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kung His Hsin Nien Bing Chu Shen Tan

We wish you a very Merry Christmas Season of many Blessings, much Joy and Happiness, Good Fortune, Safety in your every activity, Peace and Love in your heart each and every day.

God Bless You my Friends.

Iranian Fascist Ahmadinejad To Deliver Christmas Message On British Television

Even though Iranian Fascist President Ahmadinejad says, Iranian Women are the freest in the world, it appears this this Woman
doesn't agree
with Ahmadinejad, protesting on 07 December
during National Student Day.

A British Broadcaster has invited Ahmadinejad to deliver a Christmas message this year, the 7 minute rant by this fascist provides him with a "respectable platform at prime time," said Israel's Ambassador to London, Ron Prosor.

More here from Jerusalem Post

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