Sunday, November 30, 2008

NBC Exec: Obama's Skin Color Gives Him More Legitimacy Than Any Other President

Via News Busters

The Number 2 man at NBC News, believes that Obama's skin color gives him more legitimacy than any other American President in our Republic's history.

Has he forgot that it was a Republican, Abraham Lincoln that was credited for freeing the Slaves and it was Harry S. Truman that saw
us through to victory over fascism during World War Two but lets
just forget about all the other great and distinguished leaders such
as Jefferson, Madison and instead focus on an unproven, untested President
-elect that hasn't yet accomplished one single thing.

CNN Endangered Lives Of UK Couple

Via News Busters

A British couple claims that CNN endangered their lives during the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India by broadcasting their whereabouts.

According to the South Wales couple, the Islamic Terrorist Thugs, were monitoring CNN to locate Westerners in the hotels under attack.

Black Friday Savages

Via Hot Air

One of my girl friends and I have been exchanging mails about this and she summed it up the best:

"...we often hear stampedes in other countries, where panicked people stampede over others for various reasons but then we hear about it here, in our country and its over saving a little money on DVD players or flat screen T.V.'s. Yuck. I can't get over how lowly and greedy it is. I am so disappointed and embarrassed for our country, that our fellow American's would behave this way..."

More here from My Way News

Friday, November 28, 2008

Chris Matthews Senate Candidate 2010

Chris Matthews the MSNBC Host that gets a "thrill up his leg" when "The One" speaks, is running for the Senate in 2010 in Pennsylvania OMG ROFLOL

Matthews who didn't know Africa is a Continent calling it a country as reported by News Busters earlier this month, wants to go to Congress.

Lord help us

Al-Qaeda Top Lap Dog Tells American's To Embrace Islam For Peace & Contentment

Islamic Terrorist Thug Ayman al-Zawahri, Al-Qaeda No. 2 tells American's "to embrace Islam to live a life free of greed,
exploitation and forbidden wealth."

Osama bin
-Laden's top lap dog didn't mention the Islamic attacks
in Mumbai, India Wednesday and Thursday which has resulted in countless deaths.

More here from My Way News

Update: 13 year old girl stoned to death for being raped

China Loosens Grip On Media, What's Next?

In the United States we take free speech for granted but in China, freedom of speech is something that is coming of age courtesy
of the Internet. On the 22 November, Red Net published this photo
of a "Crying Peasant Boy" carrying a load of hay. It has been questioned if the photo is real or a fake, one can't know for certain,
its all speculation.

Regardless the Internet has helped spread the news of the day, in May subsequent to the devastating Sichuan Earthquake, resources poured into China with offers of even more assistance from around the world, courtesy of news reports transmitted courtesy of the Internet.

News reports are what they are and help not only to inform the world of events happening on the ground but news helps to keep authorities honest, as information reveals the truth and pictures are worth a thousand words.

China's news media have increased reporting on negative news cites the International Herald Tribune but authorities still do attempt as in many places, attempt to squash all of the news in an attempt to spin the truth from escaping. If the Chinese government wants to really be open and transparent, than EastSouthWestNorth asks, is the Chinese media prepared to publish these photos evidencing the story unreported elsewhere?

More here from EastSouthWestNorth

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Beijing Subway Cars For Use As Hostels

Sixty retired subway cars have been sent to Guangyuan City,
Sichuan Province so they may be used by residents as hostels
in the area so devastated by the May 12 earthquake.

More here from China View

Taiwan Scientist Facing Execution In China

Update: 29 Nov. China executed Wo Weihan of Taiwan on the very day that EU Officials met with Chinese Diplomats to appeal for clemency. The U.S. State Dept. likewise opposed the execution.

More here from FOX News

Wo Weihan, a Taiwan Medical Researcher was sentenced to execution by Chinese authorities after a closed door trial in Beijing on dubious allegations of espionage.

Wo ran a medical research company in Beijing and was arrested in 2005 accused of spying for Taiwan, allegedly Wo, copied papers from Chinese Military magazines and passed on "state secrets" to Taiwan authorities?

This information may be easily found at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Library according to Amnesty International which is calling for his pardon.

The U.S. State Department has said that the Trial fell short of international standards of due process.

Wo Weihan pictured escorting his daughter Ran Chen, at her Wedding in Austria in 2004 Chen speaking about her father, saw him in prison for the first time in 4 years today for what she feared was maybe her final visit. Subsequent to the visit, Chen was advised by the Austrian Embassy that she will be allowed to visit with her father a second time.

More here from Taiwan News Online

Racist Rosie Live? DOA

Rosie Live DOA

NBC attempts to revive the prime time variety show attracted a mere 5 million viewers.

Two years ago Racist Rosie demeaning Chinese newscast.

Anti-Christian Bigot Rosie O'Donnell

Rosie, don't let the door...

The One: Hope 'n' Change Message

Direct from the unknown office of the President Elect---The One,
Hope and Change" message to the American people.

Rest here from Hot Air

Thanksgiving Blessings

"Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits and humbly to implore His protection and favor; and Whereas both House of Congress have, by their joint committee requested me to recommend to the people of the United States a day of Public Thanksgiving and Prayer,
to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness."

Rest here from Leadership U

Notable Thanksgiving Blessings by Friends:

Michelle Malkin

Robert Spencer
---Jihad Watch

Atlas Shrugs

Hot Air

Power Line Blog


Iran Says It Has 5,000 Plus Centrifuges

Yahoo News

Iran has announced it has 5,000 centrifuges operating and enriching uranium, the latest defiance of U.N. demands to halt its controversial nuclear program.

Vice President Gholam Reza Aghazadeh, is seen looking at a model of Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, while visiting an exhibition of the fascist regime's nuclear achievements at Tehran University yesterday.

Aghazadeh says that Iran will continue its production of nuclear fuel which is suitable to make nuclear weapons.

Iran showed an image of a rocket that it claims they successfully launched into space and returned to earth 40 minutes later, generating concern by intelligence analysts about its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

Islamic Terrorist Thug Hamas Leader Mahmoud Zahar has said,
"we do not recognize the State of Israel..."

Iran has boasted numerous times of wiping Israel off the map.

On November 18 I wrote here that Israel Air Force Brigadier General Ido Nehushtan said, "we are ready to do whatever is demanded of us" in order to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

There is no time like the present.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Loony Lib's "War on Christmas"

The Loony Liberal Lefties really do have themselves all worked up
into a frenzy, News Hounds scold Bill O'Reilly "Talking Points"
Memo November 20

So let me get this straight. Only the Loony, wacko political Lefties
are entitled to 1st Amendment protection of free speech? Whenever a Conservative or some other person who doesn't agree with the forever more so very tolerant Lefties speak, we are nothing more than misguided, self
-righteous, dangerous and delusional ?


Update: Loony Lefties Hate Thanksgiving Too

USA Selling Out Democracy?

Chintien Hall, inside a cavern at the Taiwan Military Base in Kinmen County about 1.2 miles from Xiamen, China the area outside came under heavy shelling by Communist China during the Civil War in 1949 the Hall was constructed to allow military commanders to give instructions to soldiers safely.

Taiwan is a sovereign country of 23 million people and ally of the United States however Beijing claims that Taiwan is a "renegade province" and angrily has opposed U.S. commitment to Taiwan.

V.P. elect Joe Biden has promised us Obama will be tested within
the first 6 months of his presidency, not a very reassuring prospect considering that the Obama Administration may not even realize the "generated crisis" initially, said Biden.

Obama wants to cut military spending to support his grandiose socialism in this country as China rapidly expands its military superiority to 860 ships, 60 submarines and now wants to acquire
an aircraft carrier according to Major General Quan Lihua, in an
interview published by the Financial Times of London on Monday.

Will an Obama Administration destabilize U.S. Security and jeopardize the security of our allies throughout the world? By scaling back on the U.S. military presence globally, American lives may be at risk? Peter Brookes argues that, "The World still needs America's Military might" one may be sorry if it not available.

As the U.S. economy falls deeper into recession and Washington continues to nationalize private companies, there are signs that its alliances with Japan & Taiwan are weakening says The Japan Times PRC owns $900 Billion in U.S. debt. Will an Obama Administration be willing to antagonize its major stakeholder?

Last week I wrote here that China has stepped up its espionage on the United States and President elect Obama calls "China a great nation" while telling Taiwan to negotiate away its freedom and democracy to PRC one party rule.

Has the "test" that Biden promised already begun? Freedom & Democracy are under attack, will PRC be able to expand its global influence around the world without firing a shot by simply financing our debt ?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sichuan Earthquake Claiming More Victims

A young girl from Beichuan County, resting, God have mercy.
She has witnessed too much for anyone, let alone such a young child.

Beichuan County, Sichuan Province before the earthquake, friends from Sichuan have written to me and have said, "it is scenic, historical, very beautiful...known as the one do not want to leave
once you come..."

Beichuan County following the catastrophic earthquake.

Reports of more tagedy are coming out of the area as suicides are rising, the Sichuan earthquake is claiming more victims. On Oct. 10 China News reported that Dong Yufei, lost his 12 year old son and other relatives in the quake, left a suicide letter and hung himself.

On the evening of November 15 a couple were found dead in their
bed after they could no longer endure the emotional anguish of that dreadful day a little more than 6 months ago.

The University of Hong Kong held a symposium last week for local
and overseas experts to discuss how to restore hope for Sichuan Earthquake Survivors. We can only hope and pray that all those who need psychological counseling and intensive therapy will find it, before the earthquake claims its next victim.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sichuan Earthquake Survivors Continue To Face Hardships As Winter Approaches

Visitors walk past security gate in Beichuan County, Sichuan Province China which has now been closed, authorities have sealed off the
area which was so devastated by the May 12 earthquake which
claimed more than 80,000 lives and left many children orphans.

A student walks through the debris of the Beichuan Middle School,
I have written more here
last week and previously. God have mercy.

Six months after the catastrophic earthquake many people continue to suffer, with winter approaching Chinese authorities are desperately searching for 800,000 quilts and 700,000 winter suits for the survivors.

More here in Chinese from Epoch Times

Music Video here in memory of those who lost their lives in the
Sichuan Earthquake

Sichuan Quake Orphans Remain Alone, Where Have All The Compassionate People Gone?

Children whose parents perished following the devastating Sichuan Earthquake May 12 are not finding new homes. As of the Nov. 12,
only twelve of Sichuan's 263 quake orphans have been adopted

When the human tragedy was just unfolding many were expressing interest in providing these youngest survivors with new homes, unfortunately this no longer is the case, as time passes and this
story has been removed from the front page.

Sichuan quake orphans need a home, love in their tender lives, someone to dry their tears a gentle hug, hope and security for a
better tomorrow. Where have all the compassionate people gone?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Breaking News: 6.1 Magnitude Quake Strikes Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces On Saturday

Breaking News:

News is slow coming from China but according to a Chinese Blogger Quake is Continue "Thirty Six people have died, more than 506 people have been injured and more than 100,000 homes were destroyed or damaged in an earthquake that hit Sichuan and Yunnan Province yesterday."

"In China, deaths by flooding and mudslides happen almost every year. Earthquakes that kill in the thousands happen several times
each century but the Chinese have responded to those conditions
with remarkable resilience.." writes Brian T. Carroll in his Blog
Capers with Carroll

A student reads a book at the Gulucan School, Sichuan Province. Young girls walking to school along a dangerous path more than
60 families live in isolated areas perched high above a canyon,
with a 5,000 foot drop. Some children walk 3 hours to school.

In this season of Thanksgiving what may we do to help the survivors that are continuing to be traumatized ?

Millions have already been displaced from the May 12 quake and even more have been yesterday according to a Chinese Blogger.

Yesterday I wrote here
that Sichuan Earthquake survivors need more help and the Red Cross Society of China continues to accept donations of any amount to help the people whose lives have been devastated by the continuing tragdey which appears now has even worsened.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Taiwan Human Rights Rally In Support Of Former President Chen Shui-bian


Several thousand supporters of former Taiwan President Chen Shui
-bian protested his continued detention on Saturday.

The event began with a prayer led by Rev. Lo Rong-
kuang, of the Taiwan Presbyterian Church, Democratic Progressive Party Chair
Tsai Ing
-wen, joined the Human Rights Rally.

A young supporter of Chen cries during today's demonstration, another supporter holds up a banner that says, "Political Prosecution return my innocence the judiciary is dead the country mourns."

More here from Taipei Times

Update: Lament to the Death of Civil Rights The View from Taiwan

NY Times: Bush Should Resign Now

NY Times

"Thanksgiving is next week and President Bush could make it a
really special holiday by resigning...putting Barack Obama in
charge immediately isn't impossible..."

An objective media? Ho

H/T: Weasel Zippers

Friday, November 21, 2008

Sichuan Earthquake Survivors Need More Assistance As Winter Approaches

A young girl in Huaibei, Anhui Province, empties her piggy bank
into a charity box to help the survivors of the devastating Sichuan Earthquake on May 12

Charities in China are desperately seeking more assistance to help the survivors of the catastrophic 8.0 Sichuan Earthquake which claimed more than 80,000 lives and displaced thousands.

As one of the coldest winters loom in the not so distant future, more than 1 million families are without adequate shelter.

Wie Hong, executive vice governor of Sichuan Province said at a briefing in Beijing that less than 16% of the homes that are needed have been built so far, in places such as Beichuan, almost 6,500 families are still residing in tents.

Millions of others displaced by the quake are in desperate need of quilts and repairs to their homes if they are to survive the winter.

You too can help rebuild the lives of the survivors of the Sichuan Earthquake by making a donation to the Red Cross Society of China no amount is too small, any contribution becomes a tremendous contribution when multiplied by that number.

More here from China

Obama Designate: We Need To Regulate Internet Communications

On the 04 November it was Chuck Schumer, D-NY wanting to stifle free speech by re-instituting the Fairness Doctrine, I wrote here what other forms of free speech will liberals want to stifle next ?

We didn't need to wait long to find out---Obama's Atty General Designate Eric Holder revealed in a 1999 interview that one needs to "come up with reasonable restrictions, reasonable regulations in how people interact on the Internet."

"Restrictions of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous
of all subversions. Its the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us." Justice William O. Douglas

More here from News Busters

Sichuan 8.0 Catastrophic Earthquake Claimed More Than 19,000 Children

Chinese students returned to the site of the collapsed Beichuan Middle School in Sichuan Province and discovered a "Harry Potter" book that belonged to one of their classmates that perished during the catastrophic earthquake.

A young Mother holds a picture of her son who perished during the devastating May 12 Sichuan Earthquake.

Chinese authorities have acknowledged today for the first time that more than 19,000 students perished, when the 8.0 magnitude quake struck.

On the 03 June I wrote here that a Teacher at Beichuan Middle
School took photos of students 24 hours before that terrible day
which tragically claimed so many lives. Parents lost their children
and children lost their parents. Good Bye Mama Good Bye Papa
the world suffered a tremendous loss of so much promise and potential.

Music Video here in memory of the Victims of the Sichuan Earthquake.

China Without Conscience Get Lost Chen Yunlin

A student activist is seated in front of the hotel where Chen Yunlin had a meeting while in Taiwan two weeks ago. Wild Strawberries protested the PRC envoy meetings with President Ma Ying-jeou, to sell out Democracy & Independence of Taiwan.

Taiwan authorities have admitted that Police beat up a member of the DPP a video recording showed a bare headed Police thug beating up Chou Wei
-yu, who suffered serious injuries during public demonstrations.

Yesterday Freedom House urged Taiwan authorities to create an independent commission to thoroughly investigate clashes
between democracy activists and Police during the visit of
China envoy Chen Yunlin from 03 to 07 November.

Hijacking Taiwan's Democracy

Chinese President Hu Jintao met with Lien Chen today in Lima, Peru, the highest level meeting to take place overseas between China and Taiwan since 1949

Lien Chen representing Taiwan at the Asia
-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, the meeting underscores President Ma Ying-jeou continuing warmth with PRC

During the APEC summit, China insisted that Taiwan not be referred to as a country which Ma Ying
-jeou was more than happy to oblige.

More here from AFP---China, Taiwan hold high
-level meeting.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Congressional Panel Warns Of China Spying

A Congressional Advisory Panel said today, that China has stepped
up its espionage attacks on the U.S. Government, Defense Contractors and Businesses.

No, you don't say ?

President elect Barack Hussein Obama has called China a great nation
while telling American ally Taiwan to negotiate away its freedom and democracy to PRC.

What are you going to do Barry, fly to Beijing and attempt to
convince President Hu Jintao, that he is not being nice and
spying is bad with hopes that he may realize the errors in
his ways ?

Al Gore: Global Warming Caused Destruction Of Mayan Civilization

Goofy Environmentalist Professor, Al Gore says, "A new study suggests the Mayan civilization might have collapsed due to environmental disasters."

Riight Al ?

In March I wrote here that the former VP launched his $300 Million Dollar climate campaign, while real scientist's say that Global Warming is a Myth. In June I wrote here more global warming myths by Junk

Last year, News Busters reported that NASA debunked part of Global Warming myth, will MSM ever report it ?

Global Warming is a myth created by Liberal politicians to make Americans feel guilty so Liberals can find yet another reason to
reach into the pockets of the taxpayers for even more money.

So sad

Taiwan Presbyterian Church: "Ma Ying-jeou Selling Out Democracy"

Student's demonstrating banner says, "Revise the Parade and Assembly Law. President Ma Ying-jeou and Premier Liu Chao-shiuan must publicly apologize to all citizens."

Defending Civil Liberties, Democracy & Human Rights is not always easy especially when Police ruthlessly disperse protesters who shout slogans against President Ma, writes Lin Chien
-Cheng "A Lesson in Rights for the Stupid President." Taipei Times, 20 November, 2008

The Presbyterian Church today held a press conference slamming President Ma Ying
-jeou for selling out Taiwan's Democratic values
by executing sealed Agreements with PRC without the consent of
the people.

Three Tiawanese
-American organizations have witten a letter to President Ma, expressing their concerns over the detention of former President Chen and the systematic infringement of freedom of speech coupled with the human rights abuses by authorities, which have instilled fear in the lives of our friends in Taiwan.

More here from Taiwan Wild Strawberries, making their voices heard in defense of Freedom, Independence, Human Rights and the preservation of Democracy for Taiwan.

Update: Free Speech in Taiwan Student's sharing with the world
events in Taiwan.

Taiwan, China Different Countries

Kay Leventhal was born in Taiwan but was forced to rewrite her own history when applying for a Visa at the Chinese Consulate in
San Francisco.

"...In early October I went to the Chinese Embassy in San Francisco
to get Visa's for my 8 year old daughter Lea and I to travel to China...
it was Lea's first trip to China and her first visit with her Chinese Grandma in over three years. We were going to stay for 11 days in Shanghai...the Clerk placed the Visa application in front of me and pointed to the 'Place of Birth' section with her pen. I had written Taipei, Taiwan...She looked at me and said in an official voice, Taiwan is not a country, what you wrote here is wrong..."

Erasing Taiwan, My Birth Country here from New America Media

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Saudi Arabia Oil Tanker Seized By Their Islamic Brethren, Where Is The Honor Amongst Islamic Terrorist Thugs?

Saudi Arabia calls pirates that hijacked it's oil tanker Terrorists after losing $100 Million Dollars worth of oil but wait...

What does Saudi Arabia call all the Islamic Terrorist Thugs that they have financially enriched over the years ?

All that money down the drain helping out their Islamic Brethren---little good that did the Saudi House of King Fahd. Honor amongst Islamic Terrorist Thugs ?

Al Qaida Tells Somali Militants To Fight---Al Qaida's Number 2 also implores Muslims worldwide to support Somali's Islamists with fighters, money and expertise.

Governor Sarah Palin For President

Governor Sarah Palin with her blessed addition Trig.

"Children are a heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb
is His reward." Psalms 127:3

God Bless You Governor Palin---I would definitely be proud
to call you my President.

First Draft Palin for President website appears.

Taiwan "Wild Strawberries" Call On Lawmakers To Preserve Civil Liberties

Supporters demonstrate outside the hospital as former Taiwan President Chen is transferred to a waiting ambulance to return to the Tucheng Detention Center.

Members of the Taiwan Association for Human Rights, including Taiwan Wild Strawberries student movement assembled outside the Legislative Yuan on Tuesday, calling on lawmakers to pass amendments to the Assembly and Parade Law rescinding the requirement for event organizers to seek approval from authorities before holding public demonstrations.

On November 22, supporters of former Taiwan President Chen, will take to the streets in Taipei, protesting the District Court decision to detain Chen Shui
-bian, on dubious corruption allegations.

More here from Taiwan News

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Israel Air Force: We're Ready For Iran

Iranian Fascist President Ahmadinejad, feeble in mind and body being helped by his bodyguards into the back of a truck to commemorate the death of Shiite Jaafar Sadeq.

Israel Air Force Brigadier General Ido Nehushtan said today, "we are ready to do whatever is demanded of us" in order to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

I surely hope so for Israel or Taiwan should never expect any support from an Obama/Biden Administration, both are dangerous for the future peace and security of our allies.