Friday, November 21, 2008

Sichuan 8.0 Catastrophic Earthquake Claimed More Than 19,000 Children

Chinese students returned to the site of the collapsed Beichuan Middle School in Sichuan Province and discovered a "Harry Potter" book that belonged to one of their classmates that perished during the catastrophic earthquake.

A young Mother holds a picture of her son who perished during the devastating May 12 Sichuan Earthquake.

Chinese authorities have acknowledged today for the first time that more than 19,000 students perished, when the 8.0 magnitude quake struck.

On the 03 June I wrote here that a Teacher at Beichuan Middle
School took photos of students 24 hours before that terrible day
which tragically claimed so many lives. Parents lost their children
and children lost their parents. Good Bye Mama Good Bye Papa
the world suffered a tremendous loss of so much promise and potential.

Music Video here in memory of the Victims of the Sichuan Earthquake.