Sunday, August 31, 2008

Taiwan's Security Is Vital To The USA

On August 30 thousands rallied against Taiwan President
Ma Ying-Jeou
, according to the event organizer Taiwan Society, approximately 300,000 people were in attendance. While China News media reported only about 40,000 in attendance.

People in Taiwan are unhappy with the President, dissatisfied with the direction of the nation, Ma's economic policies and compromises on the sovereignty of Taiwan.

More here from The View from Taiwan and here In Cladia Jean's Eyes, including additional photos.

Michael Turton from The View of Taiwan expresses his concerns regarding Democrat V.P. Candidate, Senator Joe Biden's support of our ally Taiwan.

Turton argues that many Taiwanese-Americans believe that Senator Biden is too pro-China, due in part to his association of Wu Sian-Piau, who has been active in Delaware politics for neatly 20 years.

Additionally and more importantly, Senator Biden has asked, "If China were to attack Taiwan, would anyone be willing to put his or her Son or Daughter in harms way to defend Taiwan?"

Taiwan is an important ally of the United States, defending freedom and democracy of Taiwan is paramount "...prudence will require Taiwanese-Americans to support McCain...Taiwan is indispensable to the maintenance of the U.S. & Japan military alliance and to the peace and stability of East Asia."

More here from The View of Taiwan

Former DNC Chairman Don Fowler Amused Hurricane Gustav To Slam New Orleans

Former DNC Chairman Don Fower laughs about the suffering the people of New Orleans are expecting while talking with
Congressman John Spratt, D-SC on a flight to Charlotte, NC
from Denver, CO subsequent to the DNC Convention.

Dumb-O-Crats feel your pain and care so much about peoples lives?

Right ?

Taiwan Native Peter Su Campaign Coordinator, Asian & Pacific Americans For John McCain

Taiwan Native Peter Su joined the McCain for President Campaign earlier this month as the Campaign Coordinator for Asian & Pacific Americans For John McCain Coalition.

Su moved to the United States when he was in the 1st grade and after High School, Su graduated from Purdue University. Su says, "both the Asian-American community and the Republican Party values family and education."

More here from Independent Press Association New York

Xiao Luo Hao

Xiao Luo Hao Children Song in Chinese

Sichuan 6.1 Magnitude Earthquake Saturday

Ruins after 6.1 magnitude earthquake that struck Sichuan Province on Saturday at 4:30 pm Beijing Time, now has claimed 28 lives with 362 injured. Staff from a local hospital, clear the debris in Lixi Township, Huili County, Sichuan Province.

A young woman tries to clear debris from her seriously damaged home. Zhou Yuanfu, a Physician from a local hospital, attempts to salvage what he can from his kitchen, while other staff members attempt to salvage what they can from their homes. Xinhua Photos

More here from China Daily

Sichuan Orphans Finding New Homes

Lin Dicheng--left, laughs with his friend in a Tent in Guantan Village, in Anxian County, Sichuan Province. Three year old Lin's parents perished in the catastrophic Sichuan Earthquake May 12 while working. More than 1,000 children became Orphans after the quake devastated many areas of the Province.

Many of the Children have been taken home by relatives. Children are beginning to regain confidence with the help of family and friends. Xinhua Photo

China starts adoption process for 88 Earthquake Orphans and
more here

Sara Palin---Change We Can Believe In

Sara Palin the inspired choice...she is a total Mom of's bold, it's brash...Change indeed."

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Houhai---A Must Go Walking Tour In Beijing

Houhai is the Center of the traditional Hutong area of Central Beijing, about 5 Km from Tian'anmen Square, around the south and along the west side of Houhai are a variety of tea houses, cafes, bars and boutiques that combine modern and traditional elements in their unique designs. Xinhua Photos

Beijing is accessible to persons with disabilities offering barrier free shopping and touring as the city is looking forward in receiving guests for the Paralympic Games which begin September 6

More here from

Sichuan Earthquake Survivors Coping With Tragedy As New Earthquakes Strikes Region

Students from the quake hit Pingwu County, Sichuan Province visit the "Clever Spring" at Donglin Temple of Lushan Mountain in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province. 45 students studying at Chenguang Middle School of Jiuiang took part in an extended summer camps from August 25-29 Xinhua Photos

Girls playing in a classroom during a break at a school for Migrant Workers, one out of every six children are left behind in villages by parents who are forced to move elsewhere to find work.

Twenty five people perished when a 6.1 quake struck Southwest China today, as of 9:00 pm Beijing time, 17 people were reported dead in Sichuan Province and another 100 were injured.

Still recovering from the catastrophic May 12 Sichuan Earthquake, 12 year old Chen Feng, underwent her second skin transplant on her face. Premier Wen Jiabao, has given the child a morale boost in response to her letter to him.

Chen wrote to Premier Wen just prior to her second operation, telling him, "...the big earthquake destroyed my home. My family that loved me so much are gone forever. Now I am a lonely bird in the mountain...Grandpa Wen, I'm going to receive another surgery soon and I'm still scared, I know you are busy but could you take some time to write me back...."

Doctors say her second surgery went well but she may need a third operation depending on how well she recovers during the next 6 months.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

O'Hail the Messiah Lord Obama

O'Hail the Messiah Lord Obama

The Woman Who May Become V.P.

Senator John McCain has chosen Alaska Governor Sara Palin as his running mate, she becomes the first Woman chosen to run as
Vice President for the GOP

Watch Gov. Palin's acceptance speech here courtesy of Drudge Report

Zhang Hui Mei: Ni Shi Ai Wo De

Ni Shi Ai Wo De---You Do Love Me

A-Mei Blog

Thursday, August 28, 2008

LPGA To Require Subjective English Oral Assessment Test For International Golfers

Ya-Ni Tseng from Taipei, Taiwan is enjoying a great Rookie year
in the LPGA winning the McDonalds LPGA Championship making
her the second youngest player to win a major in LPGA history.

In 2009 the LPGA will require that all players must speak English, some Members will face suspension if they are unable to pass a subjective English Oral Assessment test.

The rule is being implemented some have suggested because of the increasing number of Asian athletes.

More here from Asian Nation

Anti-Asian Church To Defy Court Order

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church plan to stage an illegal protest at the funeral of Congressional Representative Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, D-OH Saturday, despite a decision from the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, which upheld Ohio's Funeral Protest Law.

Shirley Phelps-Roper, a member of the Topeka, Kansas church, challenged the Ohio law claiming it was unconstitutionally overbroad in violation of the 1st Amendment. The District Court rejected the Plaintiff's argument and on Aug 22, the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the ruling.

On the 14 May I wrote here "there are NO adequate words to describe my indignation over the Press Release" which this anti-Asian Bigoted Church published, thanking God for the catastrophic Sichuan Earthquake resulting in the tragic deaths of 69,226 as of last week.

As in May, there are no adequate words that can possibley describe my disdain of these simple minded racists.

Taiwan Hosting 21st Summer Deaflympics

Deaflympics was originally known as the World Games for the Deaf and the first Deaflympics in 1924 was in Paris, France there were
145 athletes from 9 European countries taking part.

Following Taiwan's participation in Rome during the 19th Deaflympics, all key members and staff of Chinese Taipei Sports Association had a strong desire to show their competence of hosting a major event by hosting the 21st Summer Deaflympics in 2009

Visit the Official Home Page of the 21st Summer Deaflympics Taipei

The 2008 Invitational Games for the Deaf will begin September 5
in Taipei

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sichuan Earthquake Student's Return To Classrooms At Yingxiu Primary School

The Chinese National Flag is being hoisted at Yingxiu Primary School, Sichuan Province on Tuesday as the new Semester began for students, 132 students began their studies. The devastating Sichuan Earthquake on May 12 resulted in the deaths of 222 students, 3 remain missing,
20 of the 47 Teachers also perished in the disaster.

Student's silently mourn the deaths of their fellow students and teachers. A student with an artificial right hand is pictured with a bunch of flowers. A student stands during the raising of the flag holding a bunch of flowers, her right leg was seriously injured
during the Sichuan Earthquake. Xinhua Photos

All student's in areas badly damaged during the catastrophic earthquake will be able to resume classes on September 01
the Central Government has allocated $335 Million USD for reconstruction and to renovate school buildings.

More here from

Beijing Paralympics Lighting Ceremony

A child passes the Torch to Flame Ambassador Jiang Xintian during the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Lighting Ceremony at the Temple of Heaven, a large audience gathered to attend the ceremony, a performer beats a drum at the ceremony. Xinhua Photos

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao lit the Beijing Paralympic Flame, kicking off the Torch Relay across China before the 13th Paralympics Open September 6

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beijing Huan Ying Ni

Welcome to Beijing
Chinese Version

The Temple of Heaven pictured, Beijing has long been a political, cultural and diplomatic center of China and is home to more than 11 million people from all walks of life.

Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games begins September 6

Barack Hussein Obama Sued In USDC

Senator Barack Hussein Obama has been sued in USDC, Pennsylvania alleging that he is constitutionally ineligible to become President.

Last month I wrote here that the Birth Certificate offered as proof of Barry Obama's birth was not a true and accurate representation of a live birth certificate using 1960's technology.

Barry Obama has it within his power to immediately put this controversy to rest by simply producing a genuine birth certificate evidencing his birth in Hawaii if one actually exists?

More here
from Free Republic

Monday, August 25, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama & Racist Joe Biden

Barack Hussein Obama's Judgment to Lead---why has he chosen
Anti-Asian Joe Biden as his running mate?

Watch video of Senator Joe Biden on C-Span making insensitive Indian comments saying, "You can not go into a Dunkin Donuts
or a 7 Eleven unless you have a slight Indian accent."

Less than one Senate term Obama along with Plagiarist and
Racist Biden---what a duo for America. Oh My!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Beijing 2008 Closing Ceremony

The Summer Olympic Games promoted the spirit of friendship and peace President Hu Jintao said at the closing of Beijing 2008

Fireworks erupt near the Birds Nest and Musician performing during the closing ceremonies. Xinhua Photos

Watch the closing ceremony of Beijing 2008 courtesy of CCTV

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Zhang Hui Mei: Ting Hai

Ting Hei---Listen to the Sea

A Mei Blog EMI Music Taiwan

Beijing 2008 Olympic Blogging

For the first time ever Athletes were permitted to Blog during
Beijing 2008 using the Internet to stay in touch with family & friends.

U.S. Mens Basketball Team visits Great Wall China's most famous attraction.

The Closing Ceremony of Beijing 2008 will be on Sunday, the
Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games begin September 6