Thursday, August 30, 2007

Anti-Defamation League Response To CAIR

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in response to an Open Letter by CAIR, suggesting that it's organization has "...acted numerous condemn terrorism..." today released a photograph of CAIR's Executive Director Nihad Awad, speaking at a podium next to a known anti-Semite and the flag of the terrorist group Hezbollah.

The photograph released by ADL, CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad, is shown delivering a speech under a Hezbollah flag during a rally on April 20, 2002 in Washington, DC to Awad's right stands Imam Abdul Alim Musa, the anti-Semitic head of "Masjid Al Islam" mosque.

Glen S. Lewy
, ADL, Natl. Chair and Abraham Foxman, ADL, Natl. Director issued the following statement:

"The Council on American-Islamic Relations, has once again squandered an opportunity to unequivocally condemn terrorists--such as Hezbollah and Hamas--by name and to address its past affiliation with the Islamic Association for Palestine, whose ideology is rooted in virulent anti-Semitism.

The August 29, 2007, "Open Letter from CAIR to ADL" is yet another weary tactic by CAIR's leadership to divert attention from its troubling roots and disingenuous record. CAIR Chairman Parvez Ahmed and Executive Director Nihad Awad, continue to willfully ignore legitimate questions. Attacking ADL, will not make the real issues go away.

An organization that purportedly seeks to enter into dialogue with ADL, should firmly denounce the anti-Semitic rhetoric and support for terror organizations that regularly occur at rallies, instead of sponsoring them and joining them.

ADL's 94 year history supporting the Civil Rights of all in this country, including Muslims and our record of teaching respect for all religions through interfaith and diversity education programs is unparalleled. Unfortunately, CAIR has shown it is not a legitimate partner in this vital work."

Press Release--ADL, New York, NY. August 30, 2007

Islamic Propaganda War Against The USA

Islamic Terrorists have poisoned the Muslim public view against the United States through the use of the Internet. The battle of public opinion is just as vital to Terrorists as the War on the ground.

Terrorists can act quickly through the use of the Internet by using e-mail, Blogs and Instant Messaging to shape public opinion and rally their faithful.

Radio Islam, a slick web site of Muslim fanaticism and created with the support of Ahmed Rami, a Holocaust Denier and neo-Nazi convert. Rami's, hate filled anti-Semitic site wages a war of words of disinformation and Islamic venom.

Throughout its site, Radio Islam teaches hatred and bigotry against both Israel and the United States depicting photos of apes with human faces on a page titled Jewish Power USA with articles entitled "How Israeli Terrorism and American Treason Caused the September 11 Attacks" to "USA Rulers--They are all Jews!"

Terrorists utilize the Internet recruiting converts and advocate a perverse vision based on violence and destruction. Terrorists blame their grievances, perceived recent injustices and some in the past on both the United States and Israel, using rhetoric, lies and conspiracy theories to foster prejudices and self-serving propaganda.

Islamic teachers in Mosques teach idealism and train Muslims to criticize others for their own failings for Islam is seen as the perfect religion. Few Muslims realize this double-standard and hypocrisy, refusing to evaluate themselves and take responsibility for their faults.

The main stream media in the USA are fooled by Islamic propagandists as Jihadi manuals teach terrorists how to manipulate the press. One year ago, Western media blamed the Israel Defense Force for killing a child while going after Islamic Terrorists. Several days later it was revealed that the child actually died from a fall from a swing. (Israel Closes Gaza-Egypt Boarder Again--Jerusalem Post, 8-10-2006) This new information received little notice from the main stream media.

The War on Terror has many fronts and the propaganda war is but one of them.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Islamic Terrorist Apologist CAIR Letter to ADL

This afternoon Hamas apologist Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) wrote an open letter to the Anti Defamation League (ADL) claiming that ADL has been, "...smearing the good name of an organization with a proud history of standing for justice and mutual understanding..."

CAIR the unindicted co-conspirator named in a terrorist financing trial now underway (see, United States of America v. Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, et. al. Case No. CR-3:04 CR-240-G , USDC, Dallas, TX) has anything but a good name.

Andrew Whitehead & Lee Kaplin wrote in Front Page Magazine, May 11, 2005 about the conviction of Ghassan Elashi, (Founder of CAIR's Texas Chapter) for laundering money from 1995-2001.

Elashi this month was admonished by Judge Fish, for his outburst in his Texas federal court room for saying, "...this Trial is an extension of a Zionist Conspiracy." ( USA v. Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, Id. I wrote an article at Townhall on 21 Aug. 2007 about Elashi outburst)

Earlier this month, CAIR Attorney Joseph Sandler, sent off a letter to Ron Robinson, Pres. of Young America's Foundation, (YAF) when CAIR learned that Robert Spencer would be addressing YAF Student Conference in Washington, DC attempting to intimidate and stop Mr. Spencer from addressing the conference. (I wrote about CAIR's attempt to stop Mr. Spencer's address at the YAF Conference. My article appears here on Aug. 02, 2007)

In an article that I just wrote here on Monday, Aug. 27, 2007 CAIR It's Love For 9/11 Conspiracy Theories CAIR's Vice Chairman, Ahmad Al-Akhras (who lives in Columbus, Ohio and is a Commissioner of the Columbus Community Relations Commission) participated in a 9/11 Conspiracy conference promoting the theory that the events of 9/11 were an inside job.

In CAIR's Open Letter to ADL, they write, "...CAIR is proud of it's work and associations with many in the Jewish community...After speaking at a CAIR dinner Rabbi Arthur Waskow (described by the Jewish Forward as one of the fifty most influential Jews today) wrote: "Far from showing irreparable conflict between the Jewish community and CAIR, in fact the dinner showed that a seriously-peace committed part of the Jewish community can work with seriously-peace committed part of the Muslim community despite the existence of some violence-supportive people in both communities..."

Rabbi Waskow is part of the Jewish Renewal Movement (not exactly mainstream Judaism and certainly not one of the 50 most influential Rabbi's) which emphasizes individual spiritual experience and subjective opinion over traditional norms. Rabbi Waskow teaches a New Age philosphy of mystical and meditative practices and is involved in liberal social activism. Rabbi Waskow has been a supporter of Cindy Sheehan and Gay Rights. Rabbi Waskow was a contributing Editor to the leftist Ramparts Magazine and has been arrested numerous times at public demonstrations.

In CAIR's letter they criticize Israel for last years Lebanon War between Israel and Islamic fascist terrorist thugs that kidnapped Israel Defense Soldier (IDF) Gilad Shalit, CAIR remains silent about the continued holding of Shalit by Hamas.

The Apologist for CAIR "Reverend" Jim Sutter has written today at his Hatewatch Hall of Shame Site, that critics of Islam are racists.

(I wrote an Open Letter to Sutter at Townhall on Monday, 27 Aug. 2007---Sutter claims that Townhall is a Hate Site in his article published at Hatewatch Hall of Shame, 10 Aug. 2007)

CAIR has a long and undistinguished history of aiding and abetting terrorists, the apologist for Islamic fascist terrorist thugs does not condemn the kidnapping's of innocent IDF Soldiers, the continued rocket attacks launched against Israel or the suicide bombings that have killed or seriously injured innocent people.

Omar Ahmad, Co-Founder of CAIR has said, "Those who stay in America should be open to society without melting, keeping Mosques open so anyone can come and learn about Islam. If you choose to live here you have a responsibility to deliver a message of Islam...Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths but to become dominant. The Quran, the Muslim book of scripture should be the highest authority in America and Islam the only accepted religion on earth." (Should Muslim Quran be USA's Top Authority---World Net Daily, May 01, 2003)

CAIR the apologist and financing front organization for Islamic Terrorist Thugs is likewise intolerant of all other religions. CAIR has no proud history at all and no amount of Islamic propaganda changes these facts.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

President Bush on Iran: "We will confront this danger..."

President Bush addressing the 89th Annual Convention of the American Legion tonight in Reno, NV. gave a warning to the Islamic fascists of Iran that "...the United States is rallying friends and allies around the world to isolate the regime...We will confront this danger before it's to late...if these forces of radicalism and extremism are allowed to drive us out of the Middle East, the region would be dramatically transformed in a way that could imperil the civilized world...for the sake of our own security, we'll pursue our enemies, we'll preserve and we'll prevail...In the short term, we're using all elements of American power to protect the American people by taking the fight to the enemy."

"Our troops are carrying out operations day by day to bring the terrorists to justice. We're keeping the pressure on them. We're forcing them to move. Our law enforcement and Intelligence professionals are working to cut off terrorist financing and to disrupt their networks. Our diplomats are rallying our friends and allies throughout the region to share intelligence and to tighten security...Everyday we work to protect the American people. Our strategy is this: We will fight them over there so that we do not have to face them in the United States of America."

Iranian President Ahmadinejad has said that Iran isn't developing nuclear weapons and dismissed that the United States would attack Iran.

Ahmadinejad however has repeatedly threatened Israel calling it "...a rotten dried tree..." that could be knocked over by "...a single it or not, the Zionist regime is headed towards annihilation." The Independent, London 4-15-2006

Iran is a serious threat to the peace and security of our best friend in the middle east Israel and to our own security. We are fortunate to have a President that has demonstrated leadership and the resolve to prosecute a war, protecting our liberty, freedom and defeating Tyrants that threaten our democracy and that of our friends. Since 9/11 we have not had another terrorist attack in our country thanks to George Bush and our brave Hero's serving in our armed forces.

Kooky Liberal Anti-Semitic Blogger at DNC Site

In an August 23 posting at the Democratic Natl. Committe (DNC) site a Blogger named Tom Heneghan, describing himself as an International Intelligence Expert posted an article that alleged links between Al-Qaeda and Mossad, suggesting that Israel was involved in the 9/11 attacks.

Heneghan from California said, "The code word Middle East has been issued by the FBI to warn U.S. law enforcement authorities of the Israeli-Al-Qaeda threat....and it gets worse. The current head of Israeli INTERPOL, is now under FBI inquiry for conspiring with the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem in allowing Israelis with criminal records to enter the United States..."

Heneghan also has a My Space site in which he writes that "Bush considers Mossad traitor Chertoff, for Attorney General." In Hot Breaking News Heneghan writes, "Hillary and her Mossad/FSB assassination teams on American Soil."

Every time I think to myself that Liberals can not get any more kooky, another one comes along, the DNC is a good place for them to congregate.

CAIR & NIAC The Apologist of Terrorism

What does the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) have in common? Both have close ties to the Islamic Terrorist Group Hamas. NIAC is the apologist for Iran in America.

The Iranian government utilizes the lobbying efforts of NIAC to promote its propaganda. Under the direction of David Fenton, CEO of Fenton Communications, which has represented Cindy Sheehan, and CAIR, Fenton is now also representing NIAC.

Both CAIR & NIAC have launched intimidation efforts to silence their critics.

CAIR's latest attempt to silence Robert Spencer, from addressing the Young America's Foundation (YAF) had received a great deal of attention.

CAIR had demanded that YAF deny Robert Spencer, the right to address its Student Conference in Washington, DC on the 02 August; On the 04 September at 9:30 pm Robert Spencer will be a guest on the Pastor Ernie Sanders Radio Program, WHKW 1220 AM Cleveland, Ohio--Exposing CAIR and its local apologist "Reverend" Jim Sutter. I have written an Open Letter to Sutter at Townhall on Monday, 27 August, 2007 after Sutter lied about me and attempted to intimidate me with his frivolous allegations. Sutter publishes several Blogs and has lied about his critics that have exposed him. Sutter has called Townhall a Hate Site.

In April, Hassan Daioleslam, published a detailed investigatory piece that exposed the origins of NIAC and its ties back to the Senior Leaders of Iran. (July 11, 2007--NIAC states on its web site they,"...have taken legal action against proponents of US-Iran war who have waged a defamation campaign against NIAC.") Attempting to silence their critics, NIAC files a law suit.

Iran's plan is to establish an Iranian-American lobby, to create a balance between competing Middle Eastern lobbies. One of the key goals of NIAC, is to convince Washington Lawmakers, that Sanctions on Iran are counter-productive. NIAC have worked hard on their goal lobbying Members of Congress, said Daioleslam.

NIAC forced producers to make significant changes in the movie Crossing Over according to the London Guardian (reported at Lynn Davidsons Blog--News Busters 8-9-2007) "...the movie plot featured an Iranian family and all scenes relating to an Honor Killing and phrase Family Honor were removed...rather than address the honor killings and violence against women (in Iran), the NIAC was (more) worried about PR...Hollywood screams about artistic integrity until the right group complains, then they bend over backwards to appease..."

President Bush has now announced that the U.S. Military in Iraq is authorized to confront Iranian Forces that are murdering Americans. NIAC (on its web site) is urging people to protest the Bush Administration's decision and NIAC says, "...U.S. Forces raided a Hotel in Baghdad and detained ten Iranians...this move comes amidst a campaign by the White House to escalate the rhetorical war between Washington and Tehran, in which the President has taken concerted new steps towards war..." (NIAC claims that some of the Iranian's arrested by the the U.S. Military were part of a negotiating team. What were the other's there for, to observe?)

NIAC claims that they are a non-partisan, non-profit educational group, dedicated to promoting Iranian-American participation in civic life.

NIAC like CAIR, utilizes intimidation to silence their critics and are engaging in propaganda and disinformation to undermine our national security and the safety of U.S. Forces abroad.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Columbus, Ohio Police Officer Making Anti-Semitic Remarks on YouTube Prompts Investigation

The Columbus, Ohio Division of Police have launched an Internal Investigation after a YouTube Video surfaced today showing a 15 year veteran Police Officer Susan Purtee, seated to the left, making anti-Semitic statements.

Purtee states during the racist video, "We're going to investigate to see if the Jews are the problem in the United States..."

At one point in the video the Women discuss Adolf Hitler, one woman says, "...when Hitler tried to get rid of them, no other country wanted them..."

During another segment Purtee's co-host holds up a sign that says, "Jews are the Problem."

Columbus Rabbi Howard Apothaker says, "...I find the Internet videos especially disturbing...a Police Officer shouldn't demonstrate the views that appear in the video...she needs to show actively and not passively, that she doesn't hold some of those same views, within the performance of her duties.

The President of the Columbus Fraternal Order of Police President Jim Gilbert said that, "...Purtee is entitled to her opinion."

Should Purtee ever become a Witness at Trial, any video may become ammunition to attack her credibility as a Witness.

Columbus Attorney Sam Shamansky said, "...every time that you can establish that a Police Officer has a built in bias or prejudice, it gives you a leg up that you would never dream of having in a million years."

Story Courtesy of WBNS-TV, Columbus, Ohio

CAIR It's Love For 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is now promoting the theory that the events of 9/11 were an inside job.

Patrick Poole, recently reported in Front Page Magazine "Ohio State Prof's Go Truther" that two
Ohio State University Professors joined a panel titled, "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid by Jimmy Carter." The panel sponsored by CAIR in Ohio and Columbus 9/11 Truth. CAIR participants were Abukar Arman and Ahmad Al-Akhras, Vice Chair of CAIR and Commissioner of the Columbus Community Relations Commission.

Conspiracy Theorists believe that they possess a special knowledge and that a secret plot was hatched to mislead the public in pursuit of some hidden agenda.

Of course to believe in any 9/11 Conspiracy one would have to then believe that all the government officials can actually keep a secret--politicians can not keep a secret about anything.

One year after Niel Armstrong stepped foot on the moon, a poll was conducted by Knight Newspapers that discovered that more than 30% of the Respondents believed that the NASA trip to the moon was a hoax. According to Gallup, only 6% of the population now have doubts that American's walked on the moon. Charles Johnson, President of the Intl. Flat Earth Research Society, challenged the idea that NASA actually landed Men on the Moon, claiming the landings were faked in a Hollywood Studio.

CAIR supporting the conspiracy theory should be of surprise to no one. Supported by the Saudi Government where 19 radical Islamic Terrorist Thugs came from that hijacked commercial airplanes to fly into buildings, resulting in the cold blooded murders of over 3,000 innocent people.

Mass murders committed by Islamic Terrorist Thugs, the intolerant CAIR doesn't like the facts. Today the New York Chapter of CAIR called on the group opposed to the Madrassa School (Khalil Gibran Intl. Academy) set to open September 4, " purge its ranks of racists and extremists."

Anyone that doesn't agree with CAIR's Radical Islamic views is labeled a racist and extremists. CAIR wants people to forget...

Just last week Ghassan Elashi, Founder of the Texas Chapter of CAIR, an Hamas Terrorist Front Organization and unidicted co-conspirator being prosecuted under the caption of, USA v. Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Develpment, et. al. Case No. CR-3:04 CR-240-G USDC, Dallas, TX. was admonished by Judge Joe Fish for his outburst in Court saying, "...this trial is an extension of a Zionist conspiracy."

CAIR and it's conspiracy theories, anything they don't like is some conspiracy.

Last week CAIR came out against the FBI releasing photographs of two Men observed acting suspiciously around 6 different Seattle ferry routes--CAIR complained that they were upset that the FBI didn't consult with them before releasing the photos. According to the Seattle Times, CAIR, Washington resented the release of the photos and Rita Zawaideh, head of the local Arab-American Community Coalition is demanding an apology from the Dept. of Justice.

Following the 9/11 attacks, President Bush addressed the world on the 20th September saying, "...Every nation in every region now has a decision to make, either you are with us or you are with the Terrorists..."

CAIR which supports Islamic Terrorist Thugs, Conspiracy theories and are financially supporting Hezbollah and Hamas have demonstrated by its actions which side they are on.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Florida Televangelist Loses Christian Program

Live Prayer with Bill Keller has been given the ax after Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) wrote a letter earlier this month complaining about the Christian ministry,

CAIR which claims to be an advocate for justice and mutual understanding and defender of civil liberties, was successful at getting television executives to pull the plug on the late night program.

Bill Keller ministering Christianity, spoke harshly about Islam during a May 02 broadcast calling Islam, "...1.400 year old lie from the pits of hell..."

Ramzy Kilic, Civil Rights Coordinator for CAIR, said in an interview with the Associated Press, "...his last broadcast will be on August 31...they (CBS) really based their decision upon our letter."

Bill Keller told AP, "...CAIR intimidated the folks in New York and the folks in New York caved..." Keller said that he will be returning to television on September 3 on a new morning Tampa show.

Ahmed Bedier, Executive Director of the religious intolerant CAIR has said, "...the Council is weighing its options on what to do regarding Keller's supposed new employment..."

Israel To Buy Advanced Anti-Aircraft Missile

The Israeli Air Force, will be purchasing the new Patriot Advanced Capability (PAC-3) Missile from Lockheed Martin.

The PAC-3 is a small but highly agile, kinetic kill interceptor for defense against tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and air-breathing threats. The PAC-3 seeks and destroys its target by direct body to body impact.

Currently Israel is utilizing the older model equipped with 4 Interceptors, PAC-3 is equipped with 16 missiles.

The decision to acquire the new missile is based upon the fact that Syria and Iran have now executed an agreement forming a joint military alliance and that Syria has acquired longer range missiles that may strike throughout Israel.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Re-Create 68 Update on DNC Protest

Re-Create 68 the Democratic National Committee protest group has been meeting in Denver, CO and has set up a web site for all the Loony Liberal Activists to "join us in the streets of Denver as we resist a two-party system that allows imperialism and racism to continue unrestrained."

The group which claims it's predominantly youthful insists it's not a throwback from the 60's. Re-Create 68 claims it is a clearinghouse to disseminate information for resistance.

Locally known as All Nations Alliance, says it's been active in the anti-war movement, anti-racism, anti-imperialism rallies, including the G-8 protest in Denver.

According to the Re-Create 68 web site, "...We intend to recreate that revolutionary feeling and pick-up where our predecessors left off." Other information for the protesters includes Street Tactics which answers questions about such topics as: Civil Disobedience; Shields, Walls and Other Useful Tricks to Wheat Pasting.

Today Howard Dean joined Denver Mayor and Colorado Governor to celebrate the 1 year countdown to the Democratic (sure to be fun-fest) National Convention on August 25-28, 2008 Speaking at the Pepsi Center which will be the site of the convention, Howard Dean stressed the desire to host the Greenest national political convention ever.

Speaking to reporters following the countdown rally Denver Mayor Hickenlopper responded to questions about the pace of fund raising for the convention? Conceding that money is trickling in, they missed their first $7.5 Million Dollar deadline in corporate and private support and now must raise $15 Million Dollars due just before Christmas.

Hamas Child Star of "Tomorrow's Pioneers" says that she is ready for Martyrdom

Saraa Barhoum, the 11 year old Hamas Child Star of Tomorrow's Pioneers say that she is ready for Martyrdom saying, "...little Jewish girls should be forced from their homes in Israel so that Palestinians can return to their land...Israel says that we are Terrorists but they are the ones that must stop their attacks against us and our kid's."

Tomorrow's Pioneers a weekly hour long television show is best known for introducing us to the Racist Furfur Terror Mouse which was shown being murdered by an Israel Mossad Interrogator. After the death of Terror Mouse, he was replaced with his cousin Nahoul the Terrorist Bee who is now carrying the racist anti-Semitic message.

Saraa mixing both her little girl charm with militant Islamic rhetoric, works at the center of the terrorist groups increasingly sophisticated propaganda campaign indoctrinating children to hate Israel and preparing them to become future Islamic suicide bombers.

When asked if Saraa would be willing to herself become a Martyr, she nodded her head yes saying, "It's something to be proud of, every Palestinian citizen hopes to be a martyr."

During the Hamas television show, Saraa takes telephone calls from other children who sing songs and talk about liberating Jerusalem from the Jews. Saraa offers instructions to children, urging them to do what they can to fight Israel. Hamas television producers defend the show saying that, "'s designed to help young children connect with their country and Allah."

Self Proclaimed Child Predator Goes Free

The self proclaimed Child Predator has been released from Jail Tuesday after Prosecutors dropped criminal charges against him for violating a Judge's Order prohibiting him from being within 30 feet of a child.

The self-described Child Predator was arrested on the 13 August for violating the Court Order when Police discovered him near a child care center at UCLA---he had a camera with him at the time of his arrest but claimed there was no film in it.

McClellan was arrested by Police a few hours subsequent to his first visit that day at UCLA for Trespassing after he had been told to leave the campus and not to return.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Melvin Sandvig had issued the earlier Order requiring that the child predator stay away from all children for 3 years. Under California law, the 3 year order amounted to an injunction and could not be issued without Notice and a Hearing on the matter. Prosecutors intend to seek a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against McClellan and obtain a permanent injunction against the child predator.

McClellan is unemployed and living out of his car according to Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputies, who are monitoring the dangerous predator. McClellan used to run a web-site in Washington State in which he posted photos of little girls and said that he enjoyed being at places which were frequented by little girls.

A Hearing has now been scheduled for Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court which Prosecutors will be seeking a TRO against McClellan preventing him from going within 30 feet of any child under 18 years of age.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Remains Found May be of WW II Airman

Mountain hikers have discovered the remains believed to be of a second U.S. Airman that perished when their AT-7 disappeared following take off from Sacramento on 18 November, 1942

On board were Leo Mustonen, William Gamber , John Mortenson and Ernest Munn.

Hikers discovered a second set of human remains at Kings Canyon Natl Park in the Sierra, Nevada and no more than 100 feet away from the remains discovered in 2005 of Leo Mustonen.

Feminist Radio Bites the Dust

Nearly 1 year ago The Today Show invited Jane Fonda to promote "Radio for Women" the newest liberal talk radio program. Along with Jane Fonda, Rosie O'Donnell and Gloria Steinem would team up to bring a daily dose of feminism to America.

The Today Show has yet to mention the demise of feminist radio which ended its programming last Friday the 17 August.

On it's Community Blog entitled So Long, Farewell, Good Bye! Producers announced the end of the programming for "GreenStone Media" writing in their Blog on Saturday, August 18 "...Sometimes, over the past year and a half when the alarm clock sounded at 4:00 am I couldn't take it and wondered if anyone was listening. As I walked around feeling like a shell of a Woman, looking disheveled like the lovechild of Medussa and Buckwheat, I would wonder if it was all worth it..."

We now all know the answer to that question.

Largest Flight of Jewish Immigrants Arrives into Israel on Tuesday

The largest flight of Olim from the United States arrived into Israel earlier today at Ben Gurion Intl. Airport.

With the help of "Nefesh B'Nefesh Organization" 225 American Jews have arrived home.

The flight to Israel was the 6th flight this Summer and the new Immigrants range in age from 78 to two months. More than 2,200 Jews have arrived into Israel from North America and the United Kingdom on a total of 7 chartered flights as well as several other group flights.

Monday, August 20, 2007

American Airlines sues Google over Sponsored Links & Key Word Ads

American Airlines has filed Suit against Google in USDC, Northern District, Texas alleging that the Internet Giant has infringed on its Trademark for permitting rivals to purchase key word ads.

The suit filed last week seeks unspecified monetary damages against Google for allowing visitors to see sponsored Links who Google certain key phrases.

In previous suits filed against the Internet Giant, other companies have lost when Courts decided that consumers were not confused by such ads. Google has previously prevailed in cases against both Rescuecom (though being Appealed in the 2nd U.S. Circuit Ct.) American Blinds have a similar case pending.

Google says that, "We are confident that our trademark policy strikes a proper balance between Trademark owners interest and consumer choice, that position has been validated by previous Court decisions."

Terrence Ross, Atty for American Airlines who has lost previous Trademark Infringement Cases for Wells Fargo and 1-800-Contacts that he has brought for his clients, acknowledges that the suit against Google is an uphill battle.

Often times these law suits are more expensive than they are worth and it may be difficult for the Plaintiff to even demonstrate how they may have suffered any damages.

American Airlines has a loyalty program through its Advantage Program which prevents customers from switching brands unlike Travelocity or Orbitz that encourage price comparison shopping. Whenever I've wanted to purchase Airline Tickets on-line I personally have purchased from American Airlines being a long term Advantage Member & Lifetime Admirals Club Member. The other ads by other companies have never influenced my purchasing decisions.

While preparing this article I Googled "" and while "" & "" popped up under Sponsored Links, I would have personally ignored those ads and stuck with my old faithful friend, American Airlines my carrier of choice.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ahmadinejad: "Rule of Islam Way of Salvation..."

President Ahmadinejad addressing a meeting of the Afghan Sunni and Shiite Ulama at the Iranian Embassy in Kabul on Tuesday said, "The rule of Islam on mankind is the only way of salvation of human beings."

Ahmadinejad continued, "There is no truth on earth but monotheism and following the tenants of Islam and there is no way of salvation of mankind but rule of Islam over mankind."

In his rambling speech the Minister of Islam continued by saying, "...nations today are distancing themselves from the culture of materialism and selfishness and look for a new way of prosperity , that is the path of Islam...all of us have a duty to resist the enemy by closing our ranks...Islam belongs to all generations and Muslims should get ready for Global Mission of Islam."

Iran financially supports the Terrorist Organizations of Hamas and Hezbollah and their Gangs of Islamic Terrorist Thugs the Missionaries of Terror, who strap explosive vests on themselves and murder innocent people in the name of Allah.

All Women Rejoice? Iran Claims To Have Upgraded Conditions For Women

Mohammed Araghi, the Chief of the Islamic Culture and Communication Organization said, "...When Zionist Lobby and global arrogance have made all out efforts to undermine Islam, Muslims should powerfully confront their conspiracies. The World against Islam wage a propaganda campaign that the religion does not recognize the rights of women but it has upgraded the conditions of women."

Meanwhile during provisional Friday Prayers, Ayatollah Sayyed Ahmad Khatami said, "...the Iranian nation and government would never leave alone their revolutionary offspring...the U.S. State Department decision to include the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) in a list of world terror organs is merely another golden point in the records of IRGC Pride."

Another "Golden Point of Pride" for Islamic Iran is the fashionable Burka devised by two verses in Islam's Fairy Tales the Quran, which requires that women "should lower their gaze and guard their modesty" and that "women should not display their beauty and ornaments and that they should draw their veils over their breasts."

Forget Equal Rights they are non-existent for Women in Islam. "Men are the managers of the affairs over Women because Allah has preferred Men over Women and Women were expended of their Rights." Quran 4:34

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hamas Strongman Ismail Haniyeh Promises to Destroy Israel...One Day

Hamas Strongman and former Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, dismissed from office in June but who has refused to leave office and continues to exercise De-facto authority over Gaza, has vowed to press Palestinians to fight Israel until it is destroyed.

Hamas Fascist Haniyeh told Palestinians at a rally in Gaza this week, "...fight Israel for generation upon generation until victory is achieved...if Israel is not defeated in this generation, it will be in the next."

Islamic Fascist's Haniyeh and Iranian President Ahmadinejad seen here have met together for talks on how to wipe Israel off the map. This week Ahmadinejad has again reiterated Iran's position that Israel "...will vanish from the center of the Islamic world..."

Haniyeh has earlier said in Syria, "We will never recognize the usurper Zionist government and will continue our Jihad like movement until the liberation of Jerusalem." (Forbes Magazine, 08 Dec. 2006) Haniyeh visits to Iran and Syria and continued calls for the destruction of Israel, clearly proves that Hamas is an active component of the Axis of Evil.

Ahmadinejad: "Israel is the flag of Satan."

Seen here in October, 2005 speaking at the Iranian Student Association's "World Without Zionism" Iranian President Ahmadinejad said "...very soon, the stain of disgrace will vanish from the center of the Islamic world...achievable is it possible for us to witness a world without America and Zionism?"

An official Iranian video was shown that may be found at: with footage from the 9/11 attacks on the WTC with classical music playing in the background. As the video continued the music is played louder and louder with the words, America spelled out in flames as each letter disappears it leaves an empty screen. The video is accompanied by an image of the Statue of Liberty with a skull imposed on her body.

On Saturday, Islamo-Fascist Ahmadinejad while addressing the Fourth Ahl-ul-Bait General Assembly said, "Islam is a complete truth...the Zionist regime is the Flag of Satan." Religious and Political Leaders from 110 countries are taking part in the two day conference. (IRNA-18 Aug. 2007)

Israel government spokesman David Baker said, "Ahmadinejad threatens not only Israel but poses a clear and present danger to the International Community as well."

Friday, August 17, 2007

Jose Padilla Found Guilty on Terrorism Charges

Al-Qaeda Terrorist Jose Padilla and his two co-defendants Adham Amin and Kifah Wael Jayyousi, have been found Guilty of aiding Osama bin-Laden's Islamic terrorist network and conspiring to commit murder. The 7 Men and 5 Women Jury took a day and a half to reach a verdict, in the 3 month trial.

Jose Padilla was born in Brooklyn, NY and grew up in Chicago, subsequently moving to Broward County in Florida. A Muslim convert, Padilla was detained by federal authorities at Chicago O'Hare Airport in 2002 returning to the United States from Egypt and was taken to a U.S. Navy Brig in South Carolina.

Federal Prosecutors built much of their case around a Mujahadeen Data Form, a recruitment document filled out by Padilla dated 24 July, 2000 which the CIA uncovered from an Al-Qaeda safe-house after the U.S. Military invaded Afghanistan in 2001, the document bears personal info about Padilla including his fingerprints.

Co-Defendant Jayyousi, utilized his "American Worldwide Relief Charity" as a front organization to provide financial support and equipment to terrorists.

All three Defendant's face life in prison, when sentenced on December 5 by U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nasdaq Vice Chairman Mike Oxley Anticipates 23 More Chinese Companies Listed This Year

Former Ohio Congressman Michael Oxley from Findlay who now is Vice Chairman of Nasdaq has predicted that at least 23 more Chinese companies will have listings, so far 47 Chinese companies have listings, an additional 13 in 2007 9 in 2006

To attract more Chinese listings, Nasdaq has applied to open a representative office in Beijing according to Chinese news reports.

Chinese companies may become the largest source of non-American companies listed by years end catching up with Israel. Both nations continue to attract billions of dollars in new investments as their economies continue to grow and expand.

Benjamin Netanyahu Promises To Bring New Leadership To Israel

Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu upon arriving to cast their ballots spoke briefly with reporters sensing victory was only hours away.

Benjamin Netanyahu delivered his victory speech late this evening at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds after interim results awarded him a landslide victory in the Likud Primary Elections. Early returns show that he received 75% of the primary vote far ahead of his nearest challenger Moshe Feiglin who appeared to have received 20% of the Likud vote.

Mr. Netanyahu during his victory speech said, "Tonight the internal contest ended and as of tomorrow we will focus our efforts on bringing new leadership to Israel."

Galactic Suite Hotel Opening in 2012 ???

Science Fiction was my first thought when I was reading about this in a Chinese Newspaper but discovered a Site about "Galactic Suite" the first hotel in space according to Barcelona based Architect Xavier Claramunt. Promising a 3 Night stay would cost travelers a bit more than $4 Million Dollars which includes: Round Trip Airfare; an 18 week training program on a tropical Caribbean Island; extra amenities have not yet all been worked out.

Xavier Claramunt claims to be backed by an unnamed U.S. Financier whose true intentions "...are to colonize Mars and he thinks this would be a step in the right direction."

The 2012 opening will permit guest to enjoy 15 sunrises a day, while wearing Velcro type suits to crawl around their Pod Rooms, Space Cadets will be encouraged to take part in scientific research? Galactic Suite has not provided any explanation what this may include?

Questions about this project and to make Hotel Reservations, send an e-mail to: Xavier Claramunt

Who knows, people laughed at the Wright Brothers, I'm sure.

Code Pink Liberal Activists Wage Hunger Strike

Some "Code Pinkers" that want the war in Iraq to end immediately and likewise want the Congress to Impeach both the President and Vice President have begun a hunger strike in an effort to publicize their demands.

From the appearances of some of the "Code Pinkers" a Hunger Strike is long over due. Some of the protesters, walked from the Golden Gate Bridge on Sunday to the home of Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and ate a final meal before their symbolic hunger strike.

Code Pink could only manage to bring out about 40 protesters for their big event Sunday, I guess the anti-war movement is shrinking in numbers without the paid demonstrators.

Death Threats For Dutch Lawmaker

Geert Wilders a Dutch lawmaker has received Death Threats from Muslims since he wrote an article in "De Volkskrant" calling for a ban of the Quran.

In his article "Enough is Enough Ban the Quran" calling the Quran a fascist text having " place in our constitutional state" which calls for Muslims " oppress, persecute, or kill Christians, Jews, dissidents and non-believers, to beat or rape women and to establish an Islamic state by force."

Mr. Wilders says, "The Quran should be banned in the Netherlands."

If Islam is such a peaceful religion why then was Salman Rushdie put under a death threat (a Fatwa) by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Supreme Leader of Iran.

Monday, August 13, 2007

General Motors to Open R&D Facility in Israel

General Motors Corporation has announced that it intends to open a Research & Development Facility in Israel. The facility is likely to be located in Ra'anana and will have branch offices in other communities according to the Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labors Industrial Corp. Authority.

GM has invested in the development of automotive technologies in Israel since 1990 through GM/UMI a joint venture with GM Importer Universal Motors Israel. Ltd. General Motors Corp. makes the largest amount of reciprocal procurements in Israel among vehicle manufactures, GM made $102 Million Dollars in reciprocal procurements in 2005 up 32% from the previous year.

Israel continues to prosper economically and thrives as a nation due to its freedom and democracy. Unlike the Palestinian Authority (PA) which has told the European Union that it needs more than $1 Billion Dollars in international aid, " avert a devastating humanitarian crisis."

In 2005 the United States gave about $400 Million Dollars directly and indirectly to the PA through the United Nations and in 2006 U.S. tax-payers provided an additional $468 Million Dollars. Providing welfare to the PA has not been beneficial and Hamas is no less militant. The PA continues to beg for more and more money turning them into dependents that reject democracy for Islamic totalitarian rule. PA gross domestic product went down by 6.6% in 2006 while poverty increased by 30% with more than 33% of the Palestinian population unemployed.

Until the PA embraces peace and freedom they will never realize prosperity and the opportunities that continue to blossom in Israel.

Remembering Golda Meir

Golda (Mabovitz) Meir would have celebrated her 109th birthday on May 03 had we been so fortunate to still have this wonderful woman in our world today. Born in Kiev, Russia she immigrated to Wisconsin in 1906 and married Morris Meyerson in 1917

A graduate of "Milwaukee Teachers College" her family packed up their belongings and moved to Israel in 1921 later adopting the name "Meir--which means to Burn Brightly."

In 1948 Golda Meir signed the proclamation which created the State of Israel in 1948, serving in the Knesset and later became the Prime Minister for the State of Israel in 1969 until 1974

A coffee drinker, Golda drank no less than 12 cups of coffee a day and together with the coffee, she was a chain smoker. She was reportedly advised by her doctors about the risks of smoking and replied, "...young I won't be when I die."

Former Labor Party General-Secretary Lova Eliav said that Golda was always busy working in her kitchen with the talk of the state of affairs of Israel, " was a mark of honor to be invited to meetings in Golda's kitchen. It showed that you were important..." said Lova Eliav, "...she was an excellent baker. We all loved the once a week ritual. There were people there from our Ministers' forums and from "our Allies forum" and she would serve her guests coffee and cheesecake or apple strudel. She flat out refused any kind of help, it would have insulted her."

In 1972 officials of the Mapam Party publicly complained that they were being excluded from "Golda's Kitchen Cabinet" meetings, Golda Meir in an interview the next day said, "there is a limit to the number of people my kitchen will hold."

Golda prepared her own breakfast's consisting of coffee or tea, bread with cheese and a little honey. She didn't cook much as she didn't have time but whenever traveled to the United States always picked up the latest in utensils. Once a week Golda Meir prepared Gefilte fish and took it with her when she visited with her daughter and grandson.

While in Washington during a visit a reporter asked Prime Minister Meir, "...your seven year old grandson Gideon says that you make the best Gefilte fish in the whole about giving us your recipe?" Golda Meir smiled and replied, "My grandson is not so objective about his grandmother, nor am I about him." (She didn't gave up her recipe)

Golda Meir was an Amazing Woman that Israel and the world will always be beholden to.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Israel Likud Party to Vote Tuesday

On Tuesday Likud Party Members will decide who they will want to represent the party in the next election. Most analysts expect Benjamin Netanyahu to win an easy victory.

Liberals and Islamo-Fascists loathe the former Prime Minister who has vowed to do everything that he can do to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and to take a fresh "...clear eyed look" at dealing with "...Iran's terror proxies Hamas and Hezbollah who are arming to the teeth and Syria beating the drums of war."

Former Labor Minister Ora Namir has endorsed Mr. Netanyahu for Prime Minister saying, "...will be happy if Netanyahu wins the elections...I believe he will make an excellent Prime Minister."

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Will Israel Survive?

Will Israel Survive? A discussion in response to misleading media coverage.

"Since it first declared Independence 6 decades ago, Israel has endured constant threats to its existence. Though the Palestinian conflict continues to hold the world's attention, it is in fact only one of the nations long term concerns. Aside from Terrorists seeking to destroy it, Israel must contend with tensions between religious and secular Jews, the demographic challenges posed by a quickly growing Arab population, internal political divisions and disputes over the water sources that are critical to its survival. In the face of these many challenges, the countries future can seem precarious indeed. Will Israel Survive? Mitchell G. Bard explores the remarkable history of Israel's survival and explains how it can triumph over current threats....Israel will survive but will endure long into the future." Palgrave Macmillan, Ltd. 175 5th Ave. New York, NY 10010

"Most people don't want to talk about religion because they are uncomfortable with the notion of religious wars today. Recognition of the dangers of radical Islam has made it more common than it used to be but most people still believe that there is no religious conflict between Jews and Muslims." Dr. Mitchell G. Bard, Ph.D.

Dr. Bard is the Author of 18 books including: "The Complete History of the Holocaust Myths and Facts" and a "Guide to the Arab Israeli Conflict"

This book will soon be on sale at your local book store or may be ordered on-line at

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Former FBI Agent Missing In Iran

Robert Levinson went missing in Iran on March 11 from the Iranian island of Kish. From the day he went missing his family has not had any contact with him.

The United States having no Diplomatic Ties with Iran, is working through Swiss Diplomats to locate Mr. Levinson. The Financial Times reported in April, that it is feared that he is being detained by Iranian authorities based upon information on the last person who is believed to have had contact with Mr. Levinson.

Dawud Salahuddin, an American Islamic convert told the Financial Times that he had met with Bob Levinson on the 08 March at a Hotel in Kish to get help with Mr. Levinson's investigation into cigarette smuggling. Mr. Salahuddin claims that he was detained by Iranian authorities and questioned but subsequently released. When Salahuddin returned back to the Hotel, Mr. Levinson was gone. Iranian authorities claim that Mr. Levinson had flown to Dubia.

David Belfield, aka Dawud Salahuddin, aka Hassan Abdulrahman is wanted in the USA for the Murder of a former Iranian Diplomat Ali Akbar Tabatabai under the Shah. The Assassin in 1980 disguised as a Letter Carrier and driving a stolen Postal Vehicle, pulled up to Tabatabai home and shot him to death. Salahuddin then fled the country and was given refugee status by Iran in 1980. The fugitive has claimed that he does want to return to the USA and has said that he has a long distance relationship with a Police Detective. Salahuddin statements are suspicious and the fugitive from justice is not very credible.

There is speculation that Iranian authorities have kidnapped Mr. Levinson to force the United States into a prisoner swap, nothing can however be certain at this time.

Israel Defense Force Medal of Valor Recipient

Major Ro'i Klein who was killed when he heroically jumped on a Hezbollah grenade to save his troops, will be awarded the IDF Medal of Valor posthumously on the 02 September.

IDF Major Ro'i Klein, volunteered to lead his Golan Brigade Battalion 51 into battle and was killed in the line of duty 26 July, 2006

While fighting for control of the hostile village of Bint Jbeil in Southern Lebanon, Major Klein and his men were ambushed by Islamic Hezbollah Terrorists. Major Klein led a group of Soldiers and attempted to attack the Islamic Terrorists from behind but were obstructed by a wall. Major Klein then began treating one of the Soldiers, at which point an Islamic Hezbollah Terrorist Thug, hurled a grenade at the group. IDF Soldiers reported that Major Klein jumped on the grenade, his body absorbing much of the explosion, saving the IDF Soldiers around him. Though mortally wounded, Major Klein attempted to communicate with his Superiors by radio.

Major Klein is actually credited for saving his men twice that day. The first time, he witnessed a grenade being thrown and was able to yell and warn his men, the second time, he sacrificed himself to save his men.

The father of two Son's and resident of the hilltop community of Harisha, Major Klein was an acknowledged Torah scholar, an accomplished musician and superb commander during time of battle. He was buried on what would have been his 31st Birthday in Eli, the Samaria community where he grew up.

The IDF Medal of Valor has been rarely awarded and only 40 times in the history of the State of Israel and the award for unselfish bravery by Major Klein will be the first time in 34 years since the medal was last awarded. The previous recipient was Brigadier General Avigdor Kahalani, who commanded the Armored Battalion 77 during the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

Al-Salah Society Another Islamic Charity Funding Terrorism Shut Down By U.S. Authorities

Seen here is the picture of the Hamas suicide bomber responsible for the "Sbarro Pizza" bombing in Jerusalem, Israel. (Last month we wrote about Malka Chana Roth, "Beyond the Pain..." There is a Link to the Malki Foundation available here)

On Tuesday the Bush Administration designated Al-Salah Society and its Director Ahmad Al-Kurd as one of the largest and best funded Hamas Charities and froze its assets in the United States.

According to the U.S. Dept. of Treasury, Hamas has used the Al-Salah Society as it has many other charitable fronts to finance its terrorist agenda. Al-Salah Society supported Hamas affiliated combatants, recruited and indoctrinated youth to support Hamas terrorism. It has also funded commercial stores, schools and purchased land for Hamas.

One of the most Senior Gaza based Hamas Leaders Ismail Abu Shanab openly identified Al-Salah Society as one of the three Islamic charities that forms Hamas "welfare arm" the Al-Salah Society has received substantial funding from Persian Gulf countries including hundreds of thousands of dollars from Kuwaiti donors.

The Tresuary Dept. action, alerts the world to the true nature of Al-Salah and cuts it off from the U.S. financial systems.

Once again, we see Islamic nations that are supposed to be our friends financing murder and terrorism against freedom and democracy in the United States and Israel.

In 2004 a federal grand jury in Dallas, TX returned a 42 count indictment against another Islamic Charity Front that was financially supporting Hamas, the "Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development" (HLF) was charged with providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization, money laundering and tax evasion. In that case, CAIR was named as an unindicted co-conspirator. (See, United States v. Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, et. al. Case No. CR-3:04-CR-240-G USDC, Dallas, TX)

CAIR Texas Chapter was founded by Ghassan Elashi who had also served as Chairman of the "Islamic Association for Palestine" and was co-founder of HLF. In 2005 Ghassan Elashi, was convicted of supporting terrorism by laundering money to Senior Hamas Leader Mousa Abu Marzook.

These Islamic Front Organizations are all inter-connected laundering money through businesses and charities to support Islamic Fascist Hamas.

Delta Airlines: You Will Love the way we Fly

Being unable to find Hotel rooms for stranded passengers in Syracuse, NY Delta Airlines chartered 4 Buses to take stranded passengers to Newark, one of the buses crashed on the trip killing the driver, sending 12 passengers to area hospitals.

A Child's Tantrum causes a Delta Pilot to declare an Emergency and landing in Philadelphia, according to NBC the incident occurred when a Flight Attendant didn't get Apple Juice to a 4 year old fast enough and the 4 year old threw a temper tantrum. Passengers were forced to spend the night in Philadelphia, no charges were filed according to authorities.

How often is that airplane being cleaned? According to industry analysts the schedules for deep cleaning aircraft averages once a month which includes throughly cleaning the lavatories, galleys, vacuuming the interior, cleaning seats, tray tables and sidewalls. Airlines often do not wipe down tray tables between their monthly cleanings. It may be a good idea to start carrying hand sanitizers and Clorox wipes to start washing down surfaces that you may touch.

In August, 2005 a passenger boarded a Delta flight packing away his Fuji Digital Camera in his checked luggage, upon arrival in Missouri the camera was gone. Delta Airlines has refused to compensate the passenger for his damages. Becoming a Detective was all the passenger could do with hopes of recovering his property. On e-bay the Delta passenger found a camera which looked like the one stolen from him. After contacting the Port Authority Police, it was subsequently determined that the camera auctioned off on e-bay was in-fact the same camera stolen by a Delta Airlines employee who was arrested, confessed and fired by the airline. In December, 2005 the Port Authority Police returned the camera to the passenger.

The WSJ had an article "What Frequent Flyer Miles Really Get You" (3-06-2007) Delta Airlines often required more miles than other major carriers.

Delta Airlines has likewise suffered computer glitches and have lost passenger miles records. Delta offered no explanation but required the passenger to provide receipts for each flight mileage was due. When the passenger offered instead to provide Delta with a copy of the mileage statement evidencing in excess of 80,000 miles the Airline
refused to either re-credit back the mileage or simply issue travel vouchers. The frequent flyer thought screw this and began making American Airlines the carrier of choice now logging over 350,000 miles aboard them and booking all family and business associates on American Airlines.

Delta Airlines: "You will Love the way we Fly." False Advertising or Puffing? The line between both is vague and uncertain.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Khali Gibran International Academy NYC

Next month an Islamic Public School is scheduled to open in New York City, serving grades 6-12 boosting multiculturalism, intensive Arabic language studies with a hefty dose of Islamic indoctrination in America. All brought to you at tax-payer expense.

With only a month before school is to resume, the curriculum has not yet been made public for parents or any tax-payers to review. Nothing is known about any of the teachers.

Will the Satanist demand that they should be able to open their own public school now that precedent is being established? Will the Wiccan's demand equal treatement?

A model for Islamic Public Education is being established in Brooklyn. Tax-payer supported Madrassas teaching Wahhabism at a school in your neighborhood may soon follow.

Democrats Confusion On Iraq

In 2002 Congress authorized the President to use Military Force in Iraq H.J. Res. 114 in a continuing escalation after Saddam Hussein violated the terms of the Cease Fire Agreement executed in March, 1991

Subsequent to the Cease Fire with Iraq which resulted in the ejection of Iraq from Kuwait and the Agreement to end all Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons programs, Saddam Hussein instead played a cat and mouse game with weapons inspectors for 7.5 years, finally closing down future inspections in August, 1998 Saddam Hussein asserted that Iraq no longer needed to cooperate with the terms of U.N. Resolution 687 so in mid December, 1998 President Clinton ordered new military strikes against Iraq.

Speaking from the Oval Office, President Clinton said that Saddam Hussein had violated the cease fire agreement and "...Saddam Hussein must not be allowed to threaten his neighbors or the world with nuclear weapons...earlier today I ordered America's armed forces to strike military and security targets in Iraq...their mission is to attack Iraq's nuclear, chemical and biological weapons program and its military capacity..." (Dec. 16, 1998)

Following President Clinton's Oval Office address to the nation, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said, "...Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology which is a threat to the countries in the region and he has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process." (Dec. 16, 1998)

Senator Hillary Clinton said, " the 4 years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability and his nuclear program. He has also given aid and comfort and sanctuary to terrorists, including Al-Qaeda members. It is clear, however, if left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons." (Oct. 10, 2002)

Senator John Kerry said, "...without a doubt, we need to disarm Saddam Hussein. He is a brutal, murderous dictator leading an oppressive regime...He presents a particularly grievous threat because he is constantly prone to miscalculation...and now he is miscalculating Americas response to his continued deceit and his constant grasp for weapons of mass destruction...So the threat of Saddam Hussein with weapons of mass destruction is real..." (Jan. 23, 2003)

Nancy Pelosi following her 1998 remarks supporting President Clinton military campaign in Iraq said of President Bush prosecution of the conflict in Iraq, "...a grotesque mistake...we would be much safer today, if President Bush had kept his focus on Al-Qaeda...rather than diverting crucial resources from the war on terror in Afghanistan to a war of choice in Iraq..."

Democrats appear to be all over the place on the war. President Clinton had Ordered the resumption of hostilities against Iraq for violating the cease fire agreement and commenced "Operation Desert Fox" due to the intelligence that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Earlier this year, Nancy Pelosi said to a group of liberal bloggers on "...We can take the President to Court...the President has made excessive use of signing statements and Congress is considering ways to respond to the Executive Branch over-reaching." Democrats have likewise brain-stormed other ideas such as rescinding the 2002 authorization for the Iraq War. (In October 2002 the House Voted 296-133 in favor of H.J. Res. 114 the Senate Voted 77-23 in favor of the Joint Resolution and was signed into law by Pres. Bush on Oct. 16, 2002; Public Law 107-243)

First the Democrats support the prosecution of the War in Iraq, then they don't, then they want to take the President to Court. The Democrats are all over the place and will say anything to whatever group they may be pandering to today, whenever it is politically convenient and with no firm convictions on anything.

Federal Judge Orders Navy Not To Use Sonar

Federal Judge Florence Marie-Copper, barred the U.S. Navy on Monday from using Sonar off of California's Channel Island, fearing that the Sonar may harm up to 30 species of marine mammals and up to 5 species of whales.

The White House immediately said that Navy Attorneys will move expeditiously in filing an Appeal with the U.S. 9th Circuit.

Navy Sonar is an invaluable tool in protecting the United States and its importance has grown as more nations have acquired inexpensive and very quiet submarines. Sonar is the only effective way of detecting and quickly targeting hostile subs and keeping the shipping lanes open for commercial ships and oil tankers as well as our own naval forces.

Activist Federal Judges diminish the rule of law and have no legitimate grounds to make decisions based upon their own personal views about public policy absent a real conflict with the constitution. Judges should use self-restraint and not intrude into areas of making policy that undermines our national security.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Delta is Ready When you Are?

A Flight Attendant appeared in Court today charged with threatening a Delta Airlines Captain and drinking on the job. Sara Mills of Union, MO. plead not guilty to charges of public intoxication and making a terrorist threat aboard a flight scheduled to depart to Atlanta on Sunday from Lexington, KY

A Delta Airlines 767 carrying more than 255 passengers had to make an Emergency Landing yesterday in Lincoln, NE when the Atlanta bound flight from Seattle, encountered engine problems.

Delta may love to fly but its aircraft and flight crew may not be. Delta shares have fallen over 15% the last two weeks since emerging from Bankruptcy three months ago and closed at $18.02 on Monday

Democrats Los Angeles Gay Debate August 9

Democrats will be meeting this week for their Gay Debate as they pander to their political base but alienate the general electorate.

Hillary Clinton will host a VIP $1,000.00 fund raiser in West Hollywood at The Abbey, located at 692 N. Robertson Blvd. a trendy place for the Gay & Lesbian community according to TMZ

Barack Obama will host a $250.00 event and reportedly will be hanging out with Paris Hilton at the Area Night Club at 643 N. La Cienga Blvd. RSVP required.

Pretty Boy John Edwards is hosting his event at the Republic Restaurant & Lounge at 650 N. La Cienga Blvd. tickets are $15.00 at the door.

This should be an evening to remember.

CAIR Continued Support of Democrats, Islamic Fascism and Hamas

Nihad Awad one of the Founders of CAIR, participated in a 3 day Summit of the USA based Hamas organization in 1994 according to the FBI and Awad has financially supported Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) according to the FEC. Likewise Rafeeq Jabar another Co-Founder of CAIR donated $1,000.00 to Rep. McKinney in 2004

CAIR which claims to be a premier American Islamic Organization has been named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the terrorism trial now underway in Dallas, TX in which federal prosecutors are methodically laying out their case against the "Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development" (HLF) along with 5 of its officials including Omar Ahmad who founded CAIR along with Awad and Jaber.

CAIR Chairman Emeritus Omar Ahmed has said, "Islam isnt in America to be equal to any other faith but to become dominant. The Quran, the Muslim Book of Scripture should be the highest authority in America and Islam, the only accepted religion on earth."

In 2004 a federal grand jury in Dallas, TX returned a 42 count indictment against HLF charging the terrorist organization with conspiracy, providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization, tax evasion and money laundering. (USA v. Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, et. al. Case No. CR-3:04-CR-240-G USDC, Dallas, TX)

CAIR Texas Chapter was found by Ghassan Elashi who has also served as Chairman of "Islamic Association for Palestine" (IAP) and was a co-founder of HLF which has been accused at funding Hamas. In April, 2005 Ghassan Elashi was convicted of supporting terrorism by laundering money to Senior Hamas Leader Mousa Abu Marzook.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) headlined a CAIR fund-raiser and helped CAIR raise $1 Million Dollars in 2003 with the help of Rep. Nick Rahall (D-W.Va)

In March, Corey Saylor, CAIR's Government Affairs Director who has donated $1,000.00 to Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) has acknowledged that convicted Islamic Terrorists Ghassan Elashi was a CAIR official with ties to Hamas.

In June, Governor Ted Strickland (D-OH) addressed a CAIR fund-raising event in Columbus, Ohio and praised the unindicted co-conspirator with a proclamation honoring the terrorist linked organization. (An inquiry was sent to Gov. Strickland's office to comment why he attended a fund-raising event for an organization that has been named as an unindicted co-conspitator in an Hamas money laundering scheme. The Governor's office never replied to our inquiry)

Democrats continue to support Islamic Fascism by simply showing up at CAIR events which provides them legitimacy. Democrats should be working to shut this organization down for its ties to Hamas.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

FBI Arrest Two Potential Terrorists Carrying Explosives in South Carolina

FBI Agents arrested two suspected terrorists outside of Charleston, SC Saturday night after local Police stopped a vehicle for speeding.

The FBI announced that they have arrested 24 year old Ahmed Mohamed and 21 year old Yousef Megahed and have charged them with possession of an explosive device upon finding suspicious items in the trunk of their vehicle. Neither suspect is a U.S. citizen.

The explosive device which the Men were carrying, was detonated by federal agents at 2:45 am this morning. The FBI and local authorities will hold a News Conference on Monday.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

CAIR Attorney Intimidates and Harass YAF

In a letter sent Via Facsimile to Ron Robinson (Young America's Foundation) CAIR's Attorney has threatened to initiate a law suit should Robert Spencer address YAF's 29th Annual National Conservative Student Conference. today at George Washington University.

Last evening when this letter was brought to our attention, a letter was sent by e-mail to Joseph Sandler, Esq. alerting him to the fact that CAIR has previously threatened others with legal action in an effort to stop events from taking place. In our letter we write, "...An Attorney should not be accepting employment when he knows or it is obvious to that person that desires to hire him, desires to institute an action merely for the purposes of harassing or maliciously injuring another." EC 2-29

An Attorney has an Ethical Duty to refrain from behavior such as this and once we learned of this, we sent a copy of our e-mail to Katherine Mazzaferri, Esq. of the District of Columbia Bar Assn. "The integrity of the legal profession can be maintained only if conduct of lawyers in violation of Disciplinary Rules is brought to the attention of proper officials." EC 1-4

Robert Spencer who has addressed other groups has previously argued that todays Terrorists and Islamic Extremists have targeted American interests adding, "The texts of Islamic Jurisprudence says its incumbent upon the Islamic community to wage war against non-Muslims until they submit or convert." (Heritage Foundation Lecture, November, 2006)

CAIR is litigious and has frequently used the Courts in the past to harass and intimidate others, for example in 2004 CAIR filed suit against Andrew Whitehead in Virgina (CAIR v. Andrew Whitehead, Case No. CL04-926) in which CAIR's law suit was dismissed. In Court filings that we have reviewed, the Court was advised about CAIR's long and undistinguished activities in which they have been involved in over the years.

Michelle Malkin has written today in her Blog, "Where are all the free speech activists when you need them? Well, when it comes to protecting the free speech of those who criticize the jihad and its apologists, the free-speech protectors are hiding under their bed covers..."

Urban Grounds Blog has written, "...CAIR is threatening legal action...Its nothing more than an attempt to stomp on free speech rights..."

From 1986-1989 Joseph Sandler served as Staff Counsel for the Democratic Natl. Committee (DNC) and from 1989-1993 he handled campaign and election law matters for the DNC and from 1993 through the present, he serves as Staff Counsel for the DNC now through his law firm.

When you lie down with Dogs, you get up with Fleas. Democrats are in bed with CAIR the apologist for Islamic Fascists and supporter of Terrorists organizations like Hamas.

Former Mossad Spy Recalls Experiences

Former Mossad Spy Gad Shimron mission was to save Ethiopian Jews who had fled to Sudan and this Mossad Agent was to find a way to save them. The code name "Brothers" became a legend as Gad Shimron engaged in a hazardous yet humanitarian mission of survival and now has written a book with the rare acquiescence of Mossad censors.

The feeling that "Brothers" was one of Israel's finest hours, Israel brought out refugees to save them from certain peril, tens of thousands of Jews moved to Israel, their community in Israel now numbers 100,000

When Shimron flew to Khartoum in 1981 with a small Mossad team, they posed as Entrepreneurs from Switzerland from a small travel firm. Mossad purchased a small defunct resort which they renovated and staffed it with locals. Shimron said, "It was a front but proved to be highly successful drawing tourists, scuba divers and sport fishermen. While most Mossad operations lose money we were actually making a small profit..." Between 1982-1984 Mossad Agents were communicating with Tel Aviv by radio and had located 8,000 Jews

Israel would rescue thousands of Jews over the years in Operations known as "Moses" and "Solomon" by the end of 2008 all eligible Jews will have made the move to their ancestral homeland.

The Book "Mossad Exodus" is available from Gefen Jewish Books on-line for $16.95

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Al-Qaeda Web Ad Threatens Big Surprise

A new Al-Qaeda propaganda ad posted on the Internet today entitled "Wait for the Big Surprise" featuring an altered photograph of President Bush with Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf standing in front of a burning White House.

The clip from Al-Qaeda propaganda wing "As Sahab" also incorporated photos of the Terrorists Top Leadership of Osama bin-Laden, Ayman al-Zawahri and Adam Gadahn,

There is no additional information provided but closes with the words: "Soon, God willing" written across the screen and repeated. The full video is expected to be released on the Internet within the next 24 to 48 hours.

(ABC News Story/The Blotter--Rhonda Schwartz)

Mexico and Environmentalists Fear U.S. Border Security Fence Will Harm Wildlife

Intelligence analysts have warned Congress that the U.S. Mexican Border has become a back door for Terrorists entering the United States and that Al-Qaeda infiltration has been a constant concern since 9/11

The FBI has testified before Congress that Terrorists pay Smugglers and Gangs to help them cross the border and that the FBI has arrested persons with Al-Qaeda connections that have attempted to enter the USA with fraudulent documents. Mahmoud Youssef Kourani, paid Smugglers to help him cross the border using false travel documents. In 2005 he plead guilty in federal court for providing material support to Hezbollah and was sentenced to 5 years in prison and will be deported upon his release.

The 1,952 mile border between the USA and Mexico traverses a number of terrains, urban areas and deserts and as a result, many illegal immigrants have attempted to cross the border through the deserts.

Last year the Congress passed legislation (H.R. 6061) with wide bi-partisan support which was signed into law by President Bush on the 26 October which authorized the funding for the construction of a 700 mile security fence.

Mexican Government Officials have now sent an official protest about the construction of a fence to Washington and have threatened to file a complaint with the International Court of Justice if Congress permits the construction of the security fence. The Mexican Government fears that construction of the security fence will harm the delicate unique eco-systems shared by wild life.

Likewise Environmentalists in the United States have said that the barrier under construction could isolate animals into smaller groups affecting their genetic diversity, increasing their risks of being born with abnormalities. There is also concerns that high intensity lighting and radar may affect nocturnal species.

Environmentalists have said that the United States should consider building a "Living Fence" of cactus and permeable barriers, which would allow water, insects and pollen to cross the boarder.

Forget the fact that Islamic Fascist Terrorists want to kill Americans, one must now worry that some border animal may be harmed by close inbreeding.

Fire Aboard USS Lexington

Fire erupted today aboard the USS Lexington in a small room which held old maps and flags, forcing the evacuation of visitors and staff at the decommissioned aircraft carrier that now serves as a museum in Corpus Cristi, TX

The carrier served honorably during World War II and Korea before it was decommissioned in 1991

The fire was quickly put out, it is not known when the museum will reopen to visitors.