Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hamas Child Star of "Tomorrow's Pioneers" says that she is ready for Martyrdom

Saraa Barhoum, the 11 year old Hamas Child Star of Tomorrow's Pioneers say that she is ready for Martyrdom saying, "...little Jewish girls should be forced from their homes in Israel so that Palestinians can return to their land...Israel says that we are Terrorists but they are the ones that must stop their attacks against us and our kid's."

Tomorrow's Pioneers a weekly hour long television show is best known for introducing us to the Racist Furfur Terror Mouse which was shown being murdered by an Israel Mossad Interrogator. After the death of Terror Mouse, he was replaced with his cousin Nahoul the Terrorist Bee who is now carrying the racist anti-Semitic message.

Saraa mixing both her little girl charm with militant Islamic rhetoric, works at the center of the terrorist groups increasingly sophisticated propaganda campaign indoctrinating children to hate Israel and preparing them to become future Islamic suicide bombers.

When asked if Saraa would be willing to herself become a Martyr, she nodded her head yes saying, "It's something to be proud of, every Palestinian citizen hopes to be a martyr."

During the Hamas television show, Saraa takes telephone calls from other children who sing songs and talk about liberating Jerusalem from the Jews. Saraa offers instructions to children, urging them to do what they can to fight Israel. Hamas television producers defend the show saying that, "'s designed to help young children connect with their country and Allah."