Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Self Proclaimed Child Predator Goes Free

The self proclaimed Child Predator has been released from Jail Tuesday after Prosecutors dropped criminal charges against him for violating a Judge's Order prohibiting him from being within 30 feet of a child.

The self-described Child Predator was arrested on the 13 August for violating the Court Order when Police discovered him near a child care center at UCLA---he had a camera with him at the time of his arrest but claimed there was no film in it.

McClellan was arrested by Police a few hours subsequent to his first visit that day at UCLA for Trespassing after he had been told to leave the campus and not to return.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Melvin Sandvig had issued the earlier Order requiring that the child predator stay away from all children for 3 years. Under California law, the 3 year order amounted to an injunction and could not be issued without Notice and a Hearing on the matter. Prosecutors intend to seek a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against McClellan and obtain a permanent injunction against the child predator.

McClellan is unemployed and living out of his car according to Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputies, who are monitoring the dangerous predator. McClellan used to run a web-site in Washington State in which he posted photos of little girls and said that he enjoyed being at places which were frequented by little girls.

A Hearing has now been scheduled for Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court which Prosecutors will be seeking a TRO against McClellan preventing him from going within 30 feet of any child under 18 years of age.