Tuesday, September 30, 2008

O'Hail The Chosen One Lord Obama

Using Children to promote politics, Americans should be outraged. The music comes from people wanting to indoctrinate Children in the faith of the New Messiah---Lord Obama.

An example of the genius of the lyrics:

"Were going to spread happiness, were going to spread freedom, Obama's gonna to change it, Obama gonna lead'em. We're gonna change it and rearrange it, we're gonna change the world."

More here including video from Hot Air.com

Are American's Themselves To Blame For The Credit Crunch ?

Do we have only ourselves to blame for whatever credit crisis there is, if any, that exists in the United States ?

With Chinese Savings Rates at 50% and the USA Savings Rate at essentially 0% are we to blame for the credit crunch? Maybe we should be taking a lesson from our Chinese friends---Savings is a good thing and stop attempting to convince others to mimic our bad behavior.

In the early 1990's Americans were saving about 7% of their disposable income, by the latter 1990's it was down to 4% and in 2001 it sank to just 2%---this dropped even further down to nearly 0% as booming growth continued. Americans spent nearly all they earned between 2005-2007 according to Peter Hall, V.P. & Deputy Chief Economist, Export Development Canada

China has a fast growing economy which may lead to a world economy in the future, according to Klaus Schwab, Founder & Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum.

Schwab said the "Wall Street" storm has shocked the world. "The change in the financial system will surely bring severe influence to the world," adding that the depression of the Wall Street will change the way of working as well as the way of global cooperation.

Predicting that the world economy will see a slowdown in growth in the next one to three years and China's growth rate is also expected to drop according to Schwab but he stressed that China is still the fastest growing economy in the world and will keep high growth in the future.

More here from China View

Without adequate saving and investment, the USA can not adequately sustain economic growth and expansion. When economic growth slows, with less capitalization in the marketplace, there are fewer resources available to provide credit. Putting politics aside and stopping the finger pointing, I am reminded what my Mother
used to tell me.

"When you point a finger at someone, remember there are 4 fingers pointing back at you."

We may only have to look at ourselves in the mirror to realize who is really to blame for the economic slow down in the United States.

China can sustain economic growth with a much larger savings pool available for expansion and economic development, while here in the USA we refuse to learn valuable lessons from our Chinese friends and instead continue to attempt to spend ourselves out of a crisis.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Wall Street Financial Bill Tanking In House

On Saturday just 24% of Americans favored the $700 Billion Dollar Wall Street Bail Out Bill.

With Congressional Job Approval ratings down to 17% does Congress dare not represent their Constituent's views?

The House of Representative's vote on final passage of the Wall Street Bail Out plan has tanked receiving only 205 votes---141 Democrats
and 64 Republicans---Vote Totals 228-205

Last week I wrote here if the bailout is such a good thing, Democrats control both House's of Congress why don't they just pass the bill ?

Confucius Commemorated In China

Disabled children recite "Analects of Confucius" during a ceremony held in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province yesterday to commemorate the 2,559th Birthday of Confucius. Related ceremonies were also held in Qufu, Shandong Province. Xinhua Photos

"The movement of heaven is full of power, thus the superior man makes himself strong and untiring."

This is the classic doctrine of Confucius, as it was being chanted and signed by 40 deaf or mute children.

Quzhou is where one of the two family temples of Confucius locates, 28 generations of Confucius had lived there.

Confusius 551 BC to 479 BC was a famous educator and thinker in ancient times. Confusius was a highlight of the openinging of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

More here from China People's Daily Online

Wal-Mart China Opens Environmentally Friendly Store In Wangjing

Wal-Mart Beijing has opened its first environmentally store in Wangjing, the LED lights utilized throughout the store will save 23% more energy than ordinary outlets.

Liang Jingsi, Senior Director of Engineering of the Development Dept. of Wal Mart said, the business model of Wal-Mart has gradually changed from commitments to sustainable development to practical actions and it has made environmental protection the responsibility and strategy of Wal-Mart.

More here from China CSR

Denver Police T-Shirt's Spark Ire

Denver Police union is selling T-Shirt's that poke fun at Protesters at last months DNC Convention---the back of the T-Shirt seen here has a caricature of a Police Officer holding a baton. The front of the T-Shirt has the number 68 with a line through it, referencing "Recreate 1968"

Denver's Police Officer's were each given one T-Shirt and other's are being sold for $10 each.

More here from KMGH---ABC Denver, CO

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt Accuses Obama Of Abusive Use Of Law Enforcement

Governor Matt Blunt on Saturday said, "...What Senator Obama and his helpers are doing is scandalous beyond words, the party that claims to be the party of Thomas Jefferson, is abusing the justice system and offices of public trust to silence political criticism with threats of prosecution and criminal punishment."

"This abuse of law for intimidation insults the most sacred principles and ideals of Jefferson. I can think of nothing more offensive to Jefferson's thinking than using the power of the State to deprive American's of the Civil Rights..."

More here from Office of the Governor Missouri

H/T: Weasel Zippers

Friday, September 26, 2008

Kissinger said that Barry Obama Lied

Dr. Henry Kissinger seen here with Israel President Shimon Peres in May during Israel's 6oth Anniversary Celebration.
Israel Press Office Photo

Barry Obama lied when he said that even Henry Kissinger agreed with him, that on a Presidential level, a diplomatic meeting with Iranian Fascist President Ahmadinejad, is a good idea.

Not true says Henry Kissinger, "...Senator McCain is right, I would not recommend the next President of the United States engage in talks with Iran at the Presidential level..."

More here from News Busters.org

Bill Clinton Defends John McCain Request To Delay First Presidential Debate

Former President Bill Clinton, defended Sen. John McCain's
request to delay the first Presidential Debate saying that McCain
did it "in good faith...we know he didn't do it because he's afraid
because Senator McCain wanted more debates."

More here from ABC News

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Barry Obama & Bill Ayers---Stanley Kurtz Makes The Connection To The Weatherman

Writing in the Wall Street Journal and National Review Online
Ethics & Public Policy Center Senior Fellow Stanley Kurtz, traces Barack Obama's partnership with former domestic terrorist
Bill Ayers, when the two collaborated at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a charity established to help Chicago's Public Schools,
that was commandeered by Ayers, to promote his radical agenda.

More here from News Busters.org

H/T Photo: The JAWA Report

Help To Save The Lives Of Children

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is the number one fatal genetic
disease to affect children in the world. Experts are in agreement that
Duchenne should be treated or cured in the not too distant future.

The primary goal of the Darius Goes West Foundation is to catalyze that effort.

Darius has raised $1.5 million dollars for DMD research and they
need your help, will you consider making a donation to save the
lives children---the next child that may be diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy may be your own?

For more information, please visit: Darius Goes West

Why Can't The Dem's Pass The Bail Out ?

If the bailout is so great, then why don't the Democrat's pass it with their majorities in the House and Senate?

Democrats don't need Republican votes---the Democrats under the leadership of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV control the Congress.

More here by Johnathan Garthwaite, Townhall.com

Obama Lawyer Threatens T.V. Stations That Run NRA Ad

Say it isn't so---Democrats attempt to stifle free speech.

Obama's Lawyers threaten T.V. Stations that run NRA ad.

Obama & Biden Supported Bridge To Nowhere

Barry Obama & Joe Biden voted twice for Bridge to Nowhere.

More here from News Busters.org

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Alcee Hastings: "...Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don't care too much about what they do with Jews and Blacks."

Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-FL told an audience of Jewish Democrats today, that they should be wary of Republican V.P. nominee Sara Palin because "...anybody toting guns and stripping moose don't care too much about what they do with Jews and Blacks."

Obama played the race card in July when he said, "...and so the only way they figure they're going to win this election is if they make you scared of me. So what they're saying is, Well we know were not very good but you can't risk electing Obama, you know he's new...he doesn't look like the other President's on the currency, you know, he's got a funny sounding name..."

Remember when Kansas Governor Sebelius accused Republican's of being Racists.

So it must be OK to play the race card and accuse others of bigotry without evidence if you are a Democrat ?

Senator Obama, Return To Washington And Do The Job You Were Elected To Do.

Senator Obama, go to Washington and do the job that you were elected to do but no, why?

Barry Obama with only 143 days of inexperience believes that he will be more useful campaigning for another office, when he can't even do the job that he was hired to do by the good people of Illinois.

Senator John McCain has suspended his campaign, putting 'Country ahead of Politics' and has decided to return to Washington saying, "America faces an historic crisis in our financial system, we must pass legislation to address this crisis, if we do not, credit will dry up, with devastating consequences for our economy...There are times for politics and there are times to rise above, then do what is right
for the country. This is one of those times."

Earlier this month I wrote here that Sen. John McCain introduced legislation in 2005 to deal with the problems that he realized were on the horizon with Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac but Congress in its infinite wisdom, took no action on Sen. McCain's bill.

Leadership and experience, putting our nation ahead of politics as usual. Senator McCain, demonstrates the qualities that our nation
can depend on.

Be A Part Of China's Journey To Space !

The Shenzhou-7 spaceship is lifted to dock with the Long March II-F Rocket at an assembly plant. Technicians assist with the docking process. Xinhua Photos

The once mysterious Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center was revealed
to 11 Journalists and 9 Foreign Media organizations, to cover the Shenzhou-7 program, two news organizations from Taiwan were
also invited.

Vicky Chan a reporter with TVBS-Taipei said, "Its amazing
that I am allowed to enter this usually mysterious area."
TVBS will cooperate with CCTV to produce programs on the Shenzhou-7 mission.

More here from China.org

You too may be part of China's Journey to Space log into CCTV International website at CCTV.com from September 25 to 30, the website will feature China's first spacewalk and many interactive activities.

Lifetime TV Network: McCain/Palin Understand Women Better

Senator John McCain & Gov. Sara Palin, understand Women better then their Democrat counterparts, according to Women polled in a nationwide survey by Women's TV Lifetime network.

McCain & Palin hold a 44% to 42% advantage over Obama & Biden, when it comes to who understands Women and what is important to Women, the Lifetime poll found. The poll was conducted between Sept. 11-15 by the Polling Company & Lake Research Partners and released Monday by Lifetime.

This marks vast gains by the Republican Party since Lifetime's last poll in July, when Obama led McCain 52% to 18% on the same question.

More here from The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Obama Lies Again..."I had to sign up for Selective Service Out Of High School..."

Can't this man tell the truth even about the simplest of things ?

Obama lies again here saying that out of High School, he had to sign up for Selective Service.

H/T: Looneys Peaches

Has the United States Lost Its Resolve...

Following the September 11 attacks, President Bush said, "...We will make no distinction between the Terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them..."

Lt. Col. Chris Nash, who commanded an embedded training team in eastern Afghanistan between June 2007 and March 2008 has accused Pakistan of aiding the Taliban, reporting that Pakistan were flying cross border missions to resupply the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and Islamic Jihad's Hezb-i-Islami faction led by warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.

More here from Defense News

Has the United States lost its resolve to crush evil ?

Friday, September 19, 2008

I-MEI Puff---The Very Best

One of my very favorite treats
great commercial.

I-MEI Foods Co. Ltd. here in Chinese here in English

Zhang Hui Mei: Welcome To Taiwan

Zhang Hui Mei----Welcome to Taiwan

A-Mei MySpace.com

Tennessee Democrat State Rep. Son Target Of Criminal Investigation For Hacking Sara Palin's Yahoo Account

Democrat State Rep. Mike Kernell had no comment when inquiries were made about his Son being the target of a Criminal Investigation by the FBI & U.S. Secret Service, for allegedly hacking into Republican V.P. Candidate Sara Palin's private Yahoo Account.

According to FOX News the Hacker, who compromised Palin's e-mail account, used C-tunnell.com, an an Internet proxy, which renders web users anonymous to break into Palin's account.

Yahoo declined comment citing privacy issues and the sensitivity of such investigations---Yahoo is worried about their own civil exposure.

More here from Knoxville News Sentinel

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Beijing 2008 Paralympics Closing Ceremony

Beijing 2008 Paralympics closed yesterday with a spectacular show at the Birds Nest, the program was divided into four parts during which the athletes and officials were showered with small red leaves. Xinhua Photos

More than 4,000 athletes participated from 147 countries and competed in 20 games for 472 Gold Medals.

All of the participants had the opportunity to write their hopes and blessings on post cards, 10,000 were distributed.

London took over the Paralympic Torch from Beijing at the close of the ceremonies, a Red Double Decker Vehicle was driven inside the Birds Nest to cheers from the crowds in attendance.

More here from China.org

Girl Dies After Female Genital Mutilation

A 10 year old Kenya Girl Dies as a result of Female Genital Mutilation. Female circumcision is an ongoing threat for millions of young Muslim Girls.

More here from The Taiwan Chronicles

It Is Nobody's Business What Is In Sara Palin's Private E-Mail, Shame On You That Read It

We all use e-mail and there is a reasonable expectation of privacy that our mail is private, we all should be outraged to learn that someone hacked into Republican V.P. Candidate Sara Palin's Yahoo e-mail account.

Yesterday I noticed this story as it was breaking and made a decision not to post anything about it at the time because the early reports were publishing images from Gov. Palin's account---shame on anyone that re-publishes images from Sara Palin's private e-mail account. None of you would want your private mail displayed for the world to see.

Hacking into someones e-mail account is a criminal offense and I am very pleased to learn that the FBI and U.S. Secret Service are now investigating this matter. We all should hope that the privacy violators are soon arrested and appear before a Federal Magistrate for Arraignment.

More here from The Weekly Standard

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hillary Clinton Pulls Out Of Jewish Sponsored Rally Against Iran

Senator Hillary Clinton, D-NY can not put her political differences aside even for a moment and has pulled out of a Jewish sponsored rally against Iranian Fascist President Ahmadinejad, upon learning that Republican V.P. Candidate Sara Palin would also be in attendance.

When Clinton aides were informed that Sara Palin would be attending next weeks event organized by several Jewish groups, they became angry and said that Senator Clinton would not be attending.

Why hasn't Democratic V.P. Candidate Joe Biden confirmed that he will attend ?

The rally is part of efforts by Jewish groups to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and is expected to draw thousands across from the United Nations on September 22 at 11:45 am

More here from JTA.org

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Senator Inhofe, Proposes FTA With Taiwan

Senator James Inhofe, R-OK is co-sponsoring legislation expressing that the United States should increase Trade Opportunities with Taiwan and launch negotiations for a free trade agreement.

"The relationship between Taiwan & United States has benefited both nations for over fifty years...Taiwan shares many of our democratic and free market values that provide the foundation for fair and mutually benefited trade relations...entering into a Trade Agreement with Taiwan, would greatly benefit our economy..." said Sen. Inhofe.

Taiwan has a lot to offer to the USA and promises to be more beneficial to U.S. exports. Taiwan has developed an economy on par with Europe with labor & environmental standards that are world class and intellectual property protections that have earned the praise of USA corporations.

A USA--Taiwan free trade agreement would boost American jobs in key manufacturing industries, with auto and business equipment topping the list. More here from The Heritage Foundation.

Zhang Hui Mei: Chen Zao

Chen Zao

One of my favorite Taiwan artist's---perfect example why A-Mei has been Number 1 for a decade.

A-Mei MySpace.com

Sichuan Earthquake Reconstruction

NBA Star Yao Ming, ended his two day visit to Sichuan Province on Monday, attending the ground breaking ceremony for the reconstruction for a primary school in Guangyuan that will be built with funds from The Yao Ming Foundation Yao launched the foundation following the catastrophic Sichuan Earthquake May 12

During his two day visit, Yao visited Beichuan, one of the hardest hit areas by the devastating 8.0 magnitude earthquake. Xinhua Photos

Yao making a charity tour at the site of Beichuan Middle School "People in the disaster hit areas are strong and optimistic," said Yao.

Sichuan is in need of about $247 Billion Dollars for earthquake reconstruction, more here from SINA.com

The Red Cross Society of China continues to seek donations to help the Survivors of the catastropic Sichuan Earthquake rebuild their lives. Every dollar counts, no amount is too small.

Zhang Hui Mei: Kubuchulai


Cai zhi dao na dou shi zhen de ai shi zhen shi cun zai

qing de tian yu de ye ping chang de yu yuan

zen me wo ning yuan bu yao dong ni wen de kuan rong

rang ai lai rang ai zou rang ni rang xin dou shou tong

wo xiang ku dan shi ku bu chu lai deng dao si nian xiang hai

yan mo wo er ai yi bu zai

ni jue wang de li kai mei you lei liu xia lai

wo ke le ai zai bu hui lai ai bu zai hui lai

wo hui zhe me deng dai she bu de yi chun qu qiu lai

zai ni de ai zhi wai wo zai na li cun zai wo gai bu gai deng dai wo

ai jia ai cuo jiu cuo wei ni ai wei ai deng dai wo

A-Mei MySpace.com

Gasoline Prices Rise As Oil Prices Slide

Oil prices have dropped to below $99.00 a barrel on Sunday
and have fallen nearly $50.00 a barrel from its high in July.

Pump prices continue to rise, the nationwide average price has
risen .05 cents since Sunday, the Associated Press reported that
some gasoline retailers were charging more than $7.00 a gallon in
North Carolina as Consumers are being gouged at the pump.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Taiwan v. China---Facts You May Never Knew

From Mad Minerva 2.0 You will never see in the Pro-China Media:

Taiwan's Gross Domestic Product per capita is 5 times more than that of China, even though China's economy has been growing rapidly. The gap between Taiwan and China has actually remained the same;

In China, 8% of the population lives under the poverty line, whereas there is only .095% in Taiwan;

Taiwan's press freedom is 10 which ranks 32nd in the world but China is only 89, which is the 163rd place in the world and only better than
6 other countries.

Bush Fails To Support Another Democracy

Despite the ever increasing hostile threat mounted against American ally Taiwan by China which has more than 1,000 short range missiles aimed at Taiwan the Bush Administration today rejected Taiwan's request to buy advanced fighter jets.

Three years ago, President George Bush held up Taiwan as a model
of freedom "at all levels" which China should emulate.

We are refusing to help defend an American ally?

On September 4, I wrote here that the invasion of Georgia by Russia, sends a clear message to Beijing, that America may not be a faithful ally to Taiwan? Do we really support freedom & democracy?

There are some in Washington that do not support Taiwan.
Democratic V.P. Candidate Joe Biden has stressed that he does
not see China as a hostile country and that he does not support
Taiwan Independence.

What message is the United States again sending to Beijing? China was watching as the Russians invaded Georgia and now more than ever are taking notice that America may not be a faithful ally committed to freedom and democracy of Taiwan?

Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain, has pledged his staunch support of Taiwan, encouraging diplomacy to resolve controversies, reiterating his support for a "free and democratic Taiwan" emphasizing that China's intimidation of Taiwan and
military threats must never be tolerated.

Taiwan Strives For U.N. Participation

The 63rd session of the United Nations General Assembly will open on Tuesday, September 16 seventeen diplomatic allies of Taiwan have submitted to the U.N. Secretariat a proposal titled "Need to Examine the Fundamental Rights of the 23 Million People of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Participate meaningfully in the Activities of the United Nations Specialized Agencies" to be put on the provisional agenda of the General Assembly, as a supplementary item.

Its time to Welcome Taiwan to the United Nations

The Government of Taiwan, has called upon the International Community to support Taiwan's international participation and Taiwan appeals to China to understand the views and hopes of Taiwan's
23 Million People and to respond to the efforts of Taiwan, which strives for meaningful participation in the U.N. specialized agencies with good will and flexibility.

The United Nations should be willing to open their arms to all members of the international community. The U.N. Specialized Agencies, can influence the well being of the 23 Million People in Taiwan

Taiwan feels a duty to give back to the world community and hopes to gain broader support from the international community as it lays a foundation for her long term participation in the United Nations.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Zhang Hui Mei: Cinderella Hui Gu Niang

Cinderella Hui Gu Niang

Wo Hen, Wo Ai Ni

Still my favorite Taiwan Artist

A-Mei MySpace.com

Cheng Shi De Xiang Ni

Cheng Shi De Xiang Ni
Honestly Think Of You

Album: Ying Xin Chao Ren

Amber Guo Cai Jie---Taiwan

Democrats Cite "One China Policy" For Taiwan

Amidst the increasingly contentious election campaign in the U.S. the Democrats and Republicans have declared their party platforms regarding issues of major consequence for Asia.

The Democratic Party contains 19 lines dealing with Asia, 11 of them on Taiwan.

By contract the Republican Party has 98 lines dealing with Asia,
15 of them on the Taiwan Relations Act and 29 dealing with China. Important countries have become independent, among them Taiwan. Treated as separate from China, Taiwan is listed ahead of China.

The Democratic Party Platform just cites the "One China Policy" and the "Taiwan Relations Act" in a general way and also expresses support for the status quo in cross strait ties saying that this was beneficial for the people of Taiwan and in harmony with their wishes.
It is also the peaceful way of resolving the issue.

On August 31 I wrote here that approximately 300,000 people were in attendance at a rally in Taiwan regarding compromises on Taiwan's sovereignty. The Democrats have it wrong.

Republican Party policies are more detailed when it comes to cross strait ties. They warn China not to act recklessly against Taiwan. Under the "Taiwan Relations Act" the U.S. is obliged to help defend Taiwan. The policies state that the U.S. should help Taiwan join the World Health Organization and other international bodies.

The Republican Party platform does not cite the "One China Policy" but states that the U.S. would abide by the "Taiwan Relations Act."

Taiwan is a model of a sound democracy and economy, the Republican Party platform says that the U.S. should continue to develop ties with Taiwan.

The Republican Party especially emphasizes that Taiwan is a faithful friend and that the U.S. should support its democracy by selling defensive weaponry and its bid to join the WHO, the United Nations and other international bodies.

Read the full article here "On Taiwan, Republican platform more detailed than Democrats" from Taiwan News