Saturday, February 28, 2009

Paul Harvey 1918-2009

Paul Harvey and his wife Lynne holding a street sign bearing his name in Chicago---a one block stretch of East Wacker Drive was renamed in 1988 in honor of the well known broadcaster.

The long time radio commentator died today surrounded by his family at a hospital in Phoenix.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Supreme Court Reverses 9th Circuit---Again

On the 24 February, the U.S. Supreme Court reversed the U.S. 9th Circuit in the matter under the caption of Ysursa, et. al. v. Pocatello Education Association, et. al. 07-869

In this matter, the 9th Circuit read into the First Amendment a "Right" of a public employee unions to utilize public payroll deductions for political purposes. The U.S. Supreme Court upheld an Idaho law that bars local governments from making payroll deductions to pay for political activities by labor unions.

The impact of the Supreme Court decision is immediate, allowing unionized workers to decide whether or not they would like to donate funds to a union's political arm.

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Harry Reid: Constitution Is Irrelevant

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV lecturing us why the Constitution isn't relevant---Dem's pass voting rights bill for
District of Columbia 61-37

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Ryanair Airlines: Pay-As-You-Go Lavatory

Via Telegraph UK

Michael O'Leary may think he is running the worlds favorite airline
but I have news for him---I don't think so.

Ryanair says that they may charge for use of it's lavatories.

Citi Bank Gets Third Bailout

When do the bailouts end ? The Obama Administration will
boost the taxpayers stake in the troubled bank by 36% with an additional stimulus of $25 Billion in capital infusion by converting preferred stock into common stock.

Citi Bank shares fell to $1.69 before the opening bell this morning on news that Obama is nationalizing the ailing institution. Stockholders will see their equity positions shrink.

In October, I wrote here that President Bush told the American people, that nationalizing banks was only temporary---Riiight

More here U.S. Boosts Citigroup Stake In Third Rescue Attempt

Clinton Criticizes Israel For It's Treatment Of Islamic Jihad Terrorist Thugs

Hillary Clinton meeting with American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Washington on June 4 while campaigning for President, in which she gave unequivocal support for Israel. Bill and Hillary Clinton, are known to say whatever is politically expedient but having no firm convictions on anything.

In a swift about face from her views in June while a New York Senator, now Secretary of State Clinton, is criticizing Israel over its treatment of Palestinians in Gaza.

Why should this be a big shock? Typical Clintonspeak.

This week I wrote here that Chinese Authorities have followed Clinton's counsel and have begun training Chinese Communist Party officials on how to suppress political protests and stifle free speech.

While recently visiting Beijing, Clinton told Chinese leaders that "money is more important than human rights."

On the 08 February, PerthNow reports that Palestinian Jihadist Terrorist Thugs continue to indiscriminately fire Rockets into Israel from Gaza.

So in other words, it is now the policy of the Obama Administration that Israel does not have the right to defend itself against Islamic Jihadists that continue to launch rockets and mortars from Gaza into Israel ?

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obama Administration Wants To Roll Back Second Amendment Rights

Via CNS News

Attorney General Eric Holder said today that the Obama Administration wants to reinstate the assault weapons ban that was allowed to expire under the Bush Administration and ban the sales
of semi-automatic weapons.

Semi-automatic weapons fire once for each trigger pull and account
for about 15% of the 250 million privately owned firearms in the
United States.

Last year the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the D.C. gun ban District of Columbia, v. Heller 07-290 declaring that a ban on handgun ownership in the home was unconstitutional.

Didn't Eric Holder take an oath to defend the Constitution of the
United States before he assumed his office?

Obama $1 Trillion In Tax Hikes On Everyone

Obama promises to soak the rich to make up for his proposed
$1.75 Trillion Dollar deficit but there isn't enough money there
to pay for the Dem's grandiose spending spree.

"The One" has now proposed new taxes on individuals making over $250,000 and businesses starting in 2011 a sure fire way to slow the economy down or drag the USA into another recession.

Who pays business taxes? The consumer of course---businesses have to pass along their costs to their customer's, resulting in higher prices for everyone including the working poor that can least afford them.

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"The One"---Era Of Ethic Responsibility? Proposes $1.75 Trillion Dollar Budget Deficit

There was a time that candidate Obama claimed that he was a proponent of pay as you go saying, "...every dollar that I've proposed, I've proposed an additional cut so that it matches....we're going to have to embrace a culture and an ethic of responsibility, all of us...may be living beyond our means..."

That was in October, 2008 when "The One" was holding revival meetings promising, Change, Change, coming to America.

Now 4 months later President Obama, has laid out a budget plan
which forecasts the largest budget deficit since World War
of $1.75 Trillion Dollars this year and a $1.17 Trillion Dollar Deficit
next year

More here from Reuters

Democrats Porky Congress

Congress continues it's spending spree initiatives:

$238,000 for Polynesian Voyaging Society of Honolulu;

$475,000 to expand Italian American Museum;

$950,000 to convert railroad bridge over Hudson River into a pedestrian walkway;

$4.5 Million for new park in NYC;

$1.7 Million for "Swine Odor & Manure Management Research" this should be something near and dear to Dem's hearts.

Rest here from NY Post

Pelosi: Dem's Unhappy With Obama "Change" Iraq Policy

The One did promise Change---House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA complains that Democrats may be reluctant to embrace Obama's slower withdrawal from Iraq, than he promised during the campaign.

Rest here from Politico

Biden Forgets Web Site Number???

Biden who's in charge with overseeing the latest $800 Billion Dollars
in stimulus money is a bit challenged when it comes to knowing the address for the government website and in a response to a question
on the CBS Early Show yesterday asks, what the website number is?



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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WBAL TV---NBC Baltimore Reporter Fired For Doctored Video

Via Baltimore Sun

WBAL-TV has fired a Reporter for altering a video in such a way
to put false and inflammatory words into the mouth of FOX News
John Gibson.

The video was doctored by John Sanders who covered technology issues and produced promotional videos for WBAL---NBC Baltimore.

Huff Po last week reported the video to be authentic and has now printed a retraction and an apology.

More here from FOX News

H/T: Xiao-Mei---Xiexie

Eluding The Cat---Netizens In China Investigate?

Via nddaily

Li Shufen, drowned in Weng'an---the Police Report mentioned "doing push-ups."

When a young man Li Qiaoming died in a detention facility the Police Report said, "he ran into a wall when he tried to elude a cat."

Li Qiaoming, 24 of Yuxi Beicheng Town, was arrested for cutting
down trees, on the 30 January, he was sent to a detention center, on the 08 February, he was sent to a hospital on an account of an injury,
four days later he died, cause of death, severe brain injury.


Netizens on investigative committee or being manipulated by
Chinese Authorities for cover-up?

More here from Corner Attorney

Millions Quitting Chinese Communist Party

Beneath the media censorship and Internet Blockcades of China, a movement is spreading like wildfire with the potential to put an end
to the ruling communist regime.

The Tuidang or Quit the Party movement has seen a wave of Chinese withdrawing the memberships from the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. This month the number of withdrawals have exceeded 50 million.

According to Global Service Center For Quitting The CCP David Gao says, for many living under strict control of the CCP, Tuidang is seen as the only hope for a peaceful picture.

Rest here from The Epoch Times

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

China's Littlest Quake Hero Returns Home

Via Peoples Daily Online

China's littlest Sichuan Earthquake hero, returned to his hometown after spending the last 6 months in Shanghai, where he received medical care and schooling following the catastrophic 8.0 earthquake last year.

Lin Hao, saved two of his classmates---his bravery captivated the nation and the world.

On the 08 August, I wrote here that Lin Hao along with NBA Basketball star Yao Ming, led the Chinese team during the opening cermonies of Beijing 2008

Beichuan Middle School---Wall Map Of China Survives Devastating 8.0 Earthquake

A young girl stands next to a wall map of China that survived the catastrophic 8.0 magnitude earthquake at Beichuan Middle School, Sichuan Province.

On the 25 January, I wrote here that parents and classmates visited the site of Beichuan Middle School ahead of Chinese Spring Festival.

God have mercy

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Chinese Authorities Follow Clinton's Advice

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meeting with Chinese Premier
Wen Jiabao in Beijing during her visit last week. Last week I wrote here
that Hillary Clinton said, money is more important than human rights.

Chinese authorities have wasted no time in following Clinton's advice and have begun training CCP officials on suppressing political protests and stifling speech.

According to Epoch Times 450 officials have arrived in Beijing for a
10 day course on quashing mass political dissent. Communist Officials Train To Disperse Unrest in Chinese from Epoch Times

More here China prepares to clamp down on worker's protests

"The One" Names Biden Stimulus Czar

Just what America needs to restore confidence in the markets.
Obama says Joe Biden will be overseeing the Dem's spending spree.

Isn't that a little like a fox guarding the hen house?

More here from Hot Air

Dems Propose Another Spending Spree Which Includes 9,000 Earmarks

Via Yahoo Finance

House Democrats have unveiled their latest $410 Billion Dollars spending spree this comes on the heels of Obama's Stimulus Bill
and promises to cut the deficit in 4 years---Riiight

The Dem Omnibus Spending bill includes 9,000 earmarks, some of these:

$200,000 for Tattoo Removal;

$5.8 Million for Teddy Kennendy's Institute for the Senate

$473,000 for National Council of La Raza

More here from Michelle Malkin

MSM Duped Republishes Fictional Story

Via Daqi

On the 15 February the Peninsula Metropolis Daily published a fabricated story about 5 Mistresses having an accident and driving
off a cliff in Qingdao, China. Subsequent to the story, an investigation determined that the reporter Yi Lei, plagiarized the story.

In the February 2009 issue of Ziyin Magazine, it was announced that
Yi Lei had been fired for violating the relevant regulations of the editorial team, damaging the credibility of the newspaper and misleading readers.

Without verifying the story CNN, Time Magazine, NY Daily News and others republished the fictional story, where is the retraction that they were duped ?

More here from Shanghaiist in English

Monday, February 23, 2009

Obamanomics---Raise Taxes In A Recession

After exploding the budget deficit in the past 2 weeks by signing into law the massive $1 Trillion Dollar Dem spending spree, now "The One" wants to raise taxes during a recession.


Raising the tax burden on those who create jobs is the surest way to slow the economy even more lengthening the recession.

More here from Hot Air


75% of Americans are scared about the state of the country sounds
like the American public are losing confidence in "The One" at an accelerated clip.

During a financial crisis Obama is giving $1 Billion to Hamas

Stock Market Falls To 12 Year Low

Via Yahoo Finance

The Dow Jones industrial average continue its downward spiral after "The One" reassured the markets last week by signing into law the massive $1 Trillion Dollar Stimulus Plan.

Last week I wrote here that the Dow Jones fell to a 6 year low.

Chinese Mother's Nightmare---Lose Hope


Three Mothers from the same Province in China, lose their children, hope and are shamed in the community where they live because of unpaid debts and expenses as a result of a reckless driver in Central Ohio.

Two years after the tragic accident, the Women wade through a cultural morass, struggling with American laws and language barriers as they work to recoup the tens of thousands of dollars borrowed to educate and bury their beloved children.

These grieving Mothers have lost their pride and possibility for a bright future in China---a families future often is dependent of the education of their children and parents routinely mortgage their homes and go into debt to pay for their child's education.

Funds were collected by Urbana University to help pay for final expenses but the money has been held up by the university citing unpaid funeral costs, now the Chinese Mother's are pleading for help from anyone they can possibly think of.

God Have Mercy

More here from Dayton Daily News


Nearly $10,000 collected for grieving families

Urbana University puts hold on money until funeral bills are paid

H/T: Xiao-Mei---Xiexie

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Remembering George Washington

Today is the anniversary of George Washington's Birthday. Of all the great men of the Revolutionary War era to whom we owe our freedom, Washington's greatness was the rarest and the most needed. At this remove in time, it is also the hardest to comprehend.

Take for example, Washington's contribution to the Constitutional Convention of 1787, Washington's mere presence lent the undertaking and its handiwork the legitimacy that resulted in success. The convention's first order of business was the election of a presiding officer. Washington was the Delegates unanimous choice.

Presiding over the convention during that fateful Summer, Washington said virtually nothing. In his wonderful book on Washington, Richard Brookhiser notes: "The esteem in which Washington was held affected his fellow delegates first of all...Washington did not want to wield the power he possessed by speaking. Apart from his lecture on secrecy, Washington did not address the convention between the first day and the last."

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sec. of Energy Chu: Its not in my job description


Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, doesn't seem to know what his job is? On Thursday when asked what message the Obama Administration had for OPEC, Chu replied, "I am not the Administration, I will be speaking and learning more about this in order to figure out what the U.S. position should be and what the President's position is."

Traditionally the head of the Department of Energy has taken the lead on global oil market policy.

More here from Hot Air

Hillary Clinton: Money Is More Important Than Chinese Human Rights



So let me get this straight---U.S. Secretary of State Clinton is saying that money is more important than human rights?

This is now USA policy?

H/T: Xiao-Mei---Xiexie

British Children Told To Think Like A Shahid

Via Telegraph UK

Children are being told to imagine they are a suicide bomber and prepare a presentation on the July 7 Islamic Jihadist Bombing in Woburn Place, London which killed 52 innocent people.

More here from Pat Dollard

Friday, February 20, 2009

General Motors Stock Hits 70 Year Low


Whats going to happen to all the Bailout money that General Motors has already received when they have to inevitably file for Bankruptcy?

GM Shares hit 70 year low of $1.57 a share a price not seen since 1938

On Tuesday, GM said they need another $30 Billion Dollars from the taxpayers to avoid Bankruptcy.

Yesterday I wrote here Auto Bailouts---How Deep Is The Hole?

Congressman Clyburn: It's Racist Not To Accept Simulus Money


It is now Racist for a Governor to refuse to accept stimulus money
from the Federal Government---Huh?

Dow Jones Falls To 6 Year Low

Via Chicago Tribune

Three months after it looked like the stock market hit rock bottom,
the Dow Jones industrial average slumped Thursday to a 6 year low.

CNBC Host calls for Chicago Tea Party Rick Santelli and Traders
on CBOE expressing outrage that they may have to pay for their neighbors mortgage.

More here from CNBC "Would you join Chicago Tea Party?"

Iran Has Enough Uranium For Nuclear Bomb

Via The Corner---National Review

The United Nation reports that Iran has enough weapons grade uranium to produce a nuclear bomb.

This comes as "The One" has said that he is willing to sit down and talk with Iranian Fascist Ahmadinejad. What is it that Obama is going to talk about ?

IAEA finds new traces of Uranium in Syria from Ynet

Stupid Cop Confiscates Anti-Obama Sign

In the good old days in America, one could express political dissent without fear of arrest.

Police Officer's in Oklahoma City stopped a motorist and confiscated
a sign from his car, telling him while he had a right to his beliefs, the U.S. Secret Service "could construe this as a threat against President Obama."

The sign read: "Abort Obama Not The Unborn."

I am thinking, it may be time for Cop's in Oklahoma City to go back
to little cop school ?

More here from

H/T: Hot Air

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Auto Bailouts---How Deep Is The Hole?

Our auto industry has a hole in it. What we need to figure out is whether that hole is repairable or broken beyond repair. When you have a hole in your roof, you call a Roofer and have the hole patched. When your coffee cup has a hole in it, you throw it out and replace it with a new one.

When will out government figure out whether GM, Ford and Chrysler are cups or roofs ?

Giving bail out money to the auto industry is like giving a microscope to a blind man. The auto industry has been in trouble for decades, without the vision to see where it was heading and what it would take to get there. Their market share and sales have steadily declined and they have burned away billion in capital. The amazing thing is that they have continued to blindly move ahead without even looking at their more successful competitors to see how and why they were creating a better product, marketing it more successfully and doing both for less money.

Have General Motors, Ford and Chrysler considered what the auto buying public really wants? How about a reasonably priced vehicle that is safe, fuel efficient and inexpensively repaired ?

Continue reading here from City Watch---Rickey M. Gelb

China Blocking Catholic Sites To Curb Porn

Under the pretext to fight pornography, Chinese authorities are now blocking access to Catholic websites such as Radio Veritas of Asia,
the website of the Chinese Regional Bishops Conference, all of the Catholic sites in Taiwan and of the Diocese in Hong Kong

Chinese authorities in state sponsored Peoples Daily Online claim
that Netizens Call For Extension of Anti-Porn Crackdown---Riiight
If anyone believes that, I have some choice swamp land in Florida that I can let go cheap.

On the 06 January, I wrote here that Chinese authorities had begun a major crackdown on Google and other sites such as Baidu, restricting Internet access.

More here from Asia News

U.S. Marshals Search For Clinton Pal Accused Of $8 Billion Fraud & Laundering Drug Money

The SEC fraud charges may be the least of financial scammer Allen Stanford's troubles, federal authorities report that the FBI has been investigating whether Stanford may have been laundering money for the Mexican Drug Cartel.

Last year Stanford was a popular fellow at the DNC Convention, hugged by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA and praised by former President Bill Clinton, for helping to finance a convention related forum and related forums during the 2008 DNC Convention.

More here from ABC News

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2009 World Winter University Games Open

Artists perform during the opening ceremonies of the 2009 World Winter University Games in China, Harbin this evening.

Flag Bearers marching during the opening ceremonies as China is hosting the 24th Winter Universiade Games, the 11 day event runs through 28 February. Chinese dancers perform during the opening ceremonies in Harbin which is well known for its spectacular ice festival held each year.

More here from China View

America's--Israeli Election

An Israel election official holding a ballot while tallying votes at the Knesset in Jerusalem last week.

What would happen if America's 2008 Presidential Election had run under Israel's election rules?

Hillary Clinton's Progressive Democratic Party composed of centrist defectors from the Democratic and Republican parties, wins 100 seats in the 435 seat lower house of Congress but Barack Obama, winner of the Democratic Party nomination, picks up 47 seats that otherwise would have gone to Hillary.

The leading right-wing parties composed of Fred Thompson's 96 votes, Libertarian Ron Paul's 54 and Christian Conservative Mike Huckabee 34, totals 184 seats. Adding seats from John McCain's National Service Party (19); Mitt Romney's New Economy Party (15); Sara Palin's Energy Independence Party (12) and Newt Gingrich's Win the Future Party (10) all right-wing parties total 240 seats, a clear majority.

As no single party won a solo majority, the Speaker of the House would have to decide which parties Presidential candidate should try to form a government. Nancy Pelosi could ask Hillary Clinton to form a government but the right wing parties could respond by forming a "blocking coalition" of 240 votes to guarantee that Hillary's coalition would fail. If Pelosi refused to invite Thompson to form a government, candidates would gear up for a re-run of the Presidential contest. The cycle would begin again and we would still not have chosen a President.

If that kind of process seems chaotic, that's because it is.

Rest here by John Wohlstetter,

Nancy Pelosi Meets With Pope, What Meeting Did She Attend?

Via US News & World Report

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA reviews the Honor Guard with Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi during a meeting at Villa Madama
in Rome.

It was interesting to hear about Pelosi's meeting with Pope Benedict VXI today and the two versions of what transpired. Were they at the same meeting?

More here from KTVU San Francisco

Vatican Statement on Pope's Meeting With Nancy Pelosi

TSA: XXX Body Scanners Now In Tulsa

Via USA Today

A TSA Body scanner photo taken on April 17, 2008 at Los Angeles International Airport of a passenger---TSA has begun replacing metal detectors at airports with body scanners.

The government claims that the image can not be stored, printed on transmitted and no one other than the TSA Screener's will view them---they lie.

The Obama Administration has a double standard when it comes to civil liberties and fourth amendment protections against unreasonable, intrusive searches and seizures.

The One has pledged that the United States does not have "to continue with the false choice between our safety and our ideals" when he executed an Executive Order to close Guantanamo Bay adding, "...this is me following through...on an understanding that dates back to our founding fathers, that we are willing to observe core standards of conduct not just when its easy but also when its hard."

Riiight ?

In April, 2008 I wrote here that the TSA were testing the XXX full image body scanners at LAX, JFK & Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport's and will soon be coming to a city near you.

Dow Falls To Near 10 Year Low

The Obama Administration and Democrat majority in Congress have not instilled a lot of confidence in the financial markets---the Dow Jones lost 300 points on Tuesday after "The One" signed into law
the largest spending bill in the history of the U.S. $787 Billion Dollars which will exceed $1 Trillion with interest.

Obama announced in Denver that it is the "beginning of the end" of the worst economic crisis in 80 years---the worlds financial markets may not share the confidence that "The One" has in his grandiose spending spree?

More here from International Herald Tribune

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shanghai Native & NYU Law School Grad Killed In NYC By Drunk Cop

Via Downtown Express

Marilyn Feng spent Friday night at a dance party near the Empire State Building, walking back home with her boyfriend, the young couple was struck by a drunken NJ Cop, killing Feng and seriously injuring her boy friend. So tragic, God have mercy.

Bonnie Wong, President of Asia Women in Business said of Feng, "She was a really sweet young woman, she was adorable, sweet and always smiling---a very pleasant type person."

The shameless mother of the drunken Cop who killed Feng, claims her son wasn't to blame saying, "It was her son went out and had a couple of drinks. He deserves to have a good time now and then."

More here from NY Daily News

San Francisco Rally Supporting 50 Million Who Have Quit Chinese Communist Party

Via Epoch Times/Chinese

On Saturday, Northern California Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party held a rally at Portsmouth Square to
support the 50 million who have withdrawn from the CCP along
with its affiliated organizations.

Ma Youzhi, a representative of the California organization addressed the crowds gathered and said it was a really big day to celebrate all those who have withdrawn from the CCP as the "CCP is really scared of people quitting the party."

Zhang Xuerong, one of the rally hosts said that "anyone who has a conscience should step forward and publicly quit the CCP...quitting the CCP is the most peaceful way to refuse the evil and to disintegrate the party."

More here in English from the Epoch Times