Monday, February 23, 2009

Chinese Mother's Nightmare---Lose Hope


Three Mothers from the same Province in China, lose their children, hope and are shamed in the community where they live because of unpaid debts and expenses as a result of a reckless driver in Central Ohio.

Two years after the tragic accident, the Women wade through a cultural morass, struggling with American laws and language barriers as they work to recoup the tens of thousands of dollars borrowed to educate and bury their beloved children.

These grieving Mothers have lost their pride and possibility for a bright future in China---a families future often is dependent of the education of their children and parents routinely mortgage their homes and go into debt to pay for their child's education.

Funds were collected by Urbana University to help pay for final expenses but the money has been held up by the university citing unpaid funeral costs, now the Chinese Mother's are pleading for help from anyone they can possibly think of.

God Have Mercy

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Urbana University puts hold on money until funeral bills are paid

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