Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cute Video Interracial Love

Our children are color blind, shouldn't we keep them that way?


World in 30 Years

China Forced "Black Market" Organ Harvesting Hu Jie, lost one Kidney in a hospital subsequent to being wheeled, menaced and abducted by local Kidney Dealers, forcibly anesthetized him, slicing open his abdomen and removing a kidney.

While Hu Jie had considered selling one kidney for 40,000 Yuan ($6105 USD) to pay off his debts...when Hu reconsidered, Kidney Dealers didn't allow him to say no, they seized his bank cards, cellphone, baggage and ID threatening to kill him if he didn't comply with their demands.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chinese Communist Party 90th Anniversary Rally

Sina/English: Children performing as over 10,000 members and their families gather for a rally to kick off the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) 90th Anniversary in Chongqing.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

China, Wuhan University Sakura Blossoms

Sakura Blossoms Wuhan University

Thousands of people flock to Wuhan University Sunday to view the Sakura Blossoms, the Sakura Trees were a gift from Japan

View more pictures here from Red Net


Monday, March 28, 2011

Extraordinary Love Story Of 119 Wet Nurses Working For Free In Rural China

QQ Its a quiet ordinary rural Chinese village where people still live in "Cave Houses" small dwellings built into the side of hills and mountains but the Women in this small village have been doing something extraordinary for more than half a century and its not until a few days ago, that it come to the attention of the whole country.

In a small village with no more than 150 families living there, 119 Women are working as wet nurses---In 1968 the Women begun fostering orphans from the nursery for free, they've raised more than 1300 orphans from the nursery.

To be a Wet Nurse, a Woman needs to be healthy, caring for children, educated, financially stable, married and have experience caring for children.

The Wet Nurses work for free---Years ago the Women raised the children for the monthly stipend, today they carry on the tradition out of love.

Extraordinary Love Story--Village of 119 Wet Nurses in Rural China

Saturday, March 26, 2011

China Democracy Activist Liu Xianbin Sentenced to 10 Years for Writing Essays

Human Rights Activists in Hong Kong, protest the confinement of Liu Xianbin who was arrested in June, 2010 on "subverting state power" for his online writings.

China Sentences Liu Xianbin to 10 years for Writing Essays --Epoch Times

More here from Human Rights in China

Friday, March 25, 2011

China, Wuhan Forced Evictions Victims Protest

Nearly 300 Chinese gathered outside Wuhan Intermediate Court on 15 March, to protest a lawsuit against Zou Bin, a severely handicapped man.

Zou who is wheelchair bound and cannot speak was accused of causing "intentional injury to a pair of a group that attacked his Mother Zou Houzhen, in an attempt to force her to vacate her apartment.

Locals were incensed by the allegations, particularly given the sensitive background circumstances: Forced evictions inspire deep resentment towards authorities in China.

While 300 had gathered including victims of forced evictions and demolition from elsewhere in the city, only 100 were eventually allowed into the court room. The others kept vigil outside the court house, sharing their doubts about the alleged death and injury that Zou Bin was accused of affecting, as two men forced their way into his mother home attempting to evict them.

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Tomorrow Will Be Better Day

H/T: Li Jing

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

China 19th Anniversary World Water Day

Child holding a balloon with two characters which says "Saving Water" to promote the 19th Anniversary of World Water Day on 22 March

Child and his Father view a poster which promotes World Water Day

Children expressing their concepts of water through drawing pictures to promote World Water Day at Square in Jinan, Shandong Province on Sunday.

More photos here of posters on exhibit in China, Jiangsu Province

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Even In Death, I'll Love

ba meitian dandcheng shi mori lai xiang ai

(Take every day like its the last day you have to love each other)

yi fen yi miao duo mei dao leishui diao xialai

(Each minute and each second are all so beautiful that tears fall down)

buli hui bieren shi kan hao huo kan huai

(Ignore whether other people will think good or will think bad)

zhiyao ni yaonggan gen wo lai

(So long as your brave follow me)

ai buyong keyi anpai

(Love doesn't need a meticulous plan)

ping ganjue qu qinwen xiang yong jiu hui hen yukuai

(Rely on feelings, go kiss and embrace each other, it'll be delightful)

xiangshou xianzai bie yi kaihuai jiu pa shoushanghai

(Enjoy the present, don't open up your heart and then just be afraid of injury)

xuduo qiji women xiangxin cai hui cunzai

(Many miracles we believe there can be)


sile dou yao ai

(Even in Death I'll love)

bu linlijinzhi bu tongkuai

(Not joyful unless totally unrestrained)

ganqing duo shen zhiyou zhe yang

(Only deeper affection can in this way)

cai zugou biaobai

(be enough to vindicate)

sile dou yao ai

(Even in death I'll want love)

bu ku dao weixao bu tongkuai

(Not joyful unless crying until smiling)

yuzhou huimei xin hai zai

(The universe perishes but my heart is still here)

--End Chorus--

qiongtumolu dou yao ai

(Even at the end of road, there is no way out I'll love you)

bu jidu langman bu tongkuai

(Not joyful unless extremely romantic)

fa hui xuebai tu hui yanmai

(Hair will turn snow white, dust will bury)

sinian bu fuhuai

(longing doesn't rot)

dao jue lu duo yao ai

(Even at dead end road I love)

bu tian huangdi lao bu tongkuai

(Not joyful unless heaven and earth pass away)

bupa reai bian huo hai

(Not afraid for passion to become fiery sea)

ai dao feiteng cai jiang cai

(After love comes to boil its magnificent)

Shin Official Website

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Lao Shu Ai Da Mi---Mouse Loves Rice

Thursday, March 17, 2011

首都航空空姐热舞! 原住民阿姨看傻了!!!

Capital Airlines Flight Attendants Dance to Lady Gaga Music while performing safety demonstrations.

H/T: YouKu

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Taiwan Former Journalist Bringing Smiles To Dayingpan Leprosy Village Children

Over a decade Zhang Pingyi fund raised, tackled authorities, to set up China's first formal school within a leprosy village, becoming a Teacher, Mother and Friend to Sichuanese Children.

Zhang could never forget the children and 'the emptiness in their eyes' after her first visit to Sichuan & Yunnan Leprosy Villages 11 years ago, she decided to bring them hope through education, even if it meant getting out of her comfort zone and challenging old mindsets.

There are about 800 Leprosy Villages in China which have been secluded and isolated for a long time---its hard for these children to attend formal school because of discrimination.

Despite what her Wings of Hope team accomplished in the Dayingpan Leprosy Village, there is more to be done.

Rest here from Gochengdoo

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beijing School Children Required To Salute Chinese Communist Party Flag

Beijing Municipal Authorities now require that elementary students salute the Chinese Communist Party Flag during the monthly national flag raising ceremony---the policy took effect on the 21 February with the start of Spring Semester.

The Communist Party Beijing Youth League launched the campaign to be carried out through October.

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Angered Passengers Beat Bossy Air China Platinum Card Holders --Apple Daily

哐哐哐动画 炸学校

Blowing Up the School