Monday, March 28, 2011

Extraordinary Love Story Of 119 Wet Nurses Working For Free In Rural China

QQ Its a quiet ordinary rural Chinese village where people still live in "Cave Houses" small dwellings built into the side of hills and mountains but the Women in this small village have been doing something extraordinary for more than half a century and its not until a few days ago, that it come to the attention of the whole country.

In a small village with no more than 150 families living there, 119 Women are working as wet nurses---In 1968 the Women begun fostering orphans from the nursery for free, they've raised more than 1300 orphans from the nursery.

To be a Wet Nurse, a Woman needs to be healthy, caring for children, educated, financially stable, married and have experience caring for children.

The Wet Nurses work for free---Years ago the Women raised the children for the monthly stipend, today they carry on the tradition out of love.

Extraordinary Love Story--Village of 119 Wet Nurses in Rural China