Thursday, July 31, 2008

Obama Loses 8 Points in 4 Days

Before the "Whirlwind Peace Tour" Obama enjoyed a lead in the polls, at least that is what the Dinosaur Media kept telling us.

Since Barack Hussein Obama, has returned from campaigning for the Presidency of the World, in the United States where it of course only really matters, Barry has lost 8 points in the polls in 4 days and is at a virtual tie with Senator McCain.

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McCain Ad Angers Big Donors

The Hilton Family finally was happy that it appeared that Paris was getting her act together after hitting rock bottom last year.

Michelle Malkin writes that the Hilton Family which have been donors to the McCain Campaign are miffed by the ad yesterday which featured Paris Hilton.

While I thought the ad was cute and did get people talking sending the message intended, it maybe isn't such a good idea to diss your large contributors.

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Michelle Malkin

Obama: If You Don't Vote For Me Your A Racist

Obama said today, Republican's will try to scare voters by saying, "he doesn't look like all those other President's on the dollar bills."

"What they are going to try to do is make you scared of me, he's not patriotic enough, he got a funny name, you know he doesn't look like all those President's on the dollar bills."

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Congressional Report Card---Failed Congress

The National Republican Congressional Committee has been pretty quiet this electoral cycle but it looks like they are ready to get into the game. The NRCC, has a new video out entitled Democrats: An Agenda Americans Just Can't Afford

This is the message that Republican's have to hammer home, especially in August when Nancy Pelosi, D-CA and Harry Reid, D-NV send Congress home without doing anything to increase domestic production of oil.

Gas prices increases have hit everyone across the board and make energy extremely personal---and the Democrats want to do nothing to increase domestic supplies or correct it.

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National Immigrant Bond Fund

U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agents have raided workplaces across the country, detaining and separating families from their loved ones.

ICE Agents have detained, shackled and pushed Men & Women alike through Hearings in which these Detainees have been deprived adequate legal representation, including Attorneys of their choice. In some cases, ICE have flown Detainees, thousands of miles away from their families to be tried in detention centers on the Border.

These harsh enforcement actions are causing economic, constitutional and a humanitarian crisis in the United States.

Legal experts agree, that the best chance Immigrant Detainees have to avoid deportation is to post Bond immediately and contest their case in Court. Posting Bond, establishes jurisdiction in the District where the arrest took place, thereby preventing ICE's rapid transfer of Detainees outside the District. Posting Bond also increases the Detainees ability to argue her/his case for a Stay of Deportation before a Judge. Lastly Detainees able to post Bond have better access to community resources and family support.

National Immigrant Bond Fund helps families remain intact and honors our nations commitment to human dignity and due process.

All persons detained by any Law Enforcement Agency in the United States are entitled to retain legal counsel of their choosing and assist in their own defense. Immigrant Detainees deserve no less than anyone else and their Rights must be protected by an Attorney.

More here from American Immigration Lawyers Assn.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Life Is Returning To Normal For Sichuan Earthquake Survivors

Xin Meng, touches new books donated by Chinese city residents at a book house in Beichuan County, Sichuan Province.

Students from Earthquake ravaged Sichuan Province attend a PE Class at a charity school in Changzhi, North China's Shanxi Province. Study and life is back to normal for 1,150 students and staff of Xuankou Middle School, after being relocated to the charity school in Changzhi.

Children are allocated books donated by residents of major Chinese cities. Children from Earthquake ravaged Sichuan Province, try on Firefighters Helmets during a summer camp in Changchun. A group of 200 children of the Qiang ethnic group participated in the summer camp to learn escape skills during emergencies.

A syudent from Sichuan Province, plays badminton at a charity school in Changzhi, Shanxi Province on July 27 during a PE Class.
Xinhua Photos.

Four sites were nominated for preservation, to serve as a testimony to an exhibition and commemoration of the devastating Sichuan Earthquake.

China is going to renovate 10 more quake battered relics.

Chinese religious movements from around the world, have contributed much to the relief and reconstruction work after the Sichuan Earthquake. More here from

Homestay Beijing 2008

A couple demonstrate Chinese Traditional Wedding Custom in the Guest Room of the Olympic Homestay dwelling No. 39 of the South Guanfang Hutong in Beijing.

Tour Guide Fenxia Li, shows the porcelain doorplate at the Olympic Homestay dwelling No.39

Photo taken on July 29 shows the wooden sculpture on the screen wall and more photos of the Olympic Homestay Dwelling No. 39 Xinhua Photos

598 Homestay Beijing homes were selected to supplement Beijing Hotels for the Olympics. The Olympic Family Hotels program was created in April offering foreign visitors the unique opportunity to experience the real lives of Chinese homes.

Barack Obama Audacity Watch

The Republican National Committee has launched a new website.

Barack Obama Audacity Watch

Spitter On An American Hero Identified

The video of the "Peace Protester" spitting on an American Iraq War Veteran which was covered on FOX News has been identified.

Her name is Anni Telfer, originally from Bakersfield, CA
Bakersfield H.S. Class of 2004...her claim to fame, is that she founded the very first chapter of the Gay-Straight Alliance Network at Bakersfield High School. One would think that she would probably be an advocate of tolerance by her participation in the "Peace Protest" near Santa Barbara a week ago.

More here from Pat Dollard

Rev. Jim Sutter: Ren Xin Bu Zu She Tun Xiang

Rev. Jim Sutter distinguishes himself as a man above all, the moral authority of everything good or bad.

You can never tell what one really thinks. Sincerity shows through ones actions rather than words and appearance.

Sutter's latest bashing China today cites Amnesty International articles in Chasing Evil latest diatribe.

A mans greed is like a snake that wants to swallow an elephant.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Western Wall Rabbi Apologizes But Wait...Obama Camp Leaks Note To The Press

Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz sends letter to Barack Hussein Obama apologizing and expressing his sorrow over the removal of the note from the Western Wailing Wall and its contents published by the press but wait---Obama Camp Leaked Western Wall Note To Press !!

More here The New Republic

No apology necessary Rabbi.

Update: Zheng Lang Leaves Hospital

On July 3rd I wrote here that Zheng Lang was visited in the hospital by Olympic Torch Bearer Zhen Wang---the young boy became an instant celebrity when he saluted his rescuers following the catastrophic
May 12 Sichuan Earthquake.

Here the boy poses for a photo having recovered when leaving Tangdu Hospital on Sunday in the arms of an Officer---seated with his father Hongdong Lang, his fractured left arm and partially amputated fingers have recovered well. Xinhua Photos

Islamic Terrorist Thugs Declare Jihad Against Beijing 2008

Workers are busy with decorating Tian'anmen Square with flowers in Central Beijing yesterday, more than 1 million basins of flowers will be placed to decorate Tian'anmen Square to Welcome the upcoming visitors attending Beijing 2008 Olympic & Paralympics Games. Xinhua Photos

More photos here from Peoples Daily Online

Israel President Shimon Peres, is looking forward in attending the Opening Ceremonies of Beijing 2008 on August 8 saying that the Chinese Government and People have made great efforts for the Beijing Olympics which is an International sporting event which is meant to promote a fraternity and peace between nations and that China has encountered misunderstanding.

While the world is looking forward in the Opening Day Ceremonies, Islamic Jihadist Terrorist Thugs have threatened to launch attacks with suicide bombings and biological weapons, claiming responsibility for a string of fatal bombings and explosions in China over recent weeks.

In a video released by IntelCenter, a terrorism monitoring group, a bearded man identified as "Commander Seyfullah" is seen reading a declaration of Jihad against the Olympics and warns athletes and spectators, especially Muslims to stay away. More here from
Times Online

Monday, July 28, 2008

House Majority Leader Refuses To Take Position On Oil Drilling

At his weekly Pen and Pad Briefing, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-MD refused to answer a Capital Hill Reporter's repeated question about whether he would vote to expand off shore drilling.

While gasoline hovers around $4.00 per gallon and polls show a majority of Americans support expanded domestic oil drilling, Republicans have pushed the issue on Capital Hill, demanding for instance, a vote to lift the Congressional ban on offshore drilling.

More here CNS

Two Of A Kind Together At Last

Barack Hussein Obama & Larry Craig finally together---the merger of a political campaign?

The Lewiston Tribune Reports that the button manufacturer made a boo-boo and meant to feature a different Larry who is running for the Senate in Idaho than Sen. Craig, who plead guilty following his arrest at an Airport, following a bathroom sex sting.

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Robert Novak Diagnosed With Brain Tumor

Today I have added Robert Novak to my prayer list, as this excellent Conservative Columnist has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

I've enjoyed over the years Robert Novak over the years, when on Crossfire he joined Tucker Carlson bringing a sense of logic to the lively discussion.

Michelle Malkin captures the true essence of Robert Novak today---I am sure that Michelle will join me in my prayers for this legendary Journalist, Author & Educator.

May God Bless You Mr. Novak

Democrats Woo Voters With Free Booze

Diana Gonzalez and Laura Adragna dance at the Party Politics event at Club Passion at the Hard Rock Casino. Party Politics wants to get more people involved in politics by inviting them to Nightclubs.

Drinks were free until midnight for this event as Chris Chiari, a Democratic Candidate for the Florida House of Representatives, mingles with the Generation Y crowd.

More here Miami

H/T: Hot Air

Why Hasn't Dinosaur Media Reported Before Obama Germany Speech Rock Bands Performed

Remember in May when the Dinosaur Media fawned over a huge crowd for Barack Hussein Obama in Portland, OR but chose not to report the free concert before the Obama speech---before Barry addressed the crowd in Germany last week, two popular German Bands Reggae Artist Patrice & Rock Band Reamonn were hired to entertain the gathering audience.

More from News Busters and Hot Air

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Obama: I Would Meet With Any Leader

At a Press Conference in Sderot, Israel a Reporter asked Barrack Hussein Obama about his plans to meet with Iranian Fascist President Ahmadinejad without preconditions, Obama back pedals a little but then goes on to say that he "would meet with any leader."

Ahmadinejad vows Israel & United States will soon be annihilated.

Watch the video here from

Dem's Oust Delegate Who Now Is Supporting John McCain

Wisconsin Democrats ousted a Pledged Delegate for Hillary Clinton to the DNC Convention, who says that she can not support Barack Hussein Obama and is instead supporting John McCain.

Debra Bartoshevich a 41 year old Mother & Nurse asked the Wisconsin Democratic Party Administrative Committee to be permitted to attend the Democratic National Convention as a Delegate for Clinton, she noted that she donated her time and money to Clinton and believes the former first lady is the best candidate.

The committee replaced Ms. Bartoshevich saying that she violated party rules to support the party's nominee and be faithful to the Democratic National Committee.

So much for the freedom to vote ones conscience in a General Election---Oh My !

More here from CNS

$7.5 Million Dollars For Golf

At least $7.5 Million Dollars of your money has been earmarked by Congress to fund a golfing program for young people.

Friday, July 25, 2008

WSJ: Energy Top Economic Issue For Voters

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll finds that Energy, including gasoline and utility costs ranks as the economic issue that voters say affect them the most personally. American want to use more domestic supplies instead of being so dependent on foreign supplies.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-CA a staunch opponent to off shore drilling and drilling in the Arctic has stated that she will not permit a vote to take place on the House Floor that would permit drilling for Oil. More here from Hot

In a new study just released by the U.S. Geological Survey, the area north of the Arctic Circle has an estimated 90 Billion barrels of undiscovered technically recoverable Oil and there is also 1,670 Trillion Cubic Feet of technically recoverable natural gas. More than half of the undiscovered oil resources are estimated to occur in just three geologic provinces Arctic Alaska, Amerasia Basin and East Greenland Rift Basins.

The Do Nothing Congress, will likely take their Summer Recess Break without passing any legislation to curb energy costs and for the first time in almost 60 years, the Congress now controlled by the Democrats will leave Washington in August to chase votes and vacation without passing any of the appropriations bills necessary for Fiscal Year 2009 which begins October 01

Code Pink Regularly Meets With Top Democrat

Code Pink, the anti-war group known for its frequent and sometimes raucous protests on Capital Hill, meets regularly with Senator
Evan Bayh, D-IN who serves on the Armed Services Committee & the Select Committee on Intelligence.

Bayh met with Code Pinker's last August and plans on meeting with them again in October, in addition to the meeting held behind closed doors yesterday.

More here from CNS

Obama: "People of Berlin, People of the World--this is our moment..."

Obama in Deutschland "This is our time..."

From 143 Days of Senate Experience to establishing an exploratory committee to seek the Presidency---Obama believed that he was now ready to be Commander in Chief.

New Poster comes from Michelle Malkin

Them Crazy Dumb-O-Crats...

Ohio Democratic Congressional Candidate Mary Jo Kilroy sends look alike to wave for her at a parade.

H/T: Patrick Poole

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama Putting Together Transition Team

Would a man with his own Presidential Seal be presumptuous?

Even before the Democratic National Convention or the Presidential Elections,
Barack Hussein Obama has started putting together his Presidential Transition Team on how he wants to move forward.

"Before they have even crossed the 50 yard line, the Obama Campaign is already dancing in the end zone with a new White House Transition Team. The American people are more concerned with Barack Obama's poor judgment and readiness to lead than his Inaugural Ball."
McCain Campaign Statement

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CBS Katie Couric Admits Media Is Infatuated With Barack Hussein Obama

With 200+ political pundits formally known as Journalist's following the Obama media circus as Barack Hussein Obama campaigns in the middle east for President---CBS Katie Couric admits a summer love fest and media infatuation for Obama.

Yesterday the McCain campaign released a YouTube video with various dinosaur media political talking heads expressing their love for Obama, set to music of
"I Can't Take My Eyes Off You." Watch the video here from

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yingxiu Town Zaijain to Rescuers

Residents of Yingxiu Town say Xiexie! Zaijain (Thank you! Good Bye) to Rescuers yesterday. A Woman expresses her gratitude, thanking them with homemade biscuits. Xinhua Photos

The International Federation of the Red Cross plans to spend about a third of its $95 Million USD to help Survivors of the catastrophic Sichuan Earthquake. The cost to rebuild the average home in Sichuan Province will cost approximately 80,000 Yuan ($11,375 USD) many of the Survivors lost everything.

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South Carolina Senator Criticized For Posting Picture In His Blog---Well, if the shoe fits...

State Senator Kevin Bryant has been criticized for posting the above picture on his blog. Bryant says that he is concerned about Barack Hussein Obama's foreign policy positions and his commitment on fighting terrorism.

Well, if the shoe fits...

Senator Bryant said, "I see a lot of hypocrisy of all the things that are said about our President, yet Senator Obama is untouchable. No body seems to have a problem when they bash Bush. It seems like a double standard to me."

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Dem's have a plan ??? Liberals know whats good for you, better than we do ourselves?

While oil prices continue to rise and consumers are paying more than $4.00 at the pump---a majority of Americans support less conservation programs and more drilling. According to a Pew Research Poll 47% of the 2,000 Americans surveyed rate energy exploration a top priority, just 5 months ago only 35% considered energy development a top priority.

The poll also discovered that a majority of Americans consider energy supplies more important than environmental concerns, increasing from 54% in February to 60% in June, the number of people that believe that drilling in the Alaska Arctic National Wildlife Refuge also increased.

On Monday, Senator Byron Dorgan, D-ND ducked reporters questions whether he would support lifting the Congressional ban to off shore drilling---74% of Americans support lifting the moratorium on new off shore oil drilling leases.

With the General Elections quickly approaching, the Dems which control the Congress are not listening to voters back home. Voters could hand them their pink slips in November. Democrats have now introduced legislation offering alternatives to driving.

The Transportation and Housing Options for Gas Relief Act of 2008 which would spend tax-payers money to expand public transportation, encourage pay-as-you-go auto insurance, increase more bike paths and walking trails and encouraging Americans to move to more urban areas by offering mortgage incentives.

Many Americans just happen to like living where they do and have no desire to live in cities---Liberals though know whats best for you because we are all just small minded people that can not think for ourselves.