Friday, March 25, 2011

China, Wuhan Forced Evictions Victims Protest

Nearly 300 Chinese gathered outside Wuhan Intermediate Court on 15 March, to protest a lawsuit against Zou Bin, a severely handicapped man.

Zou who is wheelchair bound and cannot speak was accused of causing "intentional injury to a pair of a group that attacked his Mother Zou Houzhen, in an attempt to force her to vacate her apartment.

Locals were incensed by the allegations, particularly given the sensitive background circumstances: Forced evictions inspire deep resentment towards authorities in China.

While 300 had gathered including victims of forced evictions and demolition from elsewhere in the city, only 100 were eventually allowed into the court room. The others kept vigil outside the court house, sharing their doubts about the alleged death and injury that Zou Bin was accused of affecting, as two men forced their way into his mother home attempting to evict them.

Rest here from Epoch Times

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