Friday, March 4, 2011

Taiwan Former Journalist Bringing Smiles To Dayingpan Leprosy Village Children

Over a decade Zhang Pingyi fund raised, tackled authorities, to set up China's first formal school within a leprosy village, becoming a Teacher, Mother and Friend to Sichuanese Children.

Zhang could never forget the children and 'the emptiness in their eyes' after her first visit to Sichuan & Yunnan Leprosy Villages 11 years ago, she decided to bring them hope through education, even if it meant getting out of her comfort zone and challenging old mindsets.

There are about 800 Leprosy Villages in China which have been secluded and isolated for a long time---its hard for these children to attend formal school because of discrimination.

Despite what her Wings of Hope team accomplished in the Dayingpan Leprosy Village, there is more to be done.

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