Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Former FBI Agent Missing In Iran

Robert Levinson went missing in Iran on March 11 from the Iranian island of Kish. From the day he went missing his family has not had any contact with him.

The United States having no Diplomatic Ties with Iran, is working through Swiss Diplomats to locate Mr. Levinson. The Financial Times reported in April, that it is feared that he is being detained by Iranian authorities based upon information on the last person who is believed to have had contact with Mr. Levinson.

Dawud Salahuddin, an American Islamic convert told the Financial Times that he had met with Bob Levinson on the 08 March at a Hotel in Kish to get help with Mr. Levinson's investigation into cigarette smuggling. Mr. Salahuddin claims that he was detained by Iranian authorities and questioned but subsequently released. When Salahuddin returned back to the Hotel, Mr. Levinson was gone. Iranian authorities claim that Mr. Levinson had flown to Dubia.

David Belfield, aka Dawud Salahuddin, aka Hassan Abdulrahman is wanted in the USA for the Murder of a former Iranian Diplomat Ali Akbar Tabatabai under the Shah. The Assassin in 1980 disguised as a Letter Carrier and driving a stolen Postal Vehicle, pulled up to Tabatabai home and shot him to death. Salahuddin then fled the country and was given refugee status by Iran in 1980. The fugitive has claimed that he does want to return to the USA and has said that he has a long distance relationship with a Police Detective. Salahuddin statements are suspicious and the fugitive from justice is not very credible.

There is speculation that Iranian authorities have kidnapped Mr. Levinson to force the United States into a prisoner swap, nothing can however be certain at this time.