Thursday, August 30, 2007

Islamic Propaganda War Against The USA

Islamic Terrorists have poisoned the Muslim public view against the United States through the use of the Internet. The battle of public opinion is just as vital to Terrorists as the War on the ground.

Terrorists can act quickly through the use of the Internet by using e-mail, Blogs and Instant Messaging to shape public opinion and rally their faithful.

Radio Islam, a slick web site of Muslim fanaticism and created with the support of Ahmed Rami, a Holocaust Denier and neo-Nazi convert. Rami's, hate filled anti-Semitic site wages a war of words of disinformation and Islamic venom.

Throughout its site, Radio Islam teaches hatred and bigotry against both Israel and the United States depicting photos of apes with human faces on a page titled Jewish Power USA with articles entitled "How Israeli Terrorism and American Treason Caused the September 11 Attacks" to "USA Rulers--They are all Jews!"

Terrorists utilize the Internet recruiting converts and advocate a perverse vision based on violence and destruction. Terrorists blame their grievances, perceived recent injustices and some in the past on both the United States and Israel, using rhetoric, lies and conspiracy theories to foster prejudices and self-serving propaganda.

Islamic teachers in Mosques teach idealism and train Muslims to criticize others for their own failings for Islam is seen as the perfect religion. Few Muslims realize this double-standard and hypocrisy, refusing to evaluate themselves and take responsibility for their faults.

The main stream media in the USA are fooled by Islamic propagandists as Jihadi manuals teach terrorists how to manipulate the press. One year ago, Western media blamed the Israel Defense Force for killing a child while going after Islamic Terrorists. Several days later it was revealed that the child actually died from a fall from a swing. (Israel Closes Gaza-Egypt Boarder Again--Jerusalem Post, 8-10-2006) This new information received little notice from the main stream media.

The War on Terror has many fronts and the propaganda war is but one of them.