Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Galactic Suite Hotel Opening in 2012 ???

Science Fiction was my first thought when I was reading about this in a Chinese Newspaper but discovered a Site about "Galactic Suite" the first hotel in space according to Barcelona based Architect Xavier Claramunt. Promising a 3 Night stay would cost travelers a bit more than $4 Million Dollars which includes: Round Trip Airfare; an 18 week training program on a tropical Caribbean Island; extra amenities have not yet all been worked out.

Xavier Claramunt claims to be backed by an unnamed U.S. Financier whose true intentions "...are to colonize Mars and he thinks this would be a step in the right direction."

The 2012 opening will permit guest to enjoy 15 sunrises a day, while wearing Velcro type suits to crawl around their Pod Rooms, Space Cadets will be encouraged to take part in scientific research? Galactic Suite has not provided any explanation what this may include?

Questions about this project and to make Hotel Reservations, send an e-mail to: Xavier Claramunt reservations@galacticsuite.com

Who knows, people laughed at the Wright Brothers, I'm sure.