Monday, August 27, 2007

Columbus, Ohio Police Officer Making Anti-Semitic Remarks on YouTube Prompts Investigation

The Columbus, Ohio Division of Police have launched an Internal Investigation after a YouTube Video surfaced today showing a 15 year veteran Police Officer Susan Purtee, seated to the left, making anti-Semitic statements.

Purtee states during the racist video, "We're going to investigate to see if the Jews are the problem in the United States..."

At one point in the video the Women discuss Adolf Hitler, one woman says, "...when Hitler tried to get rid of them, no other country wanted them..."

During another segment Purtee's co-host holds up a sign that says, "Jews are the Problem."

Columbus Rabbi Howard Apothaker says, "...I find the Internet videos especially disturbing...a Police Officer shouldn't demonstrate the views that appear in the video...she needs to show actively and not passively, that she doesn't hold some of those same views, within the performance of her duties.

The President of the Columbus Fraternal Order of Police President Jim Gilbert said that, "...Purtee is entitled to her opinion."

Should Purtee ever become a Witness at Trial, any video may become ammunition to attack her credibility as a Witness.

Columbus Attorney Sam Shamansky said, "...every time that you can establish that a Police Officer has a built in bias or prejudice, it gives you a leg up that you would never dream of having in a million years."

Story Courtesy of WBNS-TV, Columbus, Ohio