Monday, October 15, 2007

U.S. Soldiers Save Iraqi Boy's Life With Emergency Surgery

On October 9 Ahaip from Hollendia underwent a final surgery to correct a severe colon condition at Al Sadar Hospital. The boy looks on as Soldiers prepare a helicopter to air lift him along with his father to the hospital for surgery. Ahaip had underwent two surgeries previously.

Ahaip was born with an obstructed bowel at birth which resulted in him undergoing emergency surgery that left his intestines outside his body until U.S. Soldiers from the 97th Civil Affairs Battalion, from Ft. Bragg, NC found him.

Since May, the 3rd Squadron 1st. Cavalry Regiment has been working with Ahaip's family to help the boy lead a normal life. The final surgery lasted for about 2 hours and was a complete success.