Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fanaticism, Exclusion, Intolerance & Lunacy of Islamic Iran

Ahmadinejad who preached a diet rich in propaganda while in the United States and also claimed that Women enjoy freedom in Iran failed to mention the crackdown by the Iranian Morality Police being undertaken in the Fascist Iran.

The egomaniac Ahmadinejad requires one to examine the elaborate and intricate theology of this anti-Semitic lunatic who may be out of touch with reality.

In order to control society and human behavior, the fascist Iranian regime has banned access to news and information seizing satellite receivers, banned western music, the government now wants to ban Italian retailer Benetton claiming that fashions are a bad influence on female consumers. The fascists are attacking Immoral Cafe's, a male barber has been arrested in Iran for giving Women short haircuts, whats next for the Islamic morality guard which requires that Women obtain permission from their husband's before going out in public, working or engaging in activities outside the home.

Ahmadinejad the zealot who see himself as a personal vassal of Mahdi, represents nothingness whose ideology is firmly hinged in Shiism, who continues to display contradictory thoughts and whose own words and behavior demonstrates a need for intensive psychological counseling. The fascist Islamic President talks about ushering into the world the coming of Mahdi and this preparation requires much blood shed and destruction of western style values. Ahmadinejad is preparing Tehran with an elaborate and detailed plan for the arrival of the Mahdi, by extending generous sums for the widening of roads to extensive improvements of religious sites.

Ahmadinejad and his ilk are not alone, believing that all people in the world must accept Islam or perish as Infidels who defile the earth belonging to the god of tyranny Allah.

The Supreme Islamic Wizards in Iran do not preach tolerance and peace but instead teach fanaticism and exclusion, setting the stage for an apocalypse to usher in the end of civilization and the reign of Mahdi with illusions of grandeur.