Sunday, October 21, 2007

Internet Lust But Who Will You Meet?

In the age of on-line everything is it any wonder that sex craved addicts have turned to sites such as to find that special someone for an hours worth of love?

As I began working on this story I ran an advertisement and soon my e-mail box was filled with illicit starving addicts sending me photographs of their genitals begging me to hook up with them for an ever brief moment of intimacy---having no intentions on meeting any of the sexaholic junkies, I replied to their inquiries to determine what exactly these on-line predators really were after.

Finally after communicating with the sex starved crazed junkies, I wrote up an auto-reply so that the addicts realized what my real intentions were. My automatic reply said that I was researching a story and invited those sending inquiries to contact a phone number in California, if they would be interested in an interview.

Most never replied, of those that did send a follow-up mail, one Man wanted payment for an interview, which I promptly replied that no reputable news organization pays money for interviews. One other reply said that he wasn't actually interested in hooking up but was just communicating to fulfill his fantasy and lust. Most quickly changed their e-mail addresses as mail was returned undelivered.

I don't feel sorry for any of the perverts that responded seeking to satisfy their lusts for a moment of intimacy. None of these addicts have a clue who they are meeting on-line, their sex addictions are so serious that they will do just about anything for that brief sexual encounter---no matter the danger, no matter the STD risk, no matter the jeopardy to their next partner or spouse. is the high tech approach for meeting anyone and fulfilling any sexual urge that one has. Out of town business people run advertisements seeking a night of heated passion in the world of the unknown, it doesn't seem to matter to any of these people the harm which may result.

A local business owner in Columbus, Ohio ran an advertisement not long ago seeking to hire a Cutie to deliver food to his office...upon delivery of the food the business owner said in follow-up e-mails in addition what he was expecting his new sub-contract hire to do.

Contracting out for delivery of food and then sexually harassing the new hire to engage in intimate contact with the boss is not only wrong but violates federal civil rights laws. Soon the Columbus, Ohio business owner will receive a Complaint & Summons as litigation will be commenced in federal court for his unlawful and inappropriate behavior.

The Internet has become a sexual play ground for people to fulfill their fantasies and lusts, ignoring all known risks for only a moment of fleeting passion.