Monday, October 22, 2007

Playboy: Promoting Islamic Propaganda

Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America has reported that Islamic propaganda and distorted articles about Israel have turned up in magazines such as Playboy, Vogue, Oprah & Architectural Review citing that Editor's are not equipped to spot inaccuracies because the publications tend to report on human interest stories when they print fringe, false and inflammatory points of view.

In the October, 2007 Playboy the popular Men's magazine printed an article comparing Israel to apartheid in South Africa---Israel Shouldn't Get A Free Pass by Johnathan Tasini, arguing that former President Jimmy Carter is correct in his extremist and inaccurate assessment that Israel's control over the Palestinian movement is similar to South Africa's apartheid system, while accusing Israel of violating international standards and supposedly turning Lebanon into rubble during last years war with Hezbollah. In fact much of Lebanon much of it was left untouched during the war with the Islamic Terrorist Thugs of Hezbollah including most of Beirut. Previously Tasini has inaccurately reported in a video that 80% of Lebanon was destroyed by Israel, likewise in his anti-Israel propaganda Tasini is not a fair journalist by claiming:

American politicians pander to Jewish votes; Faults U.S. Senator's Lieberman & Clinton for their endorsement of Israel to defend itself against Islamic Terrorist Thugs; levels the false allegation that it is impossible to criticize the Israel Government without being labeled anti-Semitic; Tasini & Playboy has falsely accused Israel in holding 1,000 Palestinians in Administrative detention claiming they are being tortured. The fact of the matter is Israel has not held 1,000 people in administrative detention during the last 4 years.

Should Playboy continue to run distorted articles without regard to fairness or accuracy it will soon be seen as the magazine for the airhead and brainless Man.