Monday, October 22, 2007

Behavior Modification 101

Johnny can't read and Susie is being offered contraceptives if she is attending school in Maine, all the while school administrators across the country are enforcing absurd Zero Tolerance policies that infringe on a students right of free speech---the public school system is failing American youth.

While on a school bus last week, 7 year old Kyle Walker of Dennis Township, NJ drew a picture of two stick figures one of which pointed something what may have resembled a gun at the other, the child was suspended for 1 day for making threats to another student.

In Indianapolis in May, two Kindergarten students were suspended for allegedly engaging in inappropriate touching during recess. In Anderson, Indiana a 5 yr. old was suspended from Kindergarten because he hid from a bus driver, the bus driver discovered the child giggling behind some seats.

Twana Dawson a sophmore from Pensacola, Florida was expelled from school being caught with a nail clipper.

The Youngstown Vindicator reported in 2003 that a 6 year old earned a 10 day suspension for bringing a weapon to school, the child was demonstrating his new learned skills of buttering bread with a plastic knife in a school cafeteria.

In Sayreville, New Jersey 4 Kindergarten student's were suspended for playing Cops & Robbers using their finders as toy guns---the school district has a zero tolerance policy for making threats.

Zero Tolerance is not about school safety its about behavior modification, promoting a liberal agenda by schools to indoctrinate children. It lacks common sense and criminalizing behavior which in some cases violate a students 1st Amendment Rights. Liberals that preach promiscuity and free expression become intolerant when Johnny & Susie do not adhere to absurd liberal reasonings.