Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ahmadinejad: "...the freest Women in the world are Women in Iran..."

Ahmadi a north Texas restaurant owner begins to cry when she spoke about the oppressive Iranian regime just before she boarded a plane to NYC to protest the fascist Ahmadinejad visit there last month. "I am living in a free country but whats the difference between me and them...Whats the difference between American Women and Iranian Women, everyones born free in America."

Ali-Soudjani of Houston also made the trip to NYC in September to protest along with Ahmadi the Iranian President visit, who he calls a cruel dictator, murderer and terrorist enabler Soudjani said, "...many Iranians and Americans alike wonder why Columbia University would hand a megaphone to a madman who walks around claiming the Holocaust is a myth and Israel should be wiped off the map at the same time he requests admission to Ground Zero..." to lay a wreath. "...we are living in a free country and thats not the place for him to be, he is a criminal, a rapist. Would you allow a criminal and rapist to come into your home and talk with your family? Columbia validates Ahmadinejad's views and creates the false impression that they are shared by most Iranian people...Ahmadinejad expression of his twisted hateful speech and laughable denials of critics..."

Sohrab Shirli living now in Houston said of Ahmadinejad, "...he is the axis of a recent crackdown on dissent in Islamic Iran, they have imprisoned Women's rights activists for endangering national security, young Men with shirts too tight or haircuts too Western are bloodied by morality Police, forced to suck on jerrycans, bathroom fixtures which Iranians use to wash their back side. Newspapers have been banned on reporting on topics that may cause a stir..."

Upon arrival into the United States, Ahmadinejad---the fascist from Iran said, "...our people are the freest in the world, the most aware, the most enlightened the freest Women in the World are Women in Iran..."

The latest style in Women's fashion get high marks from Iran's religious authorities. "Any Woman with faith in Allah...won't expose her adornments to any Man except her husband, any Woman that does those things for Men other than her husband has betrayed her faith and provoked God's anger..." and must be dealt with swiftly so that Iran may continue to oppress Women.