Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Iran Official Policy: "Torture the Blogger."

Mohamed Ali Abtahi, the former Vice President in Parliamentary Affairs and Constitutional Services Committee has published some interrogation and tortue techniques used in Iran against Bloggers imprisoned:

1. Bloggers undergo physical torture, punches and kicks;

2. Forced confessions of having sexual relationships, being forced to accuse people of Rape;

3. Ignoring legal rights of Bloggers;

4. Attempting to force Bloggers to confess in writing with templates provided to them while in prison---the Bloggers were told they would be freed once their confessions were printed in the newspaper.

Iran stifles dissent by arresting and imprisoning Bloggers that write about the corruption and lack of freedoms Iranian people have. Western news organizations ignore these reports and fail to report on human rights abuses in Iran---Apologists in the United States such as Council on American-Islamic Relations and its clone National Iranian American Council don't want Americans to know the truth about fascist Iran and the Islamic Terrorist Thugs they support.