Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Democratic Presidential Hopeful Dennis Kucinich Saw A UFO And Questions President Bush's Mental Health?

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich claims to have seen a UFO when asked about it during the latest Whizzy Dizzy Democratic Debate in Philadelphia on Tuesday. Rep. Kucinich claimed during the debate that, many Americans have shared his experience---Debate Moderator Tim Russert cited a poll that actually only 14% of Americans have claimed to have seen UFO's.

To what extent are these experiences hallucinations and the inability of the witnesses to distinguish reality from fantasy? The November/December, 2005 issue of Skeptical Inquirer reported on research discussed at a conference in the United Kingdom about Anomalous Experiences---it was concluded that Experiencers were found to score significantly higher than the control group on a number of relevant psychological measures including dissociativity, absorption, tendency to hallucinate, fantasy proneness and incidences of sleep paralysis. This pattern is consistent with the idea that Experiencers have a markedly different psychological profile that non-experiencers and in particular they have a profile that may indicate a greater susceptibility to false memories.

Earlier on Tuesday, Ohio Congressman Kucinich questioned President George Bush's Mental Health in an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer saying, "...there is something wrong. He does not seem to understand that his words have an impact..."

During the 1980's Congressman Kucinich reported that he witnessed a triangular craft for about 10 minutes or so and sped away with a speed that he could not comprehend and that he felt a connection in his heart and heard directions in his mind.

Dear Congressman Kucinich:

Tonight being Halloween, those Ghouls, Goblins and strange phenomenon occurring may be just kids having a good time Trick or Treating---but you may never know for certain. Boo!