Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Islam An Enemy Of Peace

Mahmoud Abbas Palestinian Authority Chairman continues to be seen as a partner in peace by many but what are the facts of these Islamic Terrorists:

Palestinians Say No to Peace 8 times in the last 65 years...

1. 1937 When Britain under the mandate offered the Peel Commission plan.

2. 1947 When the United Nations proposed the establishment of 2 states---one Jewish and one Arab.

3. 1948 When Israel's proclamation of Independence invited the Palestinians to remain in their homes and become equal citizens of the new state.

4. 1967 When Israel offered to return all territories conquered in return for peace.

5. 1978 When Israel offered the acceptance of Palestinian autonomy in exchange for peace at Camp David.

6. 1993 When Arafat signed Oslo Accords and promised to renounce terrorism and recognize Israel and then on Jordanian Television that he had taken the first step on the destruction of Israel.

7. 2000 At Camp David II---Israel accepted the new Clinton Plan the Palestinians did not.

8. 2001 Ehud Barak offered Palestinians 97% of the West Bank in addition to Gaza (Taba Negotiation) Arafat rejected the offer; September 11, 2001 Palestinians dance in the streets praising Osama bin-Laden and the hijackers that crashed airplanes into buildings in NYC and Washington, DC and the hijacking of United 93 which crashed in Pennsylvania.

Palestinians claim that they now want to negotiate in good faith in Annapolis and continue dialogue with Israel as Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has shuttled to mediate a new agreement---history must be a good teacher. The Islamic Terrorist Thugs have signed agreements in the past such as the Oslo Accords only to break them.

Negotiations with Islamic Terrorist Thugs has not resulted in peace and security for Israel, there is no reason to believe that future negotiations or agreements will result in anything beneficial.