Monday, November 12, 2007

World Islamic Front: Kill All Jews & Americans

Those claiming that somehow Islam is a Religion of Peace only have to follow their actions which continue to speak louder than words---crashing airplanes into buildings and murdering thousands of innocent persons obviously isn't a peaceful act.

A Fatwa was given to Muslims by the World Islamic Front in 1998 telling Muslims to kill all Americans and their followers unless Muslims follow the order, Allah will punish those who disobey.

Sheik Ahmad Bahr declared during a sermon in May, "...kill Jews and Americans to the very last one..." speaking at a Sudan Mosque the top Hamas Leader concluded his message by saying "...Oh Allah vanquish the Jews and their supporters, Oh Allah count their numbers and kill them down to the very last one, Oh Allah show them a day of darkness, Oh Allah who sent down his book, the mover of the clouds, who defeated the enemies of the Prophet, defeat the Jews and Americans and bring us victory over them."

Mullah Krekar in an interview in Norway with the Sydney Morning Herald November 12 speaking of a Holy War he said, "...use an ax to behead him or fire a bullet through his is allowed for me in Islam to kill him, kill his translator to kill the people which give him food and water, give him medicine---all of them. Krekar is believed to be responsible for the terrorist bombing which killed ABC Cameraman Paul Moran in Iraq in 2003

Muslims are taught in Mosques that a heroic, noble life and paradise is found in killing all non-Muslims the Infidels and emulating suicide bombers such as Mohamed Atta.