Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hamas & Fatah Killing One Another In Gaza

The widening divide among Muslims in Gaza results in the murders of each other today following ceremonies commemorating the death of Arab Terrorist Thug Yassar Arafat---Hamas Security Forces in Gaza moved in and killing 7 Fatah supporters and arresting some 400 others.

Islam which claims they are a "Religion of Peace" do not treat one another peaceably it is unknown how they would ever be able to convince others how their religion is peaceful----they know nothing but terrorism, anarchy and chaos. Last Spring Hamas Terrorist Thugs were throwing off rival Terrorist's from roof tops killing one another.

The continued violence between Arab's amongst themselves in Gaza, has diminished hopes for talks between Israel and Fatah in Annapolis, Maryland which the Bush Administration had hoped for. Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak also has said that as long as Hamas controls Gaza and until Palestinians recognize the State of Israel, there can be no progress.