Thursday, November 15, 2007

While At The Whizzy Dizzy Democratic Debate In Las Vegas Clinton Arrives Prepared For Battle

At the latest Whizzy Dizzy Democratic Debate Senator Clinton lunged at her Democratic rivals with fury attacking their positions on health care , social security to mud slinging---the campaigners are not playing nice.

Clinton who has slipped in the polls since her flip flopping on Immigration issues, challenged her other contenders not to play into the hands of the Republicans and risk losing the election in 2008---surprised that she hasn't blamed the Bush Administration or the Republicans for sabotaging her campaign.

Senator Obama said, "What the American people are looking for right now is straight answers to tough questions..." Hmmmm?

Barack Obama the former State Senator from Illinois has recently been chided for himself dodging questions about records from his days in the Illinois legislature at first denying that records were not kept to later acknowledging that every single document and every record is archived by the State of Illinois.

Senator Clinton who claimed that "...Democrats are trying to nominate the very best person..." to win in 2008 can't possibly be referring to herself ?

In September the Washington Times reported that 4 persons who worked for "America Coming Together" ACT fund raising group which the Federal Elections Commission had fined $775,000. work directly for the Clinton Presidential Campaign or hold top consulting positions with consulting firms that they have hired. Funded with millions of dollars from George Soros, ACT misused about $70 Million Dollars in "soft money" donations for improper purposes in 2004

Of course one can never forget about Norman Hsu the big money contributor for Democrats such as Clinton & Obama---Hsu remains in jail without bond on charges that he bilked investors in a muti-million dollar ponzi scheme.

Dishonest campaigning, smoke and mirrors is what Democrats continue to offer Americans with short term memories that have forget about the shenanigans of the party of Cut & Run, Failure & Defeat. With nothing to offer the Democrats battle each other for another round in Las Vegas.