Monday, November 19, 2007

Craigslist Charlatan & Internet Prowlers

As prostitution moves from the streets to the Internet, continues to lure prowlers searching for sex on line and there is an abundance of willing participants.

On the 29 October I wrote here about a young woman who was tragically murdered after replying to a job posting on Craigslist. org which is a sad reminder of the potential danger when people connect on-line.

Currently I am working on two stories involving on line sex, prostitution and an article about an individual posing as a Columbus, Ohio Physician making promises to see patients and do surgery in an effort to net work with potential patients that may be able to introduce him to Women for Dating & Romance.

As social networking sites, on-line classified and community ads are useful and are going to continue to grow, people need to use an abundance of caution when considering to meet someone. advises users to meet in a public place, trust their instincts, take their cell phones and consider bringing along a trusted friend when meeting someone for the first time. has a large following with thousands of listings that are continually updated and is very popular but this web site is being misused by cyber criminals prowling on line and people need to prepare themselves for unknown risks.