Friday, May 15, 2009

Obama & Dems's Can't Meet Cheerios Standard

Via Creators Syndicate---Michelle Malkin

I think its time we applied the same advertising standards to Washington's legislative products that the feds apply to breakfast foods. The Food and Drug Administration rapped General Mills this week for making misleading claims about the benefits of Cheerios. The food manufacturer says the whole-grain O's are clinically proven to lower cholesterol. The FDA demanded packaging changes to ensure truth in labeling.

Well how about the bogus marketing of the fiscal stimulus? Obama and the Democrats promoted the Trillion Dollar package as job creation salvation. The White House claims 150,000 jobs have been created or saved but since February, the nation has lost more than
1.3 million jobs. The current 8.9% unemployment rate in the wake of the stimulus package is worse than the 8.8% unemployment Obama's Economists darkly predicted if Congress didn't immediately adopt the their recovery plan.

Rest here from Creators Syndicate---Michelle Malkin