Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wenchuan Earthquake, One Year Later

A yellow carnation next to a monument with the names of the victims who perished one year ago in Qingchuan.

Family members returning to the earthquake devastated town walk past a marker which reads, "Heart felt commemoration May 12 major earthquake victims." Beichuan is open for a few days as relatives mourn their devastating losses one year ago today.

Earthquake survivors stand at the ruins of Donghekou Earthquake Site Park, in Qingchuan, Sichuan Province.

A nurse massages a young girl who lost both of her legs at Stand Tall Earthquake Rehabilitation Center in the Sichuan Provincial Peoples Hospital in Chengdu on Monday.

A young girl being rescued from the rubble in the earthquake ravaged town of Shifang, one year later this same girl smiling at the makeshift camp housing earthquake survivors.

A Woman places flowers near the ruins in Beichuan, while visitors walking through the devastated Beichuan on Sunday.

Parents lost children, too many children lost their parents and became orphans, music video in Chinese Good Bye Mama, Good Bye Papa the entire world suffered a tremendous loss, so much promise and potential.

Music video here in Chinese in memory of all the victims of Sichuan Earthquake, 12 May, 2008---May God have mercy.

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