Friday, April 17, 2009

Barry Obama "The Omnipotent" From Nothing Creates Another Czar

Barry Obama has appointed yet another Czar, Alan Bersin who has now been named Border Czar, to join his fast growing list which include a War Czar, Climate Czar, Health Czar, Urban Affairs Czar, Info-Tech Czar, Faith Based Czar, Terrorism Czar, Regulatory Czar
and has surpassed the Romanov Dynasty in the production of Czars.

In February, longtime serving Senator Robert Byrd, D-WV criticized Obama's appointment of numerous White House Czar's, saying that
the Czar's give the President too much power.

The Czar's appionted by Obama have the power to shape national policy and unlike Cabinet Secretaries do not require Senate Confirmation.

In a letter to Obama in February, Sen. Byrd said that the Czar system "can threaten the Constitutional system of checks and balances," adding that oversight of federal agencies is the responsibility of officials approved by the Senate.

Obama is above such trivial, meaningless things as Congressional oversight. The Messiah Lord Obama walks on water. Who does
Sen. Byrd think he is to question "The Omnipotent" Obama?