Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm A Right Wing Extremist According To DHS...

I'm a "Right Wing Extremist" according to DHS because I helped to promote the Nationwide Tax Day Tea Parties, to protest Tax Increases, Porklus Spending, Bailouts and Socialism.

Average Americans using the Internet, that led a Grassroots movement across the country, have been marginalized by the MSM and Liberal Loons out of fear that they may be losing control. Ordinary folks, Republicans, Democrats and Independents net-worked together, raising their voices, there is strength in numbers.

Lets use Liberal math to calculate attendance at this weeks nationwide Tea Parties Protests. When lefty activists make estimates the Algorithm is 6 figures = 1 Million---The Million Taxpayer March by Michelle

How many people attended Tea Parties across the country which the MSM and Loony Lefty Dems such as Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-IL dismiss as "Despicable and Shameful" allegedly organized by corporate interests and Right-Wing Extremists.

Nearly 300,000 people attended 242 Tea Parties and counting throughout the country.

More here Tax Day Becomes Protest Day from WSJ