Thursday, November 13, 2008

Taiwan Belongs To Taiwan, Will Obama Defend Freedom & Democracy?

Taiwan is an Independent Sovereign nation and ally of the United States, we have significant military resources in Taiwan and have always been on watch for potential threats to our friend but will
Obama be a faithful friend to Taiwan ?

Is Taiwan slipping away? Gordon Chang relates that RAND says that the Chinese are very close to absolute air superiority we have one base within 500 nautical miles of the Taiwan Strait, China has 27, Beijing's airbases are right across the water, while U.S. assets would have to
fly from Guam or Japan. Is the United States prepared to defend Democracy & Freedom?

Is China is stirring up trouble in Taiwan with the help of President
Ma Ying jeoy, receiving his marching orders from Beijing ? With the Olympics over, the election of a political unknown President elect Obama, its now time for President Ma to persecute pro democracy Taiwanese including former President Chen Shui bian.

Chen has been accused of corruption by accepting bribes and permitting small banks to acquire well established banks.
What the AP article failed to mention is that the well established
banks were originally owned by the KMT which is stomping its big foot down throughout the country.

President Ma Ying jeou is to blame for the Taiwanese fighting
against Taiwanese, is he readying to surrender Taiwan to his
friends in Beijing ?

During last weeks visit by Chinese envoy Chen Yun Lin, President Ma supressed freedom of speech and expression, ordering that all Taiwan National Flags be removed within site of Chen and arresting
pro Democracy supporters.

"Taiwan's Democracy has been hijacked by the KMT, whose
pro unification ideology represents the voice of a small minority," writes Stan Yang Ma & KMT Blamed for Unrest---Taipei Times, November 11, 2008

President Ma not only has criminalized free speech but has criminalized politics. With the arrest of former President Chen,
the Taiwan government under Ma Ying jeoy has appeased Beijing, attempting to instill fear in political opponents. Taiwanese have witnessed an erosion of freedom and Independence.

The MSM has remained silent, the Bush Administration has remained silent and President elect Obama calls China a great nation making it clear that Taiwan should negotiate away its freedom and independence for one party rule.

Obama's military experts tell the President elect to stop exporting democracy will he defend it ? American allies have a great deal to fear under an Obama Administration, if he is unwilling to defend Taiwan can we trust him to defend Israel ?

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