Monday, November 26, 2007

Zogby Poll Hillary Clinton Loses To GOP

In the latest Zogby Poll Hillary Clinton the Democratic front runner for President loses to any of the Rupublican candidates by at least 5 percentage points.

The national poll of 10,000 people about equally divided between Democrats and Republicans with about 25% Independents is not good news for the Clinton Campaign which also shows that she is slipping in Iowa and several other early primary states.

Hillary Clinton continues to say that she offers the best chance of defeating any Republican candidate claiming that she has more experience than any of the other candidates.

Do Senator's make good Chief Executives? Members of Congress don't seem to have many firm convictions on anything and are willing to compromise their few isolated positions in order to accomplish anything, they do not make any really important decisions on their own and rely on staffers to write their position papers and speeches---everything is rehearsed.

Senator's do not control a budget, a legislature or anything other than their campaign and even that is left to more staffers than make the political decision for the candidate. Senator Clinton has not accomplished anything on her own since attending law school if it had not been for her husband, people would be scratching their heads today and asking themselves, Hillary who?

Former ABC News Anchorwoman Carol Simposon said of Hillary Clinton, "...electing Hillary Clinton would only be a confirmation that Women can not make it on their own. By running she is doing more harm for the feminist cause than all the cookie bakers who have ever lived put together."

Like Paris Hilton---Hillary Clinton is famous for nothing other than having a well known last name.