Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Camey Exploited Abused & Raped

Walking down the blind side of the street which most people pretend does not exist Camey seeks out her next Date for the evening. Meeting her dates in back alleys, in the front seat of a car Camey will perform oral sex and then move on to her next date---six to ten times a night, Camey will slide into the front seat of a car as she works to please her next date.

When the weather doesn't permit, Camey will check her e-mails and learns that 15 or more Men have replied to her ads on Craigslist.org seeking to hook up for a brief encounter---maybe her Pimp will have a date or two lined up?

Camey has found herself trapped, imprisoned by sex, deceit and lies realizing now there is no escape from cheap Motel rooms and Pimp's...

Camey met her latest Pimp who promised that she would be his Number 1 and that her life would be easier than finding dates out on the streets but Camey who has engaged in illicit sex off and on for years, realizes that she is just another cheap Slut that Men want to use and abuse for a few minutes of pleasure.

Wearing skimpy clothes Camey has allowed herself to be victimized, sometimes raped, realizing that prostitution is very dangerous but so addictive---in many ways being a Whore is an artificial high and as much as Camey wants to stop, walking the streets or finding Men on Craigslist.org that continue to feed her addiction, Camey realizes that she is hooked and there is no way out.

Camey's Pimp calls her up and has a Date for her and will pick her up at 5:30 am for a Blow Job---her Pimp keeps 80% of everything she earns and Camey has yet to pay off her $300.00 annual fee that she still owes her Pimp. Camey receives no money from her Pimp, expecting 20% Camey does the math at this rate her Pimp will never get paid his annual fee, interest alone will see to that. Camey suddenly realizes that she is nothing more than a Sex Slave there is nothing lower than that.

After meeting her date and servicing him in his vehicle, Camey's Pimp keeps all of the money she has made that night and says that she still owes him money, Camey then is pushed over the hood of her Pimps car where he rapes her. Why does Camey continue to permit this continued abuse to occur?

Prostitution is not a victimless crime each and every night Camey is abused by Men, she has been repeatedly raped by not only her Pimp when ever he demands sex from his Prostitutes but she has been forced into vehicles by many different bad guys that believe that dominance is macho and that real Men need to demonstrate that they are in charge. Camey has been sexually abused, exploited and raped so many times she feels nothing and only hopes that her throat isn't slashed and her body dumped in a field or dumpster.

One evening a Police Officer stops Camey along a dark alley and pulls his gun pointing it at Camey, he threatens to arrest her for loitering unless she services him. Camey unzips her jacket laying it on the ground to kneel on, now only in a black bra and wearing tiny shorts Camey gets on her knees and performs oral sex on the Police Officer, Camey feels the barrel of his gun on her head until he explodes in her mouth. The Syn City Police Officer then thanks Camey, zips up and tells her to be careful tonight as he drives away. Camey has been forced to perform oral sex before, at least she wasn't killed as she puts her jacket back on and seeks out another date.

Early in the morning Camey's Pimp phones her to find out where she has been and if she has any new dates lined up---Camey tells him and also attempts to tell him about the Cop that forced her to perform oral sex on him, her Pimp isn't interested. Camey learns that another one of the her Pimp's Prostitutes was beaten up by a client and is in the hospital. Camey is sure that her Pimp is telling his injured Prostitute how she is his Number 1

Studies have revealed that the power which a Pimp has over his Prostitutes is similar to that of a batterer---both power and control in which the Pimp uses tactics of threats and intimidation, emotional, physical and sexual abuse to control and manipulate his Whores to comply. The Pimp reminds Camey that she continues to owe him money and unless she pays her debt off or continues to do what she is told, she will get messed up really bad and one night will she will never return home. Fearing that her friends and family will learn about her secret life, Camey complies with the demands of her Pimp, realizing she is nothing more than a piece of trash that can easily be disposed of and never found. The Police won't get all that excited about the murder of another Prostitute and Camey knows that she must do as she is told.

Camey knows that her Pimp has recorded numerous conversations and taken photos of her when she was forced to engage in a very illicit sex act. Camey was told by her Pimp, that if she ever left him or went to the authorities that her family would be mailed the pictures.

As day light turns to night, Camey knows that she will be engaging in sexual activity with more dirty, smelly Men and and doing exactly what she is told to do. Camey knows that with interest, she will never be able to fully pay off her debt and be able to walk away and even if she would be able to---the Pimp may still send the pictures to her family.