Thursday, November 8, 2007

Filmmaker Held Captive In Iran After Discovering Mass Graves

French-Iranian filmmaker Mehrnoushe Solouki went to Tehran to film a documentary about the burial rights of Iran's religious minorities but discovered mass graves of the Iranian fascist regime's opponents executed in 1988---Solouki was thrown into Evin Prison. 1 month later she was released from prison but the Iranian government confiscated her passport barring her from leaving Iran.

On the 17 November, Solouki is scheduled to appear before an Iranian Court charged with intending to make an anti-establishment propaganda, the trial will take place behind closed doors.

In December, 2006 Solouki arrived to make a documentary, the Iranian Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance, granted her a license and the authorities knew in advance where she would be filming. While filming, Solouki happened upon a area at the Khavaran Cemetery which she described as totally different than other parts of the cemetery.

It is unknown how many are buried there but estimates are that there are 2,800 persons that were buried in a mass grave, their bodies burned.

While Solouki's passport has been returned to her, Solouki has been unable to leave Iran as her case involves national security.

Solouki's case is similar to that of 4 Iranian-Americans this year that were barred from departing Iran after being accused of anti-state activities. All were eventually permitted to leave Iran.