Wednesday, October 3, 2007

America's Mayor in 2008

Voters have a clear choice in 2008 between strength and weakness---the Democrats offer nothing but Defeat, Failure, Cut & Run politics trying to appeal to everyone with promises in abundance.

America's Mayor Rudy Giuliani offer voters a clear choice of leadership and commitment.

In a head to head race against Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton, America's Mayor wins in a landslide according to new polling data with Clinton only winning in Massachusetts and Vermont.

Not everyone may agree with every position taken by Rudy Giuliani but who of us agrees with everyone about everything? Mr. Giuliani demonstrated leadership following the tragic events on 9/11 and as a United States Attorney in NYC, he exhibited the qualities and devotion to duty and the law that we expect of our public officials. Mr. Giuliani will remain steadfast in the prosecution of the war and has been named as the strongest candidate in his support for our best friend in the middle east Israel.

"Israel is the only outpost of freedom and democracy in the middle east and the only absolutely reliable friend of the United States." Rudy Giuliani, 2002

Mr. Giuliani has more than once demonstrated that he realizes who our friends are and does not permit public illusions to side track him of his responsibilities.

As Mayor of NYC he returned a $10 Million Dollar gift from a Saudi Prince after 9/11 following his comments on Israel. In 1995 Mayor Giuliani had PLO Chief Yassar Arafat, ejected from a Concert at Lincoln Center because of his ties to Islamic Terrorism.

Terrorist Chief Yassar Arafat was the mastermind of the Achille Lauro hijacking in which Jewish American Leon Klinghoffer, was pushed over board in his wheel chair and murdered by Islamic Terrorist Thugs in 1985

America's Mayor Giuliani continues to lead every national poll and brings to the table a wealth of experience and character unmatched by any other candidate.