Thursday, September 20, 2007

The War on Terrorism has many fronts--CAIR's Continued Love For A Conspiracy Theory

On September 25 Islamic Propagandist & Conspiracy Theorist David Ray Griffin the author of The New Pearl Harbor will be speaking in Columbus, Ohio at the First Congregational Church at 7:00 pm

Less than a month ago I wrote here, "...Conspiracy theorists believe they possess a special knowledge that a secret plot was hatched to mislead the public in pursuit of some hidden agenda." CAIR It's Love For 9/11 Conspiracy Theories--August 27, 2007

Central Ohioans Against Terrorism in an article entitled "9/11 Denier Coming to Columbus promoted by Mayor Coleman advisor Ahmad Al-Akhras " Sept. 19, 2007
addresses this in detail and CAIR's continued love for a conspiracy.

The war on terrorism has many fronts and the propaganda war is but one of them.