Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Computer Hacker Makes Anti-American and Anti-Israel Statesments on Vietnam Memorial Web Site

A computer hacker promoting Turkish nationalism posted a video and a message on the Vietnam Memorial Web Site, blocking the site search functions while defacing the site with a statement against the United States & Israel.

According to the FBI the Turkish message read, Is there any equal or likeness to our Martyrs at Gallipoli? It is an apparent reference to the Battle of Gallipoli in 1915 during World War I during which Soldiers from the Ottman Empire repelled an Allied operation to capture Istanbul, suffering heavy casualties of more than 250,000 the video called it "A Story Written in Blood."

Cheryl Criteser
the Associations Secretary-Treasurer said, "...these kinds of groups are opportunistic and are going to do whatever they think they have to do to get their message out...I've gotten death threats, I've gotten all kinds of negative stuff from other countries. I just figure they are wackos."

An oily substance was splashed on the memorial this month was the result of vandalism according to Park Police. The oily substance was first noticed on September 7 on part of the granite wall containing 58,000 men and women killed or missing during the war. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund has offered a $5,000.00 Reward for the arrest and conviction of persons that vandalized the wall.