Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Reverend Mania Phony Navy Seal

Unsure who Cyndi Li is but I do have a Xiao-Mei (Little Sister) good friend of mine in China that uses the name "Cindy" as an American name.

Many Americans have difficulty pronouncing Chinese names and so it is not all that uncommon for Chinese natives to use American sounding names. In my case, my spouse family name is Li and I have taken that name to use.

When wanting to read a bad work of fiction, I may turn to taking a cursory look at the "Reverend" Jim Sutter's Blog and today I noticed that the Islamic Radical apologist hasn't failed me and has again written what he must consider a masterpiece, one of his finest works?

In an effort to silence his critics, the "Reverend" Jim Sutter has claimed to had some meeting with representatives of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and says, "All I am allowed to say about the targets of this investigation is that there are more than one at this time, it is anticipated that there may eventually be additional targets...I suggest that anyone who thinks they may be subject of such an investigation consult an attorney with expertise and experience in international law..." at the end of his latest entry, my name is listed along with Robert Spencer, Charles Johnson and other's that have challenged Sutter's fictitious resume claims.

It is rather doubtful that the phony Navy Seal was interviewed for 2 hours by Investigators of the ICC as the convicted felon at his Hate Watch Hall of Shame site claims.

When the phony Navy Seal, Convicted Felon, Liar to the FBI---"Reverend" Jim Sutter initially wrote his latest bizarre entry on the 23 September, I sent him a brief rebuttal saying that Americans are not subject to the jurisdiction of the ICC and have followed up that the ICC prosecutes cases of Genocide, Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes.

The "Reverend" Jim Sutter is welcome to write whatever bit of fiction that enters his mind and he often does, the fact is criticizing a phony Navy Seal that claims to have trained with the Israel Defense Force, having been convicted in federal court for fraud and lying to the FBI is not a crime in which the ICC has jurisdiction.

There is a package of Kool Aide and Fruit Loops in the mail for the "Reverend Mania" so he doesn't run out.