Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich: "U.S. Must Pay For Loss of Iraqi Lives"

Rep. Dennis Kucinich and Democratic Presidential candidate, an outspoken critic of the war in Iraq said during an interview on Syrian Television, "...we must pay for reparations to Iraq for the people of Iraq, for the great human tragedy caused..." (WEWS News, Cleveland, Ohio 9-11-2007)

In a meeting with Syrian President Assad, Dennis Kucinich said, "...I believe that Syria can play a constructive and important roll in achieving peace in Iraq..."

Last week, Israel Air Force jets destroyed a convoy of weapons in Syria that were to be delivered to Lebanon's Hezbollah Terrorists. Syria has likewise entered into a military alliance with Iran.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad has repeatedly called for the destruction of Israel and has said, "Like it or not the Zionist regime is heading towards annihilation...the Zionist regime is a rotten, dried tree that will be eliminated by one storm." (The Sydney Morning Herald, April 15, 2006)

Mossad believes that Syria and Iran are acquiring nuclear materials from North Korea During a reconnaissance flight over Syria, the Israel Air Force has taken pictures of a possible nuclear facility in Syria.