Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Israel Targets Weapons Being Sent To Hezbollah Terrorists In Syria

Israel Air Force has been accused by Syria of violating its airspace last week.

The Bush Administration has confirmed that the Israel Air Force fired on at least one target inside of Syria last week.

Israel and U.S. officials have charged that Iran and Syria are sending weapons to Hezbollah Terrorists in violation of the United Nations resolution which ended last summer's war between Israel and Hezbollah.

Mossad believes that N. Korea may be selling nuclear material to both Iran and Syria. During a reconnaissance flight over Syria, the Israel Air Force has photographed a possible nuclear facility inside of Syria.

The Syrian Government has of course denied that Islamic Terrorists were expecting to receive a weapons shipment and this week lodged a complaint against Israel for a flagrant violation of its airspace in clear and brazen defiance of international law.

Concerned over terrorist attacks in Israel during the holidays, Israel has raised it's state of alert to the highest level and have imposed a complete closure on the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The IDF were reporting today, that it has received at least 8 specific warnings of potential terrorist attacks to be launched against Israel.